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11 Resources to Help Your Direct Marketing Campaigns

By: Kristin Hambelton, Business2community.com

There is no universal checklist for creating a successful direct marketing campaign; every campaign is different and requires an approach specific to the brand’s (and customers’) needs.

Because there is so much variation in what it takes to run a successful campaign, there’s no one way to execute a direct marketing campaign.

Thanks to the diversity and variation of direct marketing campaign strategies, there’s an abundance of knowledge and information from just about every corner of the industry. While the resources available will not be a blueprint for your next campaign, they can offer insights, ideas, recommendations, advice, examples, personal experiences, and much more.

We have compiled a list of 11 resources that we believe will help guide your next direct marketing campaign:

1) CRMTrends: This site offers a “best practices” page for direct mail, CRM, digital marketing, and mobile marketing. Through analysis, blog posts, and case studies, this site guides a direct marketer through the steps of the offer, response rate, delivery design, customer contact strategy, site design, links to homepage, etc.

2) Quora: Quora keeps direct marketers in the know with its news feed, trends, and questions pages. The news feed provides readers with the most recent stories in direct marketing while the “questions” tab allows visitors to ask questions about direct marketing to which other visitors can post answers. The “trends” tab posts the most popular or widely discussed news and questions on direct marketing.

3) Ads of the World: This is an archive of creative direct marketing ads from around the world for all types of brands and products. Direct marketers can use this site as a resource for creative inspiration and to determine which approaches work well with which target audience.

4) My Customer: This site offers news, blogs, white paper downloads, and discussions about data, customer experience, marketing, social CRM, and technology. For CRMs and customer management professionals, this site offers topical and practical content in the realm of direct marketing.

5) SRDS: Marketers, agencies, and media companies can use SRDS to connect with brands that align with their objectives; it’s like a job search page for companies looking to promote their services and connect with a brand that needs a marketing campaign. SRDS sells a database program that provides users with opportunities to access brands that fit within the marketer’s rates, data, and capabilities.

6) Direct Marketing Association (DMA): By becoming a member of the DMA, marketers will receive free access to networking, training, insight, and business services that will advance their campaign initiatives. DMA focuses on data-driven marketers and their ability to successfully reach their target audience; it also offers a job search engine where marketers can browse direct marketing opportunities.

7) Target Marketing: This site offers a bit of everything, including news, blogs, job searches, webinars, event announcements, research tools, and white papers. In addition to the website, Target Marketing is also distributed as a magazine to subscribers. This resource covers the sectors of CRM, B2B, e-commerce, SEO, social media, email, web design, software branding, database marketing, and more.

8) Direct Marketing IQ: Think of this as an Amazon.com exclusive to direct marketers. Direct Marketing IQ is an online bookstore that sells content from editors and practitioners in the industry with topics focusing on B2B, content marketing, copywriting, CRM, direct mail, email, fundraising, market research, print production, and publishing.

9) Direct Marketing Resources: This is a job placement site that focuses exclusively on the direct marketing industry. Candidates and employers can narrow down their search by choosing from different categories of direct marketing such as account management, creative services, database development, database marketing, Internet marketing, and product management.

10) AdWeek: This site is a source of news and insights about the press, television, technology, advertising, and branding for marketers, media, and agencies. At AdWeek, visitors have access to the most popular stories and trends in the entire advertising industry, direct marketing included.

11) Neolane: The direct marketing best practices page of the Neolane website offers analyst reports, news articles, blog posts, case studies, webinars, and white papers. These resources are aimed at helping direct marketers gain insight and knowledge about how to create a marketing strategy that effectively targets the customer.

These 11 sites and publications do not make up a complete list of direct marketing resources, but will help guide you toward sources of reliable, relevant, and helpful information when executing campaigns. In order to stay well-informed about the industry and be able to offer your clients a successful campaign, we recommend staying up to date with the content published by these resources.

Six Things Marketers Need to Know Before Dialing a Cell Phone

By Rob Tate, Chiefmarketer.com

This October, millions of cell phones will stop ringing. That’s because new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules will go into effect requiring marketers to obtain “prior express written consent” to call or text consumer cell phones for solicitation purposes.

While that may be a good thing for anyone in a movie theater, it could spell trouble for a variety of businesses: your cable company telling you about upcoming sporting events, banks texting customers about lower mortgage rates, vacation rental groups advertising new availabilities to members and more. Starting now, these and many other companies should proactively collect consumer preferences – including consent to call – and manage those preferences with a secure, efficient system that crosses divisional and geographical boundaries.

How important is this change? According to the Pew Internet and American Life project, almost 90% of Americans use a cell phone. Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that more than a third of U.S. households are completely without landlines. According to the same survey, an additional 15.9% own a landline but never use it. Taken together, that means that more than half of all U.S. households are effectively wireless-only.

As the shift towards cell phones and away from landlines continues, proactive preference management will be absolutely essential to any company hoping to interact with prospects or customers on live calls, pre-recorded calls or text messages. Here are answers to the top six questions every marketer should be asking about the new rules and how to be successful before, during and after implementation:

1. What changed?

The FCC issued a rule that changed the way the Federal government regulates autodialed calls, pre-recorded messages and text messages to wireless numbers. In the past, companies could call consumer cell phones through simple “implied consent,” which means if a customer provides their mobile number they’ve implied that it is “OK” to contact them on that phone number.

In other words, the burden of objection was on the consumer. Moving forward, the burden of proof will lie with the company seeking to interact with the consumer. They will need to collect “prior express written consent” from a consumer in order to contact them for solicitation purposes on their mobile phone.

2. When is this going into effect?

Very soon. The prior express written consent requirement becomes effective one year after approval of the FCC order from last October. That means it will go into effect on October 16 of this year.

3. What is express written consent?

It’s an agreement between company and consumer that includes the identity of the company seeking consent, the telephone number to be used, affirmative action on the part of the consumer to confirm consent (signature, e-signature, submit button, click a box), disclosures that an automated dialer will be used for solicitations and that agreement is not required in order to make a purchase.

4. How do I obtain it?

Ask nicely in writing, over the phone, via email or through an online form. Companies will likely employ a combination of these methods during the transition period as they seek to on-board large numbers of customers in short time. However, online consent in the context of broader preference management will be the most efficient and sustainable method.

For example, a financial services firm could obtain consent to call through a website preference center that also collected data on billing date preferences, preferred marketing information channels, and so forth. The interaction would take place in a trusted, opt-in environment and would reflect the authentic preferences of the consumer. Keep in mind, many consent collection efforts can result in a consumer “no”, while asking for “preferences” instead can result in a “yes.” Moreover, the consent data would be collected in a manner that was verified, recorded and safely stored.

5. What happens if I call a consumer that hasn’t provided express written consent after October 16?

Bad things. You’ll be in violation of FCC rules and could be fined or subjected to Civil Investigative Demand. In addition – and perhaps much worse – you would be vulnerable to consumer and class action lawsuits allowed under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for private rights of action. Yikes.

6. When should I take action to convert my customers to express written consent?

Right now! The more time and effort you have to put into your conversion process, the better. Industry experts anticipate a massive surge in consent communication in September and early October and believe it could have negative effects on acceptance rates. Consumers are far more likely to provide consent for cell phone communication when the request is made through a trusted channel, inbound calls, a service inquiry, a sales process or as part of a broader effort to listen to and learn from their unique preferences.

To some, enhanced consumer protection rules for cell phone users are a bad thing that will hamper marketing efforts and lead to increased overhead, liability and hassle. To others, it is merely further confirmation of a broad and positive trend towards permission-based marketing and opt-in relationships between companies and consumers.

Mountains of research confirm that relationship marketing informed by consumer preferences is exponentially more effective than the spray-and-pray model of the interruption marketing past. I know this from my work and I certainly feel it as a consumer when I’m at home or out with my family. So make sure you are prepared and embrace the change – your customers will reward you for it.

Post Office to Offer Five Percent Postage Discount on Samples

According to a Arbitron 2009 study, sending product samples through the mail is one of the most engaging and targetable ways to convert customers into buyers.

The US Postal Service is attempting to give the product samples market another nudge, with a promotional 5% discount on postage during a campaign this summer.

Registration has just opened for consumer goods companies and other marketers to take part in the promotion, which takes place from the beginning of August to the end of September.

USPS believes sending trial-sized product samples through the mail is a good way to get consumers to switch brands or try new products – and spur its own mail volumes.

The Postal Service cites 2009 research suggesting that product samples reach 70 million consumers in the US each quarter, with two in three consumers accepting them. The Postal Service also claims 92% of consumers have purchased a product after trying a sample.

The new promotion is designed to raise awareness of the Postal Service’s new “Simple Samples” pricing category within the Standard Mail service, which offers product sample mailers flat-rate shipping, volume discounts and easier mail preparation.

Customers can use a mailing list to send samples to specific addresses, or send samples to every house on a route through saturation mailing services.


“Product sampling has a long, successful track record of building brand awareness and product demand, especially if the consumer receives the sample where the product will be used,” said Gary Reblin, vice president, New Products and Innovation. “Oftentimes, this is the home, and the best way to get product samples into the home is through the U.S. Mail.”

To qualify for the summer promotion, consumer packaged goods companies and mail service providers must use a Permit Imprint for postage, all mailpieces must contain a product sample and be accompanied by mailing document submitted electronically to USPS.

They will then get an upfront 5% discount on their product sample mail.

“Just like the consumers who try their products, consumer packaged goods companies will love Simples Samples once they’ve tried it.”

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