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Study Finds Direct Mail Beats Predictions.
By Elizabeth Schwinn.
The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Contrary to expectations, direct mail is thriving according to a survey released at a fund-raising conference presented by the Greater New York Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Mark Mellman, a pollster for liberal causes in Washington, and Charles Pruitt, a marketing consultant for liberal charitable and political causes, said the results of their most recent survey surprised them. A 1995 survey by Mr. Mellman predicted direct-mail solicitations would receive lower response rates as older generations of donors who were used to relying on the mail died.

Instead, Mr. Mellman said he found in the new survey that response rates have remained about the same, and that older generations are being replaced as direct-mail givers by baby-boomers — people born between 1946 and 1963 — as those Americans enter retirement. It turns out, he said, that the generation of the donor doesn’t matter nearly as much as whether or not they have the time and the discretionary income to respond to direct-mail solicitations.

“Direct mail seems to be a lifecycle phenomenon, it’s more efficacious with older donors,” he said.

Not only are direct-mail campaigns still getting similar response rates, but in both surveys 68 percent of direct-mail respondents were aged 60 and older. The percentage of donors aged 40 to 59 years who responded to direct mail remained the same at 23 percent, Mr. Mellman said. The average age of direct-mail donors has increased slightly, he said, from 65 in 1995 to 68 in the new survey.

The survey of 1,200 donors who gave to charity through the mail or online was conducted by telephone in March 2007.

Internet's Impact:

Mr. Pruitt said it’s less clear what will happen to direct mail in 20 years. Younger generations, who have been brought up using the Internet, may be less inclined to switch to hand-delivered communications in retirement.

Meanwhile, younger donors are far more likely to respond to online solicitations than direct mail, Mr. Mellman said. For example, 22 percent of online donors are under age 40, while only 4 percent of direct-mail donors are that young. Charities that aren't engaged in both online and direct-mail solicitations “are leaving money on the table,” Mr. Mellman said. “For now, the reality is you need both to maximize the support you get.

Online and direct-mail donors tend to be two distinct groups of people — they give online or through the mail, but not both, Mr. Mellman said.

However, both direct-mail and online donors share some of the same characteristics, providing valuable lessons for charity marketing, Mr. Pruitt said. In both cases, donors tend to be spontaneous, flexible, and reactive in giving. They may donate in response to an item of news or other event. Thus, charities need to solicit both groups of donors as immediately as possible after an event that might stimulate giving, such as a hurricane.

In addition, they prefer to support groups that educate the public, that spend money on programs rather than overhead, and that can demonstrate progress toward a goal. Charities need to craft communications that respond to those preferences, Mr. Pruitt said.

Direct mail and e-mail were the most effective ways to solicit donors, Mr. Pruitt said. Phone calls and banner ads placed on a Web site were much less effective.

A small percentage of donors who are solicited through one medium respond in another, Mr. Pruitt said, and it may be possible to encourage more crossover between direct-mail and online donors, if each group is solicited effectively. The trick is to make the message consistent whether it comes online or through direct mail, he said. “The problem is that too often organizations present themselves one way online and another way through the mail,” he said.

Are Your E-Mail Campaigns Following The New SPAM Rules?

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The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy has announced it is offering free CAN-SPAN compliance reviews to e-mail marketers.  The move comes as four new CAN-SPAM rules go into effect this month.  Businesses can sign up for their free CAN-SPAN compliance review at www.isipp.com/can-spam-review.php.

Why Jerks Win At Direct Marketing.

by Willie Crawford

Have you ever noticed that some very successful direct marketers go out of their way to be cantankerous? Have you ever wondered why?

Today we're going to discover their secret.  It makes many of them millions!

Studies have shown that people buy on emotion and then justify it with logic. We buy new BMW convertibles because we know we'll look good in them. Then we rationalize that "BMW makes a very good car that will prove to be a great long-term investment."

Those direct marketers that come across as cantankerous, or even total jerks, are deliberately tapping into the emotional side of their market. They're doing something called polarization.

Polarization is the art, or science, of getting members of your market to take an emotional stance. You want to get them to either really like you - or dislike you. Those who are neutral rarely buy your products. Remember, people buy on emotion, even though they ‘re often not conscious of it. Getting people emotionally charged INCREASES your chances of making a sale!

One marketer that understands this concept and uses it brilliantly is copywriter Gary Halbert. Gary will tell you that he is the greatest copywriter alive, and he charges for his services accordingly. If you visit Gary's site at: www.TheGaryHalbertLetter.com you'll see that he is very politically INCORRECT. Gary goes out of his way to insult his audience, delivering smack after smack as he educates you on what good copywriting is.

Gary understands that not everyone is his market. So he creates strong feelings, and this drives away those who would never buy from him... and really endears him to those who appreciate his work. This tactic is very effective, and Gary has no shortage of customers making him rich.

Another marketer who understands this concept very well is Jay Abraham. I watched Jay Abraham, Stephen Pierce, and Rich Schefren orchestrate a teleseminar in 2004. Leading up to this teleseminar, they sent out a barrage of emotionally charged, very informative emails.

Their numerous joint venture partners also sent out a tightly orchestrated barrage of emails to their lists.

Those who saw the tremendous value in the free information provided in all those emails were charged up. They were so charged up that many could hardly wait for the teleseminar to take place. I was one of those nudged to sign up for this $497 teleseminar through all of those emails.

A final example of a marketer brilliantly employing polarization is a guy who calls himself "The Rich Jerk." I won't reveal his identity, but will tell you that coming across as a jerk is making him millions on the Internet. He is a very good marketer in his own right (he recently sold a website on Ebay for $379,000).

This "Rich Jerk" uses emotionally charged copy on his websites and it's very effective. Part of what makes his copy so effective is that he also incorporates proof of what he says. Reading this copy, you get emotionally charged up, and at the same time, you realize that you've encountered someone who can really help you succeed. You can see how he does this by reading his copy at: www.WhyJerksWin.com

By studying the examples above, you see that using polarization, or even coming across as a jerk, can be a very powerful marketing tactic. It can touch your reader at a deeper psychological and emotional level than many other marketing techniques. However, don't forget that another reason this works in the examples above is that these marketers also deliver tremendous value to their customers. They also PROVE their points.

Without also incorporating proof into their copy, this tactic probably wouldn't work. Without proof they would just turn prospects off. So now you know... jerks win at direct marketing because they employ polarization and proof.

About The Author:

Willie Crawford has taught PROVEN Internet marketing techniques to thousands of successful Internet entrepreneurs since late-1996. Subscribe to his free weekly ezine, which helps you cut through the clutter and time-wasting hype.

Subscribe now by visiting: www.WillieCrawford.com.

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Study Finds Direct Mail Beats Predictions.

Are Your E-Mail Campaigns Following The New Spam Rules?

Why Jerks Win At Direct Marketing.

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