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Using Demographic Data For Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign.

by: Frank Levert

Targeting high potential markets with a direct mail marketing campaign can be a very affordable and efficient way to get new customers for most companies and entrepreneurs but how can you find a way to reach those high potential markets?

Using demographic data could be your solution.

In the United States, demographic data is easy to get through the US Census Bureau website. Although, understanding how to extract data from a database and segment markets in a way to identify which market would be your best target for a direct mail marketing campaign requires great knowledge of census data and market segmentation techniques. Acquiring this knowledge takes time and hiring a full time employee that is expert in market segmentation can be costly. Since the whole purpose of using demographic data for your direct mail marketing campaign is to save money and increase benefits, buying mailing lists or a market segmentation system might be the smart choice.

When purchasing a mailing list, it is important to learn about its selection process. Do you want a business list or a residential list? Do you want to target markets with a household average of 40 years old or would you rather target markets with a younger population? Demographic data used to build a mailing list can make a huge difference on your return on investment. Imagine having an online casino and then get a list of zip codes in which a very high percentage of people recently visited a casino and purchased online with their credit card, have a high income, no kids, etc. That would make people living in those zip codes very high potential clients for your online casino right? Can you imagine using such demographic data in your advantage for a direct mail marketing campaign!

Sounds good? As mentioned before, buying mailing lists or a market segmentation system based on demographic data for your direct mail marketing campaign is cheaper than hiring a full time employee specialized in market segmentation or direct mail marketing but it's still an important investment that requires some research. Many companies are offering such mailing lists, market segmentation systems, specific industry solutions and direct mail marketing solutions. It's now up to you to find the right data provider for your business and achieve successful direct mail marketing campaign using demographic data!

About The Author:

Frank Levert is a graphic/web designer, multimedia artist, copywriter and marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He is now the owner of Netmar Solutions, a company offering a whole spectrum of internet and marketing services for small and medium size businesses.

New Legislation For Telemarketers: Don't Ever Call Again.

By Jacqui Cheng.

As the Do-Not-Call Registry functions today, users must re-register their phone numbers every five years if they want to remain on the list.  New bills change that by eliminating the automatic removal of phone numbers after a certain period of time.

Ever since the launch of the National Do Not Call registry, the American dinner hour has been quieter. Well, mostly. There have been a few violators here, but overall, the level of telemarketing calls has gone down significantly in recent years thanks to the registry. Both the House and Senate have passed bills this month meant to improve upon it, ensuring that the majority of your spam stays off your phone line (and remains in your inbox).

The first of the bills, the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007 (S 2096), was recently passed by the Senate, and a nearly identical version (HR 3541) was passed by the House earlier this month. As the registry functions today, users must re-register their phone numbers every five years if they want to remain on the list, but the bills change that by eliminating the automatic removal of phone numbers after a certain period of time. Now, registrants will remain on the do-not-call list indefinitely until they request to be removed, or if the number becomes no longer valid, becomes disconnected, or gets reassigned. According to the bill, the FTC can check phone numbers periodically for this, and may remove them from the list if they no longer belong to the person who registered them.

"By enacting this legislation, the Senate has taken an important step toward making the Do-Not-Call list the Never-Call list," said Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK), cosponsor of the Senate version of the bill, in a statement.

Not having to constantly re-register is a convenient change for us at home, but that's not all Congress has in store. The Senate also passed the Do-Not-Call Registry Fee Extension Act of 2007, which will allow the FTC to continue collecting fees required to operate the registry (money, always helpful in getting things done).

As it stands now, the FTC only has the authority to collect operational fees through the end of 2007. Instead, the bill will permanently extend the FTC's ability to collect the fees, which come from telemarketing companies that are required, by law, to keep up-to-date lists on phone numbers that they cannot call. Under the new legislation, the Congressional Budget Office estimates (PDF) that the FTC will collect some $107 million over the next five years, which is a couple million per year more than the FTC makes currently (roughly $19 million was collected in 2006, for example).

Those fees are apparently being put to work in going after violators, too. Last month, the FTC slapped several companies, ranging from Craftmatic to DT, with $7.7 million in penalties for not following the requirements of the registry. The settlement with Craftmatic and its subsidiaries was the second-largest in history for Do-Not-Call violations—the largest was a settlement with DirectTV in 2005 for $5.3 million.

Weird News: Christmas Card Mailed in 1914 Finally Arrives.

The Associated Press

OBERLIN, Kan. - A postcard featuring a color drawing of Santa Claus and a young girl was mailed in 1914, but it’s journey was slower than Christmas. It just arrived in northwest Kansas.

The Christmas card was dated Dec. 23, 1914, and mailed to Ethel Martin of Oberlin, apparently from her cousins in Alma, Neb.

It’s a mystery where it spent most of the last century, Oberlin Postmaster Steve Schultz said. “It’s surprising that it never got thrown away,” he said. “How someone found it, I don’t know.”

Ethel Martin is deceased, but Schultz said the post office wanted to get the card to a relative.

That’s how the 93-year-old relic ended up with Bernice Martin, Ethel’s sister-in-law. She said she believed the card had been found somewhere in Illinois.

“That’s all we know,” she said. “But it is kind of curious. We’d like to know how it got down there.”

The card was placed inside another envelope with modern postage for the trip to Oberlin — the one-cent postage of the early 20th century wouldn’t have covered it, Martin said.

“We don’t know much about it,” she said. “But wherever they kept it, it was in perfect shape.”

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Using Demographic Data For Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign.

New Legislation For Telemarketers: Don't Ever Call Again.

Christmas Card Mailed in 1914 Finally Arrives.

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