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Welcome to the Talon Mailing & Marketing July 2007 Newsletter:

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Why It's So Important to Call Talon Before You Design a Mailing Project.

More clients are sending us sample electronic files as they begin the creative process of developing printed materials for upcoming mailings. With Talon reviewing the materials early on, we can guide you on ways not to get hit with postage penalties and ensure that the mail gets delivered as quickly as possible.

Maybe your outside package contains a dark color where the  address and barcode go. Maybe the stock is too thick, too thin, too big or the designer did not include enough room to image a postnet barcode.

With the new postal rate changes implemented in May, if the mail piece and the barcode cannot be scanned by the Post Office you will incur a substantial postage penalty. Designing your mail piece wrong can knock your project into the Non-Automation - Non Machinable mail category. On third class letter size mail, this penalty can be almost $.20 cents per piece additional.

We can help you prevent these kinds of problems that could significantly increase postage costs or increase postal delivery times. Call Talon before you finalize your printing materials. To save time you no longer have to send us live samples. You can electronically send us artwork. We will examine the size and paper properties, colors and many other factors to make sure your project conforms to postal guidelines.

Furthermore we can ensure the materials are within proper specifications for the post office's production machinery and our machinery. That means your piece will look great, run through the postal system properly, and you pay the lowest automation-discounted postage rates.

Think planning is not important? Here is a classic example of how badly things can go astray without an experienced direct mail team overlooking your materials:

In preparing for the 2004 November elections, the Miami-Dade elections staff ran into some issues after the job mailed:

Here is an excerpt from our September 2004 Newsletter:

Miami-Dade elections staff and a citizens' watchdog group wrangled last week over fears that absentee ballot envelopes might be too big for the standard 37-cent postage stamp.

The Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition made the inquiry in response to citizen complaints that postal clerks in Key Biscayne rejected 37 cents postage as insufficient and insisted on 49 cents instead.

Letters longer than 11 ½ inches require more postage, according to postal regulations.

Seth Kaplan, assistant to Elections Supervisor Constance Kaplan, measured the standard ballot envelope and proclaimed it legal for 37-cent postage at 11 ¼ inches long.

But Lida Rodríguez-Taseff, chairwoman of the coalition, insisted that some envelopes are longer.

It turns out that a different envelope given to new registrants who also request an absentee ballot is larger because it must contain other material as well as the ballot envelope. It's three-eighths of an inch over 37-cent length.

To make matters worse, the over-sized envelopes contain the pre-printed return address of the Miami-Dade Elections Department. If the envelope does not contain the correct postage there's no way it could be returned to the absentee sender, Kaplan said.

To avoid costly problems, call Talon today to discuss your next mailing project!

Talon's Free List Software Helps List Managers and Marketing Firms Grow.

Since developing and marketing OASIS, Talon has more than doubled the number of list managers and lists at Talon.  Can our powerful and easy to use free software help your company grow?

"With Oasis my staff of account managers can produce instant counts for more accurate list recommendations and quick turnaround times for count requests".

 Doug Carpenter - Benchmark Business Data

Six years ago Talon designed and wrote computer software that provided instant mailing counts.  Our program Oasis, runs on client’s PC computers and provides the ability to analyze different selection criteria within a mailing list.  Users can determine mailing counts using selections such as geographic areas, gender, purchase frequency and any other elements used on the file.  Counts and reports can be viewed and printed. 

What makes our software so successful is it’s extremely powerful and you don't need to connect to the internet or a network to use it.  Oasis can process over one million records per minute and is easy to use. 

In addition to the list management community, marketing companies, advertising agencies and end users have found the program to be extremely helpful in planning upcoming marketing projects and to be able to provide counts to their clients in seconds.

Talon can design the software to display your company name within the program for added recognition.   Combined with our free consumer and business overlays, OASIS gives you a competitive advantage by providing your clients, salespeople, and employees a valuable free product.  We know first hand that OASIS and no-cost business and consumer overlays will increase your client base - it has more than doubled ours.

If you are a list manager, marketing agency, or consultant please do not pass on the opportunity to provide your clients with our product.  If you decide to pass up this opportunity just ask yourself this:  What happens if your competition starts distributing OASIS?

Click here to learn more about OASIS

Win Yankee and Mets Tickets!

We are giving away two tickets to see the New York Yankees and Mets!  To win, be the first telephone caller (please don’t hit reply or email).  Call Michael Borkan at 631-667-5500 x 303.  One set per winner.  All games will have fantastic seat locations. 

  • Saturday July 7th Yankees vs. Los Angeles Angels 3:55 PM.
  • Sunday July 15th Mets vs. The Cincinnati Reds 1:10 PM.

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Why It's So Important to Call Talon Before You Design a Mailing Project.

Talon's Free List Software Helps List Managers & Marketing Firms Grow.

Yankee & Mets Ticket Giveaways!

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