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Direct Mail - Volume Grows In 2010 First Quarter.

The credit card industry is one of the main sources behind the rise in overall direct mail according to a report by Mintel Comperemedia.

Credit card direct-mail solicitations from major issuers increased sharply during the first three months of this year, driven in part by a resurgence in rewards card and balance-transfer offers, according to new data Mintel Comperemedia released this month.

Issuers mailed 838 million card solicitations during the first quarter ended March 31, up 83% from 458 million during the same period a year earlier, as card issuers resumed marketing efforts following implementation of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, the Chicago-based direct mail tracking firm says.

Though the first-quarter surge of solicitations suggests issuers are getting more aggressive in their marketing, the number of offers mailed to consumers so far this year is significantly lower than the levels seen before the recession, Andrew Davidson, Mintel senior vice president, tells PaymentsSources.

"Even though the first-quarter mailings showed significant growth, it’s still much lower than what we’ve seen in the past," Davidson says, noting that from 2004 through 2007 issuers sent about 7 billion to 8 billion solicitations per year. "We expect to see a total of between 3 billion and 4 billion solicitations mailed this year."

Issuers mailed 575 million card solicitations during last year’s fourth quarter, up 47.1% from 391 million the previous quarter, Mintel says. For 2009, issuers mailed 1.8 billion card solicitations, down 66.7% from 5.4 billion in 2008.

So far, the Credit Card Act’s February 2010 implementation has not altered credit card products and marketing as drastically as some had feared, Davidson says.

"We are not seeing the wholesale shift to card offers with annual fees, as some suggested might happen, and we have not seen the demise of balance-transfer offers and teaser rates," he says.

However, Mintel did see a noteworthy increase in mailings for fee-based premium cards during the first quarter, including cobranded travel rewards cards, Davidson says. And many large card issuers are restarting their marketing of promotional interest rates of 0% on balance-transfer offers, with balance-transfer fees averaging around 4% to 5% instead of 3% before the recession.

Rewards cards with no annual fee accounted for 57% of total solicitations during the quarter compared with 48% during the same period two years ago, Davidson says. Premium rewards cards with annual fees accounted for 22% of total solicitations, up from 11%.

Cards targeting subprime borrowers, offering various fees and no rewards, accounted for 12% of total solicitations compared with 9% two years ago, and plain vanilla cards with no annual fee and no rewards accounted for 9% of all offers, down from 31% two years ago.

One possible reason solicitations for plain cards declined is that issuers previously targeted such products to subprime customers. "Subprime cards carrying all types of fees, beyond the annual fee, were hardest hit by the Card Act rules, and that is the area where it is most difficult to make money," Davidson says.

Last month, New York-based marketing research firm Synovate Mail Monitor reported that U.S. issuers sent 481.3 million solicitations by mail during the first quarter, up 29.2% from 372.4 million during the same period last year.


Motor School Uses Direct Mail To Drive New Customers.

By Mark Haslan.

An Ohio-based driving school was able to achieve an 831 percent return on investment with a postcard direct marketing campaign.

While Mintel Comperemedia recently reported direct mail was up in the insurance and credit card industries, this doesn’t mean those are the only businesses that can utilize the marketing platform for success. According to a recent article from B2C Marketing Insider, an Ohio-based driving school was able to achieve an 831 percent return on investment with a postcard direct marketing campaign.

The driving school, Behind the Wheel School of Driving, had a simple objective for their direct mail marketing campaign: to increase new student enrollment. To do this, the company sent out more than 12,000 postcards to households located in the Cleveland area. Behind the Wheel ordered mailing lists for the nearby zip codes, targeting teenagers nearing driving age who the company thought would be enlisting in driving lessons.

The approach was tailored to their audience – 16-year-olds. The postcards were very colorful, displaying the Mini-Cooper that the company uses to give lessons. The car is very popular among teenagers of that age, says Behind the Wheel, and [it] is a selling point for their school.

On the back of the postcard, the company provided information about upcoming classes, contact information and additional promotions. Behind the Wheel offered $10 off of its classes if a customer brought a friend as well. The school capped off the offer with a time-sensitive call-to-action, informing readers that "space is limited."

The campaign was very successful overall. For each student that signed up, Behind the Wheel made $300. More than 100 students enrolled, generating more than $30,000 after marketing costs.

"The first day my postcard hits, I receive 25 or more calls of which at least half enroll in the driving course," Tom F., owner of Behind the Wheel, told B2C Marketing Insider. "Each month the numbers trend better. Postcard marketing is the only form of advertising we are doing and we’re out-performing our competition just from this campaign!"

For business owners that want to have a similar success story with their direct mail marketing campaigns, the United States Postal Service is holding a three-part crash course at the end of June. The seminars will tackle issues such as why business owners should use direct mail, how to write compelling copy, prospecting, using offers to increase conversion and taking advantage of postage discounts.

Talon Is Prepared For Disasters.  Are You?

By Michael Borkan.

Did you ever stop to think what would happen if your direct mail vendor was devastated by a fire, hurricane, virus or loss of a key employee?

If Talon is your vendor you can sleep better at night.  We have prepared for minor and major disasters by identifying potential problems and implementing solutions.

Disasters such as our building burning to the ground most probably will never happen, but some problems can and probably will occur.  A computer virus, the loss of a key employee, even hardware damage will occur - it's just a matter of time.  Rest assured Talon is ready!

Listed below are potential problems and how we have prepared.   They are laid out in the order of most probable to occur to least likely. 





Internet Connection goes down

Second Connection with a second vendor and hardware is located in our office.

Additionally, an Off Site connection is in place.


Virus Damages Computers

Multiple systems (some off-line, and off internet).

State of the art virus & firewall protection software.


Loss of Employee(s)

All reoccurring work is documented and all employees are cross trained.


Loss of Electrical Power

Two power generators kept on site.


Computer Equipment Destroyed

Off site machinery, data files and programs in place & ready to run.

Equipment replacement insurance


Client Inventory lost in fire or flood

Inventory Automatically Insured


Building Destroyed

Insurance covers setting up a new facility and covers subcontracting costs.


Bio Hazard Terror Attack

Special insurance coverage

#1  Internet Connection Goes Down:

What happens if your internet connection is down and your service bureau has an important file that must be sent or an email blast that must go?   Talon has solved this problem by putting a second high speed internet connection and a computer network at our second building.  Our second connection and hardware system is completely independent from our main connection.   Two months ago our internet service was spotty for several days.  During this time our email blasts were run at our second location.  Our clients jobs were processed on time and without problems.

#2  Virus Damages Computers:

It's amazing how many computers lack the latest anti-virus software.  Our virus software will identify problems before they have a chance to inflict damage.  We use the most current virus protection software possible and make sure we get updates as soon as they are ready. 

With the help of our antivirus software, firewalls, and employee training, we have never had a machine affected or damaged by a virus.  If we ever do get struck by a virus we have computer systems that are not connected to the internet or our network and every file and program that we house are backed up.  We would be able to retrieve uninfected data and programs and continue to run.

#3  Loss of Employees:

Ever have a job at a service bureau and the key person is on vacation, sick, or no longer employed there?  At Talon all jobs are clearly documented and each service we offer can be done by a multiple number of employees.  Not only is this good for our clients but our employees benefit too since they can go on vacation without having to perform customer support or worry about projects getting done!

#4  Loss of Power:

Talon has installed two power generators.  Should power go down we can run our computer center.  We even can run our high-speed inkjet and inserting equipment.

#5 Computer Equipment Destroyed:

Talon has a special insurance policy that covers replacement costs for each machine.  Additionally we keep equipment offsite.  If both of our buildings were destroyed Talon has the resources of Delta Computer Group which keeps a disaster recovery data center located in nearby Farmingdale.  All data is backed up three times and one set is kept off site in a secure location. 

#6 Client Inventory Lost In Fire or Flood:

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen to your catalogs or letterhead if your vendor's building was flooded or destroyed by fire?  Our insurance policy covers all of our clients' inventory - automatically, from the moment it is delivered or picked up by our drivers.

#7 Building Destroyed:

Our insurance policy specifically covers all of the costs of getting jobs processed and mailed should our building be destroyed.  If it took an extended period to rebuild our location, our insurance would pay for us to set up a temporary location and/or subcontract out our work. 

#8 Biohazard Terrorist Attacks:

A few years ago our nation was terrified by Anthrax in the mail.  Our insurance carrier has helped us create procedures to protect our buildings from unauthorized personnel entering our production areas.  With the new procedures in place we are insured against someone successfully placing biohazard materials in our mailings.

We have worked hard to make sure we are ready for just about anything.  In addition to these safeguards we also have insurance which allows us to be bonded and we have an errors and omissions policy.

For additional information or if you have questions you can call Michael Borkan at 631-667-5500 x 11 or by email at mb@talon-mailing.com.

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Direct Mail - Volume Grows In 2010 First Quarter.

Motor School Uses Direct Mail To Drive New Customers.

Talon Is Prepared For Disasters. Are You?

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