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Talon's Free List Software Helps List Managers and Marketing Firms Grow.


Since developing and marketing OASIS, Talon has more than doubled the number of list managers and lists at Talon.Can our powerful and free software help your company grow?

"With Oasis my staff of account managers can produce instant counts for more accurate list recommendations and quick turnaround times for count requests".

Doug Carpenter - Benchmark Business Data


Four years ago Talon designed and wrote computer software that provided instant mailing counts.Our program Oasis, runs on clientís PC computers and provides the ability to analyze different selection criteria within a mailing list.Users can determine mailing counts using selections such as geographic areas, gender, purchase frequency and any other elements used on the file.Counts and reports can be viewed and printed.


What makes our software so successful is itís extremely powerful and you don't need to connect to the internet or a network to use it.Oasis can process over 500,000 records per minute and is easy to use.


In addition to the list management community, marketing companies, advertising agencies and end users have found the program to be extremely helpful in planning upcoming marketing projects and to be able to provide counts to their clients in seconds.


Talon can design the software to display your company name within the program for added recognition.†† Combined with our free consumer and business overlays, OASIS gives you a competitive advantage by providing your clients, salespeople, and employees a valuable free product.We know first hand that OASIS and no-cost business and consumer overlays will increase your client base - it has more than doubled ours.


If you are a list manager, marketing agency, or consultant please do not pass on the opportunity to provide your clients with our product.If you decide to pass up this opportunity just ask yourself this:What happens if your competition starts distributing OASIS?

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12 Fast Fixes to Boost Mail Response.

By Dean Rieck


In an ideal world, you would always have an adequate budget and plenty of time for all your direct mail tests. But here in the real world, things don't always work out that way. To survive in direct mail, you need a few tricks up your sleeve for improving results when time is short and the budget is lean. Here are twelve quick and easy testing ideas:


Change your outer envelope.

A new color or a different size may be all it takes to get people to take a second look at a package they've seen too many times. You can also try switching from a teaser envelope to a plain one or vice versa. And faux express envelopes are often worth a test.



Test a new letter.

It can be an all-new letter from scratch. Or a longer version of your current letter with more detail. Or a shorter version with less detail. Or a modified version with a new spin on the headlines and opening paragraphs.



Remove your brochure.

Believe it or not, response often picks up without that elaborate brochure. It may be that removing the brochure simply gets people to read the letter more thoroughly. This doesn't always work, but as tests go, you can't get any simpler.



Include a stand-alone reply form.

You should be doing this anyway, but if not, try it. It doesn't matter if another piece already has a reply form. This is just a test. And if it works, you can make further modifications later.



Insert a lift note.

This is an easy way to overcome a major objection or highlight a key benefit. Just remember to keep it short and have it signed by someone other than the person who signs the main letter. If you have a celebrity or authority who can sign it, all the better.



Strengthen your offer.

This is where you can usually make the most difference. All things being equal, the best offer you can make is a free trial. The second best is a money-back guarantee. If you don't want to change your offer completely, try turning it into a yes/no offer, or a yes/maybe offer where "yes" is a purchase and "maybe" is a request for more information. Of course, sweepstakes can always add a lift, but your customer quality will usually go downhill.



Offer something free.

It's generally better than discounting your product and gives you the opportunity to use the magic word "FREE." It can be a free gift, free shipping, free add-ons, free subscription to your newsletter or catalog, whatever.



Add a time limit.

This almost always boosts response. You can connect the time limit to your main offer or to your premium. One easy way to add this to a pre-existing package or mailer is to create a simple piece of art that looks like you've rubber-stamped the deadline. It should be ugly and realistic.



Highlight your guarantee.

In a package, you should feature it prominently in the letter, brochure, and order form. If your guarantee is strong-and it should be-you can also create an insert or lift note that explains your guarantee in detail. In a self-mailer, you should place your guarantee on the primary selling panel and on the reply panel.



Build a package around your self-mailer.

You'll need an outer envelope, basic letter, reply form, and BRE. Add your self-mailer as the brochure and presto! You have a complete direct mail package. It's not an ideal solution but good enough for a quick test.



Mail your print ad.

Just print it, fold it, and insert it into a plain envelope with a little note that says something like, "I thought you would find this interesting" or "Try this. It works." You might also try adding a BRE or reply envelope with a live stamp to help ease response. You may even try adding a reply form so people don't have to cut out the coupon.



Try the two-step.

First mail a postcard or small self-mailer offering free information on your product. Then fulfill requests with your direct mail package. Just make sure to modify the package with envelope copy that says something like, "Here's the information you asked for."


Dean Rieck is an internationally respected direct response consultant, copywriter, designer, and president of Direct Creative. E-mail him at DeanRieck@DirectCreative.com or visit www.directcreative.com/.


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New Clients:


_____ _____

Talon would like to welcome the following new clients this month to our growing roster of clients:


†††††††††††††† Mailing Clients

       Scudder Investments

       American Eagle Collectibles

       J.H. Cohn LLP


New Mailing Lists Housed at Talon (we house over 600 mailing lists)

       Home Channel News

       Chain Store Age

       Fleet Equipment

       Discount Store News

       Drugstore News



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  • timeanddate.com - Very handy site.Find the dates of religious and Federal holidays, print calendars, etc.
  • backpackit.com - Gather your ideas, to-do's, notes & files online.Send yourself email & mobile reminders.
  • tadalist.com - Simple, sharable to-do lists.Keep track of items.You can share lists with workers and family.
  • t-shirtcountdown.com - Funny, Clever and cool T-Shirts from the internet! Also top 100 best t-shirts list.



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        Color Laser Personalization

        Bulk Email Blasts

        HP High Quality Inkjet (near laser quality)

        Data Entry (from 100 to 100,000 names and addresses)

        Polybag and shrinkwrap services

        Merge/Purge services with comprehensive reports that can instantly be retrieved from the internet



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