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Using Postcard Marketing To Keep In Touch With Prospects And Customers.

by: David Roth.

Postcard marketing is a very economic way of staying in touch with prospects and customers.

There are many ways to keep the interest of a customer or prospect, and to ensure that person is reminded of a particular business. One of the more old-fashioned but still very effective ways to do this is through the use of postcard marketing. This can help a business keep in touch with both prospects and customers, and make sure that people know what they can expect to receive from a business in both goods and services. Letting individuals know this and keeping it in the forefront of their minds goes a long way toward building good customers relationships that are strong and that will last for a long period of time.

Postcard marketing is relatively inexpensive. Bulk postcards can be bought, or more expensive ones can be purchased for a more personal touch. Either way, they cost very little and mailing them out is also much less than the cost of a letter or package. Because of this, they are a very economic way of staying in touch with prospects and customers. This helps the business because it brings in more traffic and raises profits. In turn, it helps the customers and prospects because they are reminded of sales and other special offers that the business might have for them. In addition, keeping a business in a customers mind these days is not easy when there are so many businesses to choose from.

In order to keep up with the competition, individuals in the business world know that they must advertise. They do not want to ignore their customers, because another business will come along and snatch those people away. However, they know if they nag, customers will quickly tire of that, as well. There is a delicate balance that companies and their salespeople must find, and in order to do this they analyze customer trends and work to get to know what people that shop with them really need. Postcard marketing can be a great way to keep in touch with customers and at the same time make sure that these customers are not being nagged.

About The Author

Dave Roth is an accomplished salesperson and sales coach who teaches sales professionals to grow their business. If you\'d like more information on sales training techniques, go to www.salestrainingtips.net right away.

Use Of Google For Data Theft Triggers Fears.

By Jordan Robertson, AP Technology.

Automated 'Google Hacking' Software for Unearthing Data on Other Sites Triggers Security Fears.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- It's called "Google hacking" -- a slick data-mining technique used by the Internet's cops and crooks alike to unearth sensitive material mistakenly posted to public Web sites.

And it's just gotten easier, thanks to a program that automates what has typically been painstaking manual labor. The program's authors say they hope it will "screw a large Internet search engine and make the Web a safer place."

Google hacking doesn't mean anyone's hacking Google's Web site. Rather, it refers to a sophisticated searching technique used to uncover flaws in the way Web sites handle confidential details, such as public files containing password and credit card numbers and clues about the vulnerability of the site's own servers.

It works by examining the hidden recesses of a Web site, areas that have been indexed by Google but don't pop up in traditional searches. Sometimes Web sites accidentally post revealing information about themselves, either because employees mistakenly put confidential documents online, or the site wasn't properly configured to obscure sensitive areas.

Security experts say Google hacking wouldn't be an issue if Web sites had proper security safeguards in place.

By looking through Google for evidence of specific types of files used by a Web site or telling responses from the Web site's servers, hackers can learn a lot about how the site was built -- and thus how to begin crafting their attacks.

Although Google hacking has been used for several years by good guys and bad guys to monitor security, experts caution that the new program, called Goolag, could tip the balance in favor of criminals.

"It just makes their job that much easier -- in a very short period of time they can do all these searches for sensitive information," said Ryan Barnett, director of application security at Breach Security Inc. and a SANS Institute faculty member.

Google hackers have typically had to enter in detailed Google search strings by hand, using specially crafted queries to unearth links buried deep in the list of a site's contents. Google has been able to clamp down on past attempts to automate the process.

Experts say the new program, on the other hand, appears to work differently, tricking Google into believing a real person is typing the queries -- in other words, someone Google would be unlikely to block.

Google declined to comment on Goolag, released by the hacker group Cult of the Dead Cow.

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Using Postcard Marketing To Keep In Touch With Prospects & Customers.

Use Of Google For Data Theft Triggers Fears.

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