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How A Simple Text Ad Increased The Response Rate By 9,000%.

By John Bingham.

The following example demonstrates the power of  credibility-based principles to create effective advertising.

Dr. Duke is a Chiropractor. She had been running a typical 2x 3 advertisement in the living section of the local newspaper.

The ad had a picture of her, an offer of a $75 stress test, the name and the address of the office, and a phone number to call.

The problem was that the ad didn’t work. Dr. Duke was pulling three or four non-qualified responses per month over the course of four months – at an expense of $1,200 a month. She spent $4,800 and did not get one new patient to pay for the ad costs.

Over lunch, I took five minutes to write out a headline, body copy, the offer, and the number where to call. I drew a square around the text and said, “You need to run this”.

The ad carried a whole different strategy. It followed the Ad Equation – Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer. The $75 Stress Test was now FREE as the offer. The ad ran for the first time on a Wednesday. Dr. Duke received over 90 calls before the morning was over. She actually had to convert her whole staff to answering the phones.

As a matter of fact, she was a bit frustrated because she had never experienced a barrage of calls like this before. By the end of the first week, she had over 600 inquiries for the FREE stress test. When she finally got used to the volume of phone calls and the idea that her ad was working, she really got excited.

When she mailed out the stress evaluations, 91% of them came back in the mail within two weeks. It took another full week afterward to decipher the tests and prepare reports for the respondents.

Then she began the process of calling those prospective patients back and informing them of their results. They were invited to come in for a “one-on-one personal remedy analysis” in which they would receive specific information on how chiropractic care could eliminate many of their symptoms.

Over 80% of them came in and out of that, over 50% became patients at a minimum of $500. Out of those, half became regular patients at an average of $5,000.

Needless to say, Dr. Duke continued to run this little ad for a period of six months, we then developed a referral program for her that leveraged current patient relationships. Within a year, that ad was responsible for close to $1.5 million in new business. Not bad for a little 2×3 text ad that followed the Ad Equation.

When The Going Gets Tough - Take The Marketing Route To Growth.
By Anthony Andrew, consultant.  

Fortune has always favored the brave. The corporate graveyard is littered with examples of companies that cut expenditure in key business areas during tough economic times in a bid to lower overheads.

All too frequently a 'batten down the hatches' strategy paralyses company growth, bolstering profit margins in the short term only.

On the flip side, reports have demonstrated businesses that fight harder than ever for their slice of the pie by increasing their marketing activities will invariably make significant gains and succeed in improving their market share. Intel's impressive 'Intel Inside' marketing campaign, for example, was launched during the 1990-91 economic downturn in the US and the company went on to dominate its technology sector.

Businesses that view their marketing dollars as an investment - rather than an expense - are the ones most likely to prosper. As a company you may have all the ingredients for business success - from a high profile brand to competitive service - but unless your target market is aware of what you have to offer, you are unlikely to achieve your business's full potential.

Direct Marketing can often prove to be one of the most precisely targeted and cost effective methods of generating leads for prospective new customers. A few years ago Direct Marketing denoted stand alone direct mail but today email, telemarketing and other complimentary marketing tools have become equally important and are often used in combination with the more traditional postage communications to maximize response.

Get it right and investment in Direct Marketing will pay dividends putting you in one-on-one contact with decision makers whose businesses are best placed to recognize the real benefits of using your services.

The trick is to communicate the benefits in a way that is relevant to your target customers, is attention-grabbing, punchy, to the point and stands out from your competition. It should be remembered the average business decision-maker is bombarded with around 3,000 marketing messages a day through various mediums - your company's message has to work extremely hard to stand apart from the crowd.

From establishing your brand, defining your targets, setting up a customer prospect database for ongoing campaigns, effectively segmenting these prospects to enable appropriate messages to be communicated to disparate customer groups through to fashioning creative marketing materials, coordinating their dissemination, effectively following them up - there's no shortage of potential pitfalls. And the difference between getting marketing wrong and doing it right is the difference between getting little return and winning a raft of new business.

If the required skills and resources aren't readily to hand, the received wisdom is 'stick to your knitting' and seek help in achieving professional and effective campaigns from a proven communications consultancy that can look after both your marketing and PR needs. Caveat emptor - do your homework and get references from businesses that have benefited from employing your preferred consultancy's expertise.

Mirroring a rapidly evolving commercial environment, are evolving attitudes and expectations from customers - both business and consumer. An age of increasing information consumption via digital media necessitates the promotion of your business through a visible, customer-focused and well designed website boasting clear branding throughout.

Your website should be viewed as a virtual representation of your business, establishing and reinforcing your credibility as an industry specialist. Website design, build, content management and optimization are specialties few SMEs boast in-house but their importance should not be underestimated.

Beyond a company's own website, a wealth of further online PR opportunities present themselves to forward-thinking businesses from coverage on e-zines (online magazines) and blogs to social media marketing. Maximizing all such opportunities, where appropriate, will help leverage the potential of your business brand.

In the wake of a global financial meltdown of gargantuan proportions, the challenging economic environment is compelling businesses to promote their services, image, brand and reputation in an effort to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The media offers one of the most effective means of achieving this, providing a clear channel of communication between a business and its clients, prospective clients and even prospective employees.

Quantifying the bottom line value of media coverage in terms of business growth can be a difficult task but few would doubt its worth. A magazine or newspaper's editorial space, for instance, is widely accepted to be worth more than three times that of equivalent advertising space because of the instant credibility it bestows. The return on investment can be compelling - clients of Cameron Wells Communications for instance have enjoyed hundreds of thousands of dollars of media coverage annually for a tenth of their investment in our media relations (PR) services.

A business's message endorsed by the media, as opposed to one being conveyed via paid-for publication space or airtime - otherwise known as advertising - is an extremely powerful promotional tool. Even Bill Gates once famously announced that if he was down to his last dollar, he'd spend it on public relations.

Furthermore, a media savvy organization that has succeeded in raising its profile will also build pride among its workforce and position itself as an employer of choice.

Businesses that fail to employ the services of a specialist PR agency, lack an appreciation of how the media operates, or are unprepared to forge mutually beneficial relationships with journalists, will fail to reap the potential rewards. You should head the warning: if journalists are not talking to you - whether the editor of Freshbusinessthinking.com or the business correspondent of your regional newspaper - then the chances are they'll be talking to your competitors.

No Saturday Mail Delivery?

By Anna Donaldson, CBS42 News.

As the saying goes, "neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds," ...except on Saturdays?

Like many US companies, the United States Postal Service, which receives no tax revenue, is also struggling.

It wants to eliminate Saturday deliveries to save $3.5 billion dollars a year.

The USPS says the demand to stamp and mail has fallen dramatically. It has lost more than 20% of mail that flows through the system, mainly due to advancements in online business.

After slashing $6 billion last year, the USPS says there's no where else to cut.

"You know what, we don't want to do this, but we've gotten to a point where we have to do something," says USPS spokesman Joseph Breckenridge.

To be clear, the proposal does not include closing post offices on Saturdays, but rather cutting the nearly 300,000 routes across the country on Saturdays: an idea that's not resonated well with Congress in the past.

So would Alabamians be bothered by five day delivery?

Those we spoke with don't seem to mind.

"I don't use the mail that often, so it wouldn't affect me that much. I pay most of my bills and things online," says Davis Ware, a local young professional.

Six day mail delivery is not only routine, but it's also a federal law. Therefore, it will take an act of Congress to switch to five day delivery.

The matter has been discussed in committee on Capitol Hill, but a bill has not yet been drafted.

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How A Simple Text Ad Increased The Response Rate By 9,000%.

When The Going Gets Tough - Take The Marketing Route To Growth.

No Saturday Mail Delivery?

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