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Marketers Less Likely To Use AOL Addresses In Email Blasts.

Legitimate e-mail marketers are starting to drop AOL e-mail addresses from their promotions.  Here’s Why:

The banner ads AOL recently began inserting on the bottom of paying subscribers’ e-mails have cut the viewing area by one third, making the addresses less enticing to mailers.  Additionally, the attention-diverting banners now compete with whatever is in the message.

Not only are many subscribers upset about AOL’s move to display ads on their e-mail screens, marketing consultants and list brokers are recommending to their  clients to consider suppressing AOL addresses, which can make up 20% of a consumer file.  On business files, AOL addresses are a substantially smaller percentage.

“AOL is creating an environment where people don’t want to send e-mail to their users, which could be the goal, but I don’t think it will thwart the really bad spammers,” says Jay Schwedelson, Corporate Vice President of direct marketing list company Worldata. “Everyone expects to start seeing a drop in response rates from AOL addresses, and the more legitimate marketers are going to take their efforts elsewhere.” He adds that besides the new banners, AOL’s practice of blocking HTML graphics makes the addresses even less enticing.

Upsetting subscribers may be the last thing AOL needs.  As of  March 31, AOL’s U.S. subscriber base was 18.6 million, a loss of 835,000 from the previous quarter and a loss of 3.1 million from the previous year.

Bill Moore, Vice President of Marketing for home-brewing and wine-making supplies merchant William’s Brewing, says AOL routinely blocks his company’s e-mail newsletter, so he simply suppresses those addresses. “We just don’t mail to them anymore,” he says.

Another reason marketers are increasingly eyeing AOL addresses with suspicion is that their messages may appear with a banner from a direct competitor below it, says Stefanie Pont, Managing Partner of marketing consultancy Pont Media Direct. “If you’ve got a mortgage offer going out this morning and it’s directly over LowerMyBills.com, what is your recourse?”

Disaster Recovery - How Talon Has Prepared and Planned For Disasters.

By Michael Borkan.    

Did you ever stop to think what would happen if your direct mail vendor was devastated by a fire, hurricane or loss of an employee?

If Talon is your vendor you can sleep better at night.  We have prepared for minor and major disasters by identifying potential problems and implementing solutions.

Disasters such as our building burning to the ground most probably will never happen, but some problems can and probably will occur.  A computer virus, the loss of a key employee, even hardware damage will occur - it's just a matter of time.  Rest assured - Talon is ready!

Listed below are potential problems and how we have prepared.   They are laid out in the order of most probable to occur to least likely. 





Internet Connection goes down

Off Site connection in place.


Virus Damages Computers

Multiple systems (some off-line, and off internet).

State of the art virus & firewall protection software.


Loss of Employee(s)

All reoccurring work is documented and all employees are cross trained.


Loss of Electrical Power

Two power generators kept on site.


Computer Equipment Destroyed

Off site machinery, data files and programs in place & ready to run.

Equipment replacement insurance


Client Inventory lost in fire or flood

Inventory Automatically Insured


Building Destroyed

Insurance covers setting up a new facility and covers subcontracting costs.


Bio Hazard Terror Attack

Special insurance coverage

#1  Internet Connection Goes Down:

What happens if your internet connection is down and your service bureau has an important file that must be sent or an email blast that must go?   Talon has solved this problem by putting a second high speed internet connection and a computer network at our second building.  Our second connection and hardware system is completely independent from our main connection.   Two months ago our internet service was spotty for several days.  During this time our email blasts were run at our second location.  Our clients jobs were processed on time and without problems.

#2  Virus Damages Computers:

It's amazing how many computers lack the latest anti-virus software.  Our virus software will identify problems before they have a chance to inflict damage.  We use the most current virus protection software possible and make sure we get updates as soon as they are ready. 

With the help of our antivirus software, firewalls, and employee training, we have never had a machine affected or damaged by a virus.  If we ever do get struck by a virus we have computer systems that are not connected to the internet or our network and every file and program that we house are backed up.  We would be able to retrieve uninfected data and programs and continue to run.

#3  Loss of Employees:

Ever have a job at a service bureau and the key person is on vacation, sick, or no longer employed there?  At Talon all jobs are clearly documented and each service we offer can be done by a multiple number of employees.  Not only is this good for our clients but our employees benefit too since they can go on vacation without having to perform customer support or worry about projects getting done!

#4  Loss of Power:

Talon has just installed two power generators.  Should power go down we can run our computer center.  We even can run our high-speed inkjet and inserting equipment.

#5 Computer Equipment Destroyed:

Talon has a special insurance policy that covers replacement costs for each machine.  Additionally we keep equipment offsite.  If both of our buildings were destroyed Talon has the resources of Delta Computer Group which keeps a disaster recovery data center located in nearby Farmingdale.  All data is backed up three times and one set is kept off site in a secure location. 

#6 Client Inventory Lost In Fire or Flood:

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen to your catalogs or letterhead if your vendor's building was flooded or destroyed by fire?  Our insurance policy covers all of our clients' inventory - automatically, from the moment it is delivered or picked up by our drivers.

#7 Building Destroyed:

Our insurance policy specifically covers all of the costs of getting jobs processed and mailed should our building be destroyed.  If it took an extended period to rebuild our location, our insurance would pay for us to set up a temporary location and/or subcontract out our work. 

#8 Biohazard Terrorist Attacks:

Five years ago our nation was terrified by Anthrax in the mail.  Our insurance carrier has helped us create procedures to protect our buildings from unauthorized personnel entering our production areas.  With the new procedures in place we are insured against someone successfully placing biohazard materials in our mailings.

We have worked hard to make sure we are ready for just about anything.  In addition to these safeguards we also have insurance which allows us to be bonded and we have an errors and omissions policy.

For additional information or if you have questions you can call Michael Borkan at 631-667-5500 x 303 or by email at mb@talon-mailing.com.

Win Yankee and Mets Tickets!

We are giving away two tickets to see the New York Yankees and Mets!  To win, be the first telephone caller (please don’t hit reply or email).  Call Michael Borkan at 631-667-5500 x 303.  One set per winner.  All games will have fantastic seat locations. 

  • Saturday July 15th, 2006  Yankees vs. The Chicago Whitesox 1:05 PM.
  • Saturday July 8th, 2006 Mets vs. The Florida Marlins 1:20 PM.

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Marketers Less Likely To Use AOL Addresses In Email Blasts.

Disaster Recovery - How Talon Has Prepared For Disasters.

Yankee & Mets Ticket Giveaways!

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