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A Short Menu of Profitable Direct Mail Formats

by Dean Rieck††† www.DirectCreative.com


One of the beauties of direct mail is that it allows you to send people just about anything you can print. Your creative options are virtually endless. And while the standard envelope package is usually considered the most effective, there are plenty of other formats you can test.


Often an alternate format will increase response. But even if your response ends up being lower, many formats let you deliver your message at a reduced cost while maintaining enough response to offset the difference and give you more net profit. Here are a few format ideas:










Copyright © 2003 Dean Rieck. All Rights Reserved.


Dean Rieck is an internationally respected consultant, copywriter, and designer specializing in direct marketing. He is president of Direct Creative, a full-service creative firm that helps businesses increase sales and generate leads through effective direct response advertising. E-mail: DeanRieck@DirectCreative.com. For free access to direct marketing articles, tips, and tutorials, visit The Learning Center at www.DirectCreative.com.



Talon Awards Championship Rings To Employees For Achieving An Important Goal.

By Michael Borkan


All professional athletes share one important characteristic - the ultimate reward and satisfaction comes in winning a championship.A very gratifying aspect of the championship is being awarded a Championship ring.Championship rings have been around for over fifty years.During the last twenty years the trend in professional sports has been larger and more magnificent rings.


Players, broadcasters and fans often refer to winning championships as getting "the ring".Yankee shortstop Derrick Jeter has four rings. Legendary quarterbacks Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw also have four.Dan Marino broke almost every passing record in football but would trade all the records for a championship and a ring.


Setting the Goal:


I came to the realization a long time ago that Talon Mailing & Marketing would never be the biggest company in the direct marketing industry.However, there was never a doubt in my mind that my staff and I could become the Best Service Bureau in our industry.Realizing this was an attainable and important goal, we set our course on becoming the best service provider in the industry.


Achieving our Goal:

Pictured above: Twenty Eight testimonial letters proudly displayed at Talon.


For the last few years I have felt and continue to feel that we have obtained our goal. Determining that our goal was successfully achieved is not as cut and dry as a team winning a championship game.Here are some reasons I feel we have reached our goal.


  • We receive testimonial letters (without requesting them).Twenty eight of them are on display in our lobby and conference room.
  • Rush mailings are accommodated by quickly scheduling our dedicated staff to run overnight and weekends.
  • We process mailing list selections for list rentals in minutes while other companies need hours or longer.
  • We can perform merge/purges in two days that take other shops two weeks.
  • We answer questions often as soon as they are asked and help our clients save delivery time and postage by recommending more efficient presorts and delivery to local post offices.
  • Including 2003, Talon has experienced ten years of consecutive sales growth.Even during the economic woes of the last two years we have grown sales.
  • So many of our earliest clients are still with us.While client turnover can be high in our industry we continue to service many of our original clients.


The employees at Talon deserve a lot of credit.They care about job quality and customer service.


Saying Thank You For A Job Well Done:


___ ___

Pictured left: Top view of the Talon Ring.
Pictured center: One side reads Extraordinary Service and Leadership the other side has Exceptional Talent and dedication.
Pictured right: You can see how massive the rings are.

I have always admired championship rings.When you see them in person they sparkle and are magnificent.††† I feel that our achievement is as special as winning a championship and what better way to say thanks to the Talon employees than to have our own one-of-a-kind championship ring.My objective when designing the Talon ring was that it would be the same size and quality of the rings professional athletes wear.


I want to thank Bill Bergstrom of The Terryberry Company who was instrumental in the design of these rings.Bill was very patient as I took six months to create exactly the feel, design, and message I wanted the rings to have.I highly recommend anyone who wants to motivate or reward their employees to contact Bill.Bill and Terryberry do a lot more than just rings.Bill can be reached at b.bergstrom@terryberry.com or visit their website at terryberry.com



Golf On Long Island -- Make It Your Business

By John J. Glozek, Jr.
Publisher - Long Island Golfer Magazine

Is there anything better than golf on Long Island? There have never been more courses than there are now. There have never been more players. Now, not only does Long Island produce its own excellent players, it attracts the best from all over the world!


In 2002 Bethpage Black held our nationís most prestigious tournament, the US Open. It became the first ever public course to host the US Open, and was widely heralded for its presentation, atmosphere, and most of all, the great test of golf that it is. The USGA was so happy with the outcome that they have decided to return to Bethpage in 2009.†† Not that Bethpage is the only track that is impressing people -- Shinnecock Hills will host the US Open in a few months. Shinnecock, as we know, is a private course, one that, along with Bethpage, illuminates the outstanding mix of public and private golf available on either side of Long Island. Shinnecock has hosted the US Open a few times before, and you know what they say, ďIf it ainít broke, donít fix it.Ē


The Championís Tour is also making a stop on Long Island, for the Commerce Bank Long Island Classic at Eisenhowerís Red Course, yet another public course.†† Name another public course that hosts a notable Championís Tour event. Iíll bet you canít. Or name a place that has hosted a US Open that was as successful as Bethpage Black. Thatís impossible.††


Golfers and businesses on Long Island have benefited in a multitude of ways from the success of Bethpage, Shinnecock, and Eisenhower. First, they get to witness the greatest golfers in the world -- in their own backyards! Second,Long Island receives attention on a national scale, increasing the likelihood of future tournaments returning to Long Island. Third, renovations must be made to each course to make it suitable for championship play. These renovations last long after the tournament is gone, making for a better-crafted and more beautiful golf course. If you donít believe me, go to Bethpage! Fourth, the revenue generated by hosting these tournaments results in the creation of more jobs, an increased cash flow to the golf course, the Long Island economy and surrounding community, and other courses bettering themselves in order to compete with those that have received all the attention. It is truly a win-win-win situation for golfers and Long Island.


Iíve mentioned only three courses on Long Island. In total, there are over 130, meaning you could play a different course every week and not get through them all for almost three years. Each course is special in its own way, and it is easy to find one that suits your game. There is a pretty even split between the amount of public courses and the amount of private courses here, meaning if you prefer an exclusive club or a little taste of everything, youíll like what Long Island has to offer.


Some of the best private clubs include Atlantic, The Creek, Fresh Meadow, Garden City, and Maidstone. Some fine public courses include Bethpage, which has four more courses in addition to the Black, Harbor Links, Montauk Downs, Stonebridge, Tallgrass, Links at Shirley and the newly renovated courses at Timber Point.††


With the wide range of courses Long Island has to offer, itís a great time to be a golfer, or a great time to learn golf! Golf is great for your business.†† Donít miss out on the best game in the world, in the best place to play it!


John Glozek, Jr.is Publisher and Owner of Long Island Golfer Magazine.Please visit their website at www.longislandgofermagaine.com You can contact John at ligolfer@aol.com.



New Clients:


Talon would like to welcome the following new clients this month to our growing roster of clients:


†††††††††††††† Mailing Clients


       Oceanos Marketing

       St. John The Baptist

       Color Graphic Press

       The Meridian Collection

       Good Counsel

       Continental Diamond

        Naser Jewelry


New Mailing Lists Housed at Talon (we house over 600 mailing lists)


       Mutual Fund Alliance

       IT Executives At School

       IT Executives from Educational Institutions




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