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A New Generation Of Direct Marketing Ideas And Technologies.

Direct Marketing is going through a resurgence.  With new ideas and new technologies, direct mail is getting more creative and achieving exciting new one-on-one communications. 

Don't believe all the hype that direct mail is in decline and going away.  A recent survey by the United States Postal Service found that people look forward to seeing what is in their mailboxes and they spend an average of 15 to 30 minutes reading their mail daily.

Direct marketers no longer have to "spray and pray" when sending mass-market mailings.  Thanks to new technology marketers can focus on specific target audiences or individual interests instead.

Pictured Above:  A recent Talon promotion. By utilizing the recipient's favorite sports team or golf interest, Talon was able to custom print an appropriate postcard and personalize the photograph.

Also changing are the days of the hard sell.  Instead of hard sells the creative should focus on benefits of the products or services.

"The offer is the hero of the direct mail piece, but the creative is the sizzle," says Chris Kelman, creative director of Catapult Marketing in Westport, Conn.

Kimberly-Clark's Huggies, which utilizes Talon for data processing services, reshaped its direct marketing program beginning with audience segmentation. Instead of one mass message, the list is segmented to reach groups of women at different stages of diaper interest and need from pre-natal through a child's 30th month.

Huggies information-packed mailings detailed product benefits and activities for moms and children; very importantly, they encouraged recipients to go to a Huggies Web site.

Consumers who visited the Huggies web site received additional information and the opportunity to sign up for contests and coupons.

Digital Printing:

The University of Alabama Athletic Department scored big with a personalized direct mail campaign in 2007. Season ticket holders were sent a postcard with a picture of Bryant-Denny Stadium with their names spelled out on the field by the Alabama band. The mailer included a custom web site with the ticket holder's name. When visiting the Web site, in addition to the band on the field, Alabama cheerleaders held up other personalized signs.

Does This Technology Really Work?

The University of Alabama was thrilled with the results:  Online renewals doubled over the previous year. And as a bonus, the mailing recipients purchased more than $50,000 in personalized stadium posters.

Think Outside The Box (or inside the box):

JBG Cos., a Washington, D.C.-based real estate developer, used a multidimensional direct mail campaign to help position a new commercial office building.

Its list of commercial real estate brokers received multistage direct mailers, each promoting specific features and benefits of the project. The campaign culminated with the delivery of a Motorola cell phone pre-programmed with JBG's number. This type of multistage dimensional campaign is hard to ignore.

Custom Publishing:

Custom publishing is another relatively new format for direct mail marketing. Custom and personalized newspapers or magazines can provide detailed information on a product or service specific to your target audiences interests. 

Using an expanded format, along with traditional journalistic editorial approaches, custom publishing products can entertain, educate and hold reader's interest.

A Roper Public Affairs study found 88 percent of consumers prefer custom publishing to traditional advertising.

So on your next marketing campaign why not try a personalized one-on-one postcard or a custom magazine or newsletter?  Call Michael Borkan at 631-667-5500 to learn about Talon's new technologies and how they can invigorate the design and planning your next marketing campaign.

Talon Successfully Launches New 31-Digit Intelligent Barcode.

by Michael Borkan.

"31-Digit Intelligent Mail Barcodes is like having a GPS system for mail."  - John E Potter, Postmaster General.

Although the mandatory start date has been pushed back by the Post Office until May 2009 mailers can take advantage of the exciting new features of the Intelligent Barcode immediately.

Talon's computer software, laser printers and high speed ink-jet machines have been re-tooled to produce the new barcode.  Additionally, Talon has filed the necessary paperwork and the post office has tested and approved our barcode imaging and given us the go-ahead.

Pictured Above:  An envelope produced at our facility with the new 31-Digit Intelligent Mail Barcode.

The 31-digit barcodes allows direct mailers to track their mail from the drop off at the post office to delivery at a home or office.

The largest possible postage savings is achieved when direct mail pieces are designed for automation discounts.  Pieces must conform with postal guidelines and have proper barcodes and sorting techniques.  Talon can help you with the design requirements.  Automation design and barcodes reduce sorting and delivery time for the post office.  The post office passes their reduced processing costs along to mailers, currently valued at about $18 billion.

The Postal Service is hoping that by implementing intelligent mail bar codes, there will be an increased value for mail organizations that are shifting some of their promotions to e-mail and Internet ads.

The Barcode Breakdown:

Eleven of the digits show the destination zip code.  Companies will use six to nine digits to identify themselves as the sender and Talon will assign a unique number to each of the mail pieces.

The new barcode will also consolidate and eliminate other barcodes used in the past by the postal system.  Gone are barcodes that were used for automated sorting and for certified mail.

The new barcodes are not just for mail pieces:  It will also be on trays, sacks and tubs used to hold mail in postal facilities and on large containers and pallets used for shipping mail.  Postal employees using handheld scanners will be able to more quickly place mail in the right truck and the correct destination.  Mail handlers will get an electronic alert if the supplied manifest alerts them that mail did not get put on a truck.

The mailing industry is looking forward to the new barcode, said John Campo, vice president for postal relations at Pitney Bowes, which specializes in mail technology.  "The service that the Post Office provides is not always consistent across the board, and this will allow them to focus on areas of weak performance as compared to their stellar performance," he said.

Win Yankee and Mets Tickets!  

This is the final year the Yankees and Mets will play in their respective stadiums and Talon has great seats for you to win.

We are giving away two tickets to see the New York Yankees and Mets!  To win, be the first telephone caller (please donít hit reply or email).  Call Michael Borkan at 631-667-5500 x 11.  One set per winner.  All games will have fantastic seat locations. 

  • Thursday May 22nd, Yankees vs. The Baltimore Orioles 7:05 PM.
  • Tuesday May 13th, Mets vs. The Washington Nationals 7:10 PM.

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A New Generation of Direct Marketing Ideas and Technologies.

Talon Successfully Launches New 31-Digit Intelligent Barcode.

Yankee & Mets Ticket Giveaway!

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