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In Direct Mail Marketing, Simplicity Sells.

By Mark Haslan.

With any marketing campaign, customer acquisition and sales generation are among the most important goals. And if there is one word businesses should remember to help them accomplish these goals, it is "simplicity."

Simplicity refers to a number of things. First and foremost, it means making it as simple as possible for customers to notice the promotion or the business, to find the information to help them take the next step, and to complete the sale.

This has a variety of implications for different businesses. For example, retailers would likely focus on the last step, ensuring that their checkout process is as fast, easy, clear and straightforward as possible.

However, for direct mail marketing campaigns, the emphasis tends to be placed on the first two steps.

As consumers are inundated with mail, some solicited and some unsolicited, it is crucial for businesses to set themselves apart from the crowd by creating a mailing that is easy for customers to notice. The mailing should also provide easy-to-find contact information and a compelling call to action, to make it easy for customers to find more information, contact the company or buy its product or service.

In the ideal direct mail marketing response, the recipient should stop, notice and read the mailing, find the contact information, and pursue the next step toward sale completion. Simple.

Simplicity also refers to the mailing itself. Ideal postcard mailings, for example, should feature a striking graphic, a clear and strong headline, and a compelling call to action. This should all be as clear and uncluttered as possible.

The same goes for brochures and other mailings. The more information a consumer has to sift through, or the more different messages or products the person has to choose from, the lower the campaign’s conversion rates and ROI.

This means that postcards should feature one product, one discount or promotion, or one event. This does not mean that additional products, discounts or events cannot be included in the mailing, but they should be placed more discretely and not featured, as to not detract from the focus of the mailing. In other words, they should serve as an added selling point, not as competition to the main feature.

The effectiveness of simplicity rests on the fact that today’s consumers are in a state of information overload. The more simple a marketing campaign – and the easier it makes the consumer’s life – the higher the campaign ROI will be.

Direct Marketing Still Alive And Well - Study Shows High Response Rates.

By Bill Laforme.

Although the recession has caused many people to proclaim the death of direct mail marketing, the strategy remains one of the most effective in eliciting consumer response, said a recent study.

According to a survey from Callcredit Marketing Solutions, almost two-thirds of consumers – 64 percent – said they would respond to direct mail from retail firms, UltraMarketing.com reported.

"In a climate where consumers are cutting back on costs and reigning in spending, the fact that so many are willing to respond to marketing from retailers is hugely encouraging for the sector," Caroline Worboys, managing director of Callcredit Marketing Solutions, told the website.

To make the most out of this trend, businesses are encouraged to make sure they are targeting the right consumers with their mailings.

"Retailers clearly have a consumer base that is willing and ready to be spoken to if the messages are right," Worboys added. "Firms in this sector must make sure they are using accurate data to create targeted and incentive-driven communications to cater to this audience."

This advice is not limited to retailers, either – businesses in many sectors are encouraged to take advantage of the sales, customer retention and brand building benefits of direct mail marketing.

In fact, the study also found that companies in other sectors saw similar response rates – 59 percent of consumers surveyed said they would respond to direct marketing from businesses in the travel and tourism sector, followed by 47 percent for the telecommunications sector and 35 percent from financial services providers.

As far as consumer demographics, targeted young adults and single individuals may further increase the response rates of direct mailings – the website reported that consumers aged 18 to 24 were found to be 11 percent more likely to respond to retail messages, while single consumers were 7 percent more likely to respond.

As with any marketing campaign, the most successful direct mailing message is clear, compelling, and tailored to the target demographic.

As such, retailers that send out postcards about an upcoming sale will not automatically experience the high response rates seen in the study – the postcard has to feature attractive graphics (including pictures of the discounted items), a compelling call to action, and a targeted marketing message that responds to the needs and desires of the ideal consumer.

Facts And Figures About The Post Office.

  • The post office moves mail on planes, trains, trucks, cars, boats, ferries, helicopters, subways, hovercraft, street cars, bicycles, feet and even mules.

  • Those mules carry mail to Indians living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Because some of that mail is food, the post office at Peach Springs, Ariz., has freezers to store it until delivery.

  • Oldest post office in the same building: Hinsdale, N.H., 1816.

  • Smallest post office, Ochopee, Fla., 8-feet-4-inches by 7-feet-3-inches.

  • Floating post office, post boat JW Westcott delivers mail to ships passing in the Detroit River. The boat has its own ZIP code, 48222.

  • Longest rural route: Route 1, Fordsville, N.D., 176.5 miles daily to serve 174 mailboxes.

  • Shortest rural route, Route 42, Henderson, Nev., 1.9 miles daily, 640 mailboxes.

  • Number of mail pieces handled daily in 2009, 584 million.

  • Payroll every two weeks, salary and benefits, $2.1 billion.

  • Vehicles operated: 218,684.

  • Number of new delivery addresses added to the mail system last year, 923,595.

  • Address changes processed last year: 43.8 million.

  • Percent of the nation’s population that moves annually, 14%.

  • Percent of the world’s card and letter mail volume handled by USPS, 40%.

  • Tax dollars received for operating the Postal Service, $0.00.

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    In Direct Mail Marketing, Simplicity Sells.

    Direct Marketing Still Alive And Well - Study Shows High Response Rates.

    Facts And Figures About The Post Office.

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