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Business Mailers Rankled by Obama Call to End Saturday Delivery

By Angela Greiling Keane, Bloomberg.com

President Barack Obama’s call for the U.S. Postal Service to end Saturday mail delivery and raise rates will drive away customers while not addressing needed cost reductions, some business users and U.S. lawmakers said.

Obama, as part of his spending plan released yesterday, proposed to let the Postal Service reduce delivery from six to five days a week by January 2013 and to return $10.9 billion it overpaid into a federal retirement account. The proposal was made to and not acted upon by Congress’s deficit-reducing supercommittee last year.

“Eliminating Saturday delivery should be the last resort, not the first choice,” Senator Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, said through a spokeswoman. “It would force businesses ranging from newspapers to home-delivery of medicine to explore non-postal delivery options. Once these customers leave the mail system, they won’t be coming back, and the Postal Service’s revenues would suffer another blow.”

A bill with sponsors including Collins and Tom Carper, a Delaware Democrat, would prevent cutting a day of mail delivery for at least two years. Obama’s proposal is in a bill sponsored by Darrell Issa, a California Republican. Issa also wants to require a financial-control board if the service defaults on obligations to the U.S. government and create a commission to speed up post office closings.

Both bills have been passed by committees.

Billions in Losses

The Postal Service has said ending a day of delivery each week would save $3.1 billion annually. The service has said it expects to lose $14.1 billion in the year ending Sept. 30, and according to Obama’s budget, it may lose $13.6 billion in its 2013 fiscal year.

Ending Saturday delivery would harm customers mailing pharmaceuticals and time-sensitive newspapers and magazines, said Gene Del Polito, president of the Association for Postal Commerce. The Alexandria, Virginia-based group’s members include Medco Health Solutions Inc. (MHS), Time Warner Inc. (TWX) and Conde Nast Publications Ltd.

“Businesses abhor uncertainty,” Del Polito said in a telephone interview. “So they will do what they can to try to create for themselves a predictable cocoon in which to operate. And in this case the predictable cocoon does not include mail. And that exacerbates Congress’s challenges.”

Rate Increases

Rate increases will also push business customers away, said Art Sackler, coordinator for the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service, whose members include FedEx Corp. (FDX) and Bank of America Corp.

“Raising postal rates won’t save the Postal Service; it will only hasten its demise,” Sackler said in an e-mail. “Higher rates will force companies away from using the mail, and push them into finding other ways to reach their customers.”

The Postal Service has proposed each of the changes Obama advanced as well as reducing its workforce by firing as many as 220,000 employees and closing post offices and mail-processing plants.

Obama’s budget didn’t address the facility closings or job cuts.

“It’s a political hot potato for them,” Del Polito said. “They don’t want to tick off a key Democratic constituency going into a national election.”

$25 Billion

The Postal Service reported a $3.3 billion loss in the quarter ended Dec. 31, which is typically its strongest because of holiday-season mailing of packages and cards.

Most of the quarterly loss came from a U.S. law requiring the service to pay in advance for future retirees’ health- benefits costs. Obama proposed changing that payment schedule to account for fewer employees.

The package of postal changes would provide $25 billion of cash over the next two years and would result in $25 billion of savings over 11 years, Obama said in the budget plan.

The president’s proposal includes some provisions of the Senate proposal, Carper said in a statement. “We can’t let the Postal Service fail on our watch,” he said.

Issa, while praising the proposal to end Saturday delivery, said Obama’s package won’t make the service solvent. “Infusing the agency with cash and hiking postage rates without requiring USPS to reduce costs and realign itself to meet America’s changing use of mail is just buying a very small amount of time with a very big check,” he said in a statement through his spokesman, Ali Ahmad.

Enhancing Your Credibility With Your Customers and Prospects

by Robert W. Bly

“People buy from people they like and trust” is an established sales truism, but how many people receiving your direct mail package have even heard of your publication or company or you, much less like and trust you?

Your direct mail copy must work hard to build the credibility that will get the reader to trust you enough to order and rely on your information. Here are some techniques copywriters use to establish credibility quickly in their mailings:

1. Show a picture of your building or establish a physical presence to prove you’re more than just a mailbox. Promotions for Dr. Atkins’ Health Revelations show a photograph of his impressive 7-story clinic in midtown Manhattan and note that tens of thousands of patients have been treated there.

2. For Newsletters and Publications, link the specifics of the company’s background to reasons why this particular background enhances the value as a researcher and analyst. A promotion for Forecasts & Strategies notes that editor Mark Skousen was once with the CIA, which gave him government insider contacts he still uses today to interpret the market for his readers. Likewise, promotions for Technology Investing point out that Michael Murphy’s proximity to Silicon Valley enhances his ability to research high-tech companies first-hand.

3. Cite any awards your product has won or favorable third-party reviews it has garnered. These can include Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association awards and, for financial newsletters, favorable ratings in The Hulbert Financial Digest. (Since some readers may not be familiar with the source of the rating, describe it in impressive terms -- Hulbert, for instance, can be described as “The Consumer Reports” of the financial newsletter industry.)

4. Get and use testimonials from customers and the media. The best testimonials are specific rather than superlative, and support the key points you are making in your copy.

5. Stress the company’s credentials and experience.  Also give the names of the TV and radio shows or stations that have featured your company and products.

6. Don’t forget standard credibility stuff, like number of years in business or number of customers -- especially if you have been in business a long-time or have an unusually high number of customers. “Our 50th year” impresses some people. Also look for other statistics that can boost your credibility. For example, perhaps you still have your first customer from 28 years ago when you first started.

7. If the product you are pitching is not well known or lacks a history in the market place, promote the credibility of the Company instead. Tell how many great products you have and why you have such a great reputation in the market you serve.


Robert W. Bly is a freelance direct mail copywriter whose clients include Agora Publishing, Phillips, KCI, Rentrop, Georgetown, Institutional Investor, McGraw-Hill, and Medical Economics. He can be reached by phone at 201-385-1220 or via e-mail at rwbly@bly.com. His latest book is Internet Direct Mail: The Complete Guide to Successful e-mail Marketing Campaigns published by NTC Business Books.

Nearly 1 Billion Served: Delivering For Fast-Food Chains

The Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail program has been quite successful, especially with the country’s top fast-food chains.

The Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail has been “wildly successful,” especially lately with the country’s top fast-food chains, says Paul Vogel, president and chief marketing/sales officer.

Every Door Direct Mail offers simplified addressing, enabling mailers to use delivery route information, instead of names and exact addresses, to reach targeted groups in specific geographic areas. The number of Every Door Direct Mail pieces delivered since the program’s inception in March 2011 is approaching the 1 billion mark.

According to Vogel, USPS is currently working with several fast-food companies to test the service in various markets. These businesses have taken advantage of the benefits of fast production turnaround, total neighborhood saturation and the ability to mail at a local Post Office — making it easier and more convenient to reach customers and potential customers through direct mail.

A leading restaurant retailer began testing at six locations, and due to promising results, the company is now testing in 30 markets. If the company continues to see success it plans to expand the market test to 2,000 stores.

Many “mom and pop” restaurants as well as other small businesses, such as dry cleaners and automotive parts shops, are mailing multiple times because they have experienced increased response rates and greater customer traffic. Every Door Direct Mail also has been embraced by several national printing retailers. These companies are bundling their mail with printing services and say that it is helping to increase printing sales.

“From burgers to donuts to pizza, fast-food retailers are increasingly seeing the benefits of using Every Door Direct Mail to market their menus and other promotional materials in the neighborhoods where their stores are located,” said Vogel.

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Business Mailers Rankled by Obama Call to End Saturday Delivery

Enhancing Your Credibility With Your Customers and Prospects

Nearly 1 Billion Served: Delivering For Fast-Food Chains

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