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Postage Rates Rising, but Not for Most Letters


The Post Office raised its rates on April 17th but don't worry - many rates remain unchanged, some went up slightly, and some rates were lowered.

Good news for consumers:  The 44-cent price for sending a basic first-class letter will stay the same.

What's going up slightly are other postal charges, such as the cost to send standard rate (formally known as third class).

The 44-cent first-class rate is for the first ounce of a letter. If it weighs more than that, the second and third ounces will now cost 20 cents each -- up from 17 cents currently.

And the cost of a postcard goes up a penny, to 29 cents.

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Back to Basics: Seven Tips for Better Direct Mail Response 
by Dean Rieck

Just as customers are prone to avoid risk in this uncertain economy, you should avoid unnecessary risk in your marketing efforts. This is the perfect time to remind yourself of a few basic principles that drive direct mail marketing.

Sell things people want. In general, direct marketing is not about creating markets but locating existing markets. It is a business-to-buyer avenue of selling that is streamlined, efficient, and profitable — but only when a market wants what you are offering.

Sell solutions to problems, not products. No one cares about your widgets. What they care about are their own needs and wants. Bob doesn’t want a drill, he wants a hole. Mary doesn’t want a dress, she wants to look thin at the party this Friday. Alice doesn’t want an investment newsletter, she wants to find a great investment that will let her retire at 45. Ted doesn’t want a recipe book, he wants new ways to impress his friends at dinner parties and generate the compliments he thrives on.

Appeal to emotion first, reason second. Most direct marketers are number-crunching, logical people. It’s easy for us to fall into a cold, left brain, bullet-pointed, 714 reasons why type of sales pitch. But people make decisions in their right brain, based on emotion. Then they “justify” that decision with logic. To set up a sale, appeal to emotion first. Then, to close and confirm a sale, use logic.

Use proven techniques. While there is no set of universal techniques that works best in all circumstances, there are a few that are nearly universal. According to Bob Stone, the guru of gurus in direct marketing …

  • A yes/no offer usually out pulls offers without a no option.
  • A negative option offer usually out pulls a positive option offer.
  • An offer with a time limit usually out pulls an offer with no time limit.
  • An offer with a free gift usually out pulls discount offers.
  • Sweepstakes usually increase order volume, especially for impulse items.
  • Benefits out pull features.
  • The more involved you can get people, and the more they read, the greater your chance for success.
  • Envelope packages usually out pull self-mailers.

Value content over form. One of the primary reasons advertising fails is that ad creators too often get caught up in a creative vision or concept without having anything to say. Don’t start with a “look.” Start with content. Allow your design to develop naturally from the message in your copy.

Make sure you’re doing direct marketing. Every direct marketing message includes three basic elements. (1) An offer. (2) Enough information for immediate acceptance of the offer. (3) A mechanism for responding to the offer. You must do all three. No exceptions.

Consider two-step sales. There are two basic ways to make a sale in direct marketing: (1) the single shot, where you get an immediate order or (2) the two-step, where you generate an inquiry and attempt to convert those inquiries into sales. If your product is expensive, complex, new, hard to understand, or requires a major commitment of some kind, two-step sales may net you more profit in the long run than single shots.

Dean Rieck is one of today's top direct mail copywriters and has made sales, generated leads, and raised funds for more than 250 companies worldwide. Get your copy of Dean's white paper, Getting Response in a Down Economy: 4 Key Principles to Boost Your Direct Mail Profits in Today's Difficult Market.

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Postage Rates Rising, but Not for Most Letters

Download Talon's Free Postage Software with the Latest Rates

Back to Basics: Seven Tips for Better Direct Mail Response

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