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Don't Let Growth Fool You: Mobile Advertising Is Still Failing

By: Adam Kleinberg, adage.com

There's a conundrum facing the mobile ad industry: While declarations of growth are abundant, the reality is that most mobile advertising is failing.

Large percentage rates of growth look great, but that's coming off a tiny base. The truth is ad dollars are dripping—not flooding—into the mobile, even though nearly 60% of U.S. mobile subscribers now carry a smartphone. This reason for this is not overly cautious marketers, however. It's because the mobile platform simply isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Yes, a handful of mobile vendors are beginning to see a handful of six-figure deals. But in a year when the market cap of a mobile ad network like Millennial Media has surpassed the entire mobile ad market you know you're looking at an industry built on hype.

Companies are doing amazing things with big data. 4info has collected data on 330 million devices across 97 million households in the United States, knitting together a road map of demography, geography and behavior that equips advertisers with the quick-strike capability of a U.S. drone.

But all this targeting is useless if we can't take advantage of it.

Mobile advertising vendors will roll out jaw-dropping presentations showing amazing "app-like experiences" replete with digital awesomeness. Auto brands, you can take a virtual test-drive to an astonishing new level, they promise.

But it's completely meaningless when the fulcrum point between big data and big experience is a 120x20 pixel banner ad vying to interrupt your game of Paper Toss.

Bring that up and those vendors will laud comparatively higher click- through-rates for mobile versus those of the traditional web. They'll likely forget to mention the recent report by Goldspot Media showing that 38% of all mobile clicks are due to fat, clumsy thumbs.

At the end of the day, this kind of interruption-based advertising is never going to be a great success. People simply don't want these ads on their phones.

Of course, there are bright spots.

Stock has climbed from under $19 to $27 per share on the news that 14% of advertising revenue now comes from mobile and that they are planning to launch a mobile ad network. A new eMarketer mobile revenue estimate indicates revenue is growing. The reason they have been successful is that they are creating units that are minimally interruptive. A user scrolling down on their Facebook feed quickly learns that simply tapping down on an ad for a brand page their friend has liked doesn't interrupt the experience.

That optimism should be tempered. 120x20 pixel banner ads will still suck—no matter what data is used to target them. Facebook could deploy the same minimally interruptive ad units that are working in their app across the mobile web, but marketers are becoming wise to the fact that their ability to reach their brand fans is diminishing. Meaning they'll be willing to pay less.

Native Mobile Ads.
Foursquare got some bad press recently when people found out there are only ten million or so active users on the platform, but ask Walgreen's social media manager Zach West and he'll tell you customers redeeming coupons delivered through Foursquare at the register "consistently exceeds our expectations."

Look for other native ad units to find their way into your mobile ad strategy. Those that provide value to consumers will be the ones that prevail—even if that value is just a coupon.

Mobile Video.
Adding mobile video to your pre-roll buy is usually as easy as checking a box. And more and more video that is being consumed is being consumed on mobile devices. Play Words With Friends lately? You've probably watched a movie trailer between moves. There's still a lack of quality inventory available, but that should change in the months to come.

It is very easy for marketers to chase direct response. To use cell phones instead of newspaper circulars as a coupon delivery mechanism. That's what's easy to measure. That's what will fit neatly into their ROI spreadsheet. But that's not what's going to make meaningful impact. That's not going to create new revenue streams or increase market share or raise the share price for stockholders.

The real mobile opportunity for brands is to fundamentally enhance the value of their product, differentiate themselves and deepen their relationship with consumers. I haven't bought a pair of Nike's in over a decade, but I got on a health kick recently and started jogging. I use the Nike+ app on my iPhone to track my runs and motivate me to run farther. Nike is my companion. And the next time I buy a pair of shoes, I'll probably give Nike a look.

Ideas like this brought to life are what will make huge impact for brands. Understanding where to make these investments should be at the very core of your mobile strategy.

The power of mobile is at our fingertips. That power is not in teeny-weeny banners ads. Until we understand that, mobile advertising will continue to be a failure.

Direct Mail Hits The Mark

By Elaine Love, business2community.com

A simple postcard, flyer or letter is far more cost effective than an expensive online campaign. Straight direct mail postcards and letters are working very well.

Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Do you want a high return on your marketing investment? Forbes.com reports “I’ve seen a letter lift response by 1300% over the much fancier control package, another letter pacify irate customers so they don’t mind paying shipping and handling, and another apologize for a mistake and wind up selling more merchandise than if the mistake hadn’t been made in the first place.”

A simple postcard, flyer or letter is far more cost effective than an expensive online campaign. Straight direct mail postcards and letters are working very well with young males, not teenagers, but the 30-50 group according to Lois Geller’s Forbes article. She also said “Get a letter to click with a test audience, you’ll have found a potential silver mine that can pay off nicely.”

How do you Connect with your Target Audience?

Do Your Research

1. Select a mailing list which you know has accurate names, addresses and demographics for your target audience. Your county Assessors office may sell lists of contact information of homeowners in a specific subdivision. Your local Chamber of Commerce may furnish directories of members contact information. List vendors sell lists; be careful that the information contained in those lists is current, scrubbed for duplicates and accurate demographics for your target market. Co-market by sharing lists with a trusted power partner. PrintPlace.com manages your direct mail postcard and brochure campaigns efficiently from a single source.

2. Verify that you are reaching the ideal person for your message. If your message is targeted to the sales manager, don’t send it to the production manager or the company CEO.

3. Know the problem you are solving. Until you know their pain – the problem they need to solve – you do not know how to target your message to offer the ideal solution at the right time.

Write an Effective Letter

1. Open with an attention generating first sentence. In speaking, the audience decides in the first 7 seconds if they like you and in the first 30 seconds if they want to hear what you have to say. The reader may decide with the opening sentence if they read the second sentence or throw the letter in the trash. Open with a bang, not a whimper.

2. Detail the benefit to the reader quickly. Give them benefits, not features. Make a solid case for why they should respond to you. What is in it for them?

3. Be clear, concise and specific. Get to the point. Don’t bore them with mumbo jumbo and fancy terms they don’t care about reading. Use basic language; you are not writing to impress your college professor with your vocabulary.

4. Personalize the letter by addressing them by name. Speak in a conversational tone.

5. Call to action. What do you want them to think, feel or do after reading the letter? Give only one choice in the call to action. Make it easy for them to respond.

6. Include a “no-risk” offer, a deadline for responding, and a guarantee.

7. Include a P. S. Frequently people skim the first and the last of a letter, but not always the middle. Your P.S. emphasizes your mail focus and increases the urgency to respond to you.

8. Include white space. Too much blah, blah, blah and you’re headed for the trash. Make your letter easy to skim and pick up the key points. One page only, please.

9. Testimonials are a bonus. People relate to people like themselves.

10. Use a high quality printer such as PrintPlace.com to be certain you are conveying a personalized first class impression.

Once you have a laser focus on your target market and the problem you are solving for them, refine your mailing list, write an effective magnetic letter which draws customers to you. Follow up with at least three subsequent mailing campaigns. Mail at least 500 letters in each mailing campaign. Create three different letters which each reference the previous letter. Follow up, follow up, and follow up. Your results will continue to flow in for months or years.

How To Get Your Direct Mail Piece Noticed

Consumers surveyed showed a strong preference for physical direct mail, with 66% of respondents saying they prefer to receive catalogs by physical mail.

Pitney Bowes recently commissioned a study to identify factors that could influence when and whether recipients would open their direct mail marketing piece and read it. The survey of 1,500 U.S. adults, conducted by Leflein Associates, examined preferences, attitudes, and behaviors about mail as received at home.

Overall, the consumers surveyed showed a strong preference for physical direct mail, with 66% of respondents saying they prefer to receive catalogs by physical mail, 61% preferring to receive bills and invoices by physical mail, and 59% preferring to receive financial/bank statements by physical mail.

To determine what might influence open rates, participants examined an average of 16 screens, each containing four randomized envelope images, to test for variables including the presence of text, graphics, and color on envelope fronts and backs.

Color Reigns Supreme

What’s printed on the front of the envelope strongly influences when and whether it gets opened.

And, recipients are 69% more likely to open a mail piece with color text and graphics on the front, before opening pieces with no headline or graphic. Given a choice of color graphics or black-and-white text, mail recipients are 2.5 times more likely to open envelopes with color graphics first.

What’s printed on the back of the envelope is less influential. Six out of 10 (57%) hardly ever notice what is printed on the back of an envelope when sorting through or opening their mail. However, as with the front of the envelope, the study indicates the presence of color text and graphics on the envelope’s back is significantly more likely to influence the decision to open, rather than black-and-white only.

The bottom line:

1) based on consumers’ preference you should absolutely invest in printed mail communication

2) you should absolutely NOT leave the envelope blank

3) text and graphics should DEFINITELY be in color.

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