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Print vs. Email Newsletters: Six Reasons You Shouldn't  Only Do An Email Version.

By David Gruttadaurio.

With everyone bombarded by email overload, do you really think your e-mail blasts are being read?

A Nielsen Norman Group Report revealed that the typical email newsletter gets 51 seconds of your reader's time.

That was three years ago. Today, many say its closer to 26 seconds. And, that's if your email newsletter is even opened.

You're Not as Popular as You Think:

While you believe YOUR e-mail newsletters are special and opened like gifts on Christmas morning, remember this: Dozens of emails are routinely wiped out daily in one swoop with the push of the delete key.

Even if the reader recognizes your name, you can be expunged just because they're having a busy day or your email got caught in a large block of spam.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you stop doing email newsletters. In fact, I advise you to do an email newsletter on a weekly basis. But, I also suggest doing a monthly print newsletter.

Here's why...

6 Ways Print Newsletters Beat Email Newsletters – And Why They Need to Be Part of Your Marketing Mix:

1. Printed mail gets delivered – It's never blocked or caught in spam filters. Faulty connections, email authentication and webmail service idiosyncrasies are not issues. And, you have no worries about connection speeds.

2. Print newsletters have more perceived value – Think about it: How many companies are willing to do this? Your clients aren't stupid. They understand the energy, cost and time required to send them a great newsletter every month. It will get their immediate attention.

3. Print newsletters let you use unlimited amount of images – A picture really is worth a thousand words. Print newsletters are not shackled by bandwidth. That means you can use a variety of text, graphics and formatting styles to capture the interest of your clients.

4. Print newsletters are sticky - Print newsletters have great 'hang-time'. Not only are they likely to be read from start to finish, they usually get passed around. Hand-along readership can be as high as four-to-one. Talk about free marketing!

5. Print newsletters offer convenient and comfortable reading - Printed newsletters are much easier on the eyes. Reading articles of any length on a computer screen is uncomfortable and often inconvenient. Plus, a print newsletter allows you to mark sections you find interesting, take it to work and leave it there to be picked up by workmates.

6. Print newsletters stand out and get noticed – By using color, logos and a familiar return address, a print newsletter is easy to spot. With an inbox filled with subject lines, every message looks the same.

Here's Your Best Bet:

Make no mistake. There is a place for electronic communication with your customers. Websites and email are an important part of any business.

But the hands down best choice for keeping customers and getting more referrals and building relationships is to include print newsletters within your marketing mix

You can even offer your customers a choice. They will see that you really care about what they want, not just what you are willing to provide for them.

And that's what relationship marketing is all about, isn't it?

Print Newsletter Marketing Expert David Gruttadaurio was tired of wasting money on marketing that didn't work. So he searched for a marketing tool that would give him more clients for his cleaning business. Then he found newsletter marketing! Through print newsletters he was able to triple his sales. Now, discover how he got and retained more clients with his FREE "Profit Exploding Newsletter Secrets Report" at http://www.NewslettersMadeForYou.com.

Some Consumers Are Ready For Good Times.
By Richard H. Levey, Direct Magazine.

Conventional wisdom has it that most consumers will limit their spending even after the economy rebounds. But that's not necessarily the case, judging from a new study by Acxiom Corp.

On the contrary, 36% of all shoppers are labeled “potential rebounders,” meaning they'll open their wallets when they see improvement, Acxiom reports.

Another 46% are in the “status quo” category - they're reluctant to change their behavior from what it is right now. And 18% are “digging in”: Don't expect orders from them anytime soon.

Each of these classifications has further subgroups. For example, the potential rebounders includes one Acxiom calls “it's my life.” Unlike “savvy spenders” or people in the “protecting the dream” subsets, these consumers are responsive to direct marketing, especially direct mail and e-mail. And they make up around 12% of the total consumer population.

Who are they? They tend to be affluent younger adults with few financial obligations like kids.

Price is not a priority for them. But they're opportunistic, and will search for low costs.

In addition, they value communication via direct mail, e-mail and new media more than people in any of the other subgroups. And they're as responsive as anyone else to mass media, word of mouth and couponing.

People in this segment search online for information on home improvement, food and groceries, home décor and jewelry, and are less likely to research apparel, furniture and sporting goods. They visit online shops hosted by category killers like those in comScore's top 15 most-visited retail sites.

What does this mean for marketers? Anyone wishing to engage this group should provide messaging that reflects stability and reliability in addition to value-based pricing.

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Print vs. Email Newsletters: Six Reasons Why You Should Not Just Do Email.

Some Consumers Are Ready For Good Times.

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