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Advertising With Direct Mail: The Advantages

by: Claude Whitacre

You can say so much more in a Direct Mail piece than in a TV ad, Radio spot, or Yellow Page ad.

Most people won't be listening to your radio ad when it plays. Most people won't be seeing your cable TV ad. Most people aren't tuned into the specific station or channel your ad is on, when it plays. But everyone in your area will get your Direct Mail piece. And when they get their mail from their mailbox, nobody ever just throws it all away without at least seeing where it is from. Market coverage is almost complete.

The reader can put your ad down, come back later to it, read some more, save the ad, and buy when they can get to your store. The information in the ad stays with them. Direct mail can be set down, looked at later, given to another buyer, used to find your store, and brought in as a form of shopping list. Unless the customer records the radio or TV ad, it's gone after it plays.

You can say so much more in a Direct Mail piece than in a TV ad, Radio spot, or Yellow Page ad.

You can list reasons to buy, use coupons, and make several offers, all in the same ad. Very difficult to do in other media. You can mail a five page direct mail ad for the same price as a one page ad. You can tell a complete story to bring them in your store (or get them to call)

Direct Mail can work as the "Backbone" of your advertising. I've noticed that we get a better total result when we have Direct Mail going out at the same time as a series of radio commercials. There is synergy in multiple media advertising.

Most people call this Junk Mail. So do I. But so what? If it creates a tangible profit for your business, what difference does it make what it's called?

Here's how I doubled my profits in one month.

I was running a full page Direct Mail ad in the Town Money Saver (my local Direct Mail company) for over a year. We would switch the ads every few months to "keep the ads fresh" in the reader's mind. It finally dawned on me that there wasn't a law that said I couldn't have two pages in the Town Money Saver. Two completely different offers in the same magazine. I even got a price break for doing it. Very profitable. The most we have done is three ads in the same magazine. Our three main ads were running at the same time. Amazingly, no loss of response from any of them. I can't believe I didn't think of this idea sooner.

One of the things I like most about Direct Mail, is that I can know for sure if an ad is working or not. I just put in every ad "Bring this ad in for a free ___ with the purchase of a ___". When the customer comes in the store waving the ad, I know what brought them into the store. I just clip the ad to my copy of the receipt, and at the end of the month add them up. Very easy.

The Big Reason That You'll Like Direct Mail

After you get a customer, you'll be contacting them by Direct Mail for your additional offers. If the customer was brought in the store by Direct Mail in the first place, they will be much more responsive to your Direct Mail offers in the future. They have proven that they read their mail.

You aren't going to contact your customers by TV, Radio, or the Newspaper.

In Direct Mail, a list of names of buyers , that bought from a TV infomercial, aren't as valuable as a list of names of customers that bought by Direct Mail. People tend to respond the same media over and over again. In fact, I have taken money from the Yellow Pages and put it into Direct Mail with very profitable results.

If you make offers to your current customers by Direct Mail, your best results will come from building your new customer base by Direct Mail.

5 Writing Habits For Great Marketing Brochures

By Lynne Saarte

Writing a brochure may sound easy, but it's not.  Here are some ideas to help.

You have to be “particular” with your writing habits when you print brochures. Brochure printing requires writing styles and techniques that are short, detailed but impact oriented. Do not worry though, this kind of skill is easily learned with the right kind of foundation. In this guide, I will teach you the essential writing habits for composing great marketing brochures. Follow these habits precisely and your writing should become better for brochure printing.

1. Writing concisely and shortly. The first essential habit in writing for color brochures are to write in a way that is short and concise. A brochure is not a booklet or a novella. Basically you have a limited amount of space to explain your important marketing messages and details to readers. So you have to practice the habit of writing short, concise but very detailed information that readers need. Usually you will need to cut down on allusions, stories and long winded examples. You just need the bare facts and the short artistic prose that you need to make it sound great. No more and no less.

2. Using key power words for impact. Another essential writing habit for brochure printing is the use of power words. There are several powerful words in the English language that gets people to look at and even respond to your brochure content. Words like “You”, “Save”, “Money, “New” and “Love” are the top five examples of such words. There are some general power words like this for most brochures, while there are other specific power words for your specific market or industry. Use these words on your brochure headlines and sub headlines to make your content more engaging and interesting to your readers. This is a great habit to adopt to add more chances of success with your color brochures.

3. Writing for memory. Another important writing habit in brochure printing is focused on memory. Since brochures are a “quick read” for most people, you have to write in a way that is easily remembered even in that quick time. Hence, it is good to format and write your content in terms of lists, sections and general chunks of information that people can easily understand and remember. Do ordered and unordered lists if possible, and try to add in some mnemonic devices such as acronym reminders to make sure people remember something out of your brochure content. Trust me, this goes a long way in making your color brochures really impact the readers, so try and do this when possible.

4. Target oriented writing style. It is also an essential writing habit to be target oriented when writing for print brochures. In most instances, you should have a target market or audience with your brochures. By trying to write in a style that is more appropriate and attractive for that audience, you can get more responses from your color brochures. So try to learn about your market. Know their “language” and interests and write in a way that matches that. With brochures that are written in their own style, those target markets should be more attracted and engaged with the color brochure.

5. Detail and completeness. Finally, it is also essential to always write all the important details completely in brochure printing. You will not want to give the readers an incomplete picture of what your marketing message is. So it is an essential habit always be complete with all the things you need to say. It is only natural to do this since it is your responsibility to give the whole message to readers.

So those are the essential writing habits for composing great brochures. Take note of all of these and making great content should get easier for you.

What Your Mail Services Won't Tell You (But We Will)

By AnnaMaria Andriotis and Erin Strout - SmartMoney

Here are a few facts your various mail services won't tell you.

1. "Direct mail is our bread and butter."
When you move, the only surefire way to have your mail forwarded is to fill out the United States Postal Service's official change-of-address form. But once you do, you could start getting even more Direct mail and direct-marketing pitches. While the USPS says it doesn't sell new address information to direct marketers, it does charge a licensing fee of $175,000 per year to third-party companies hired by direct marketers to take their old direct-mailing lists and revise them—using the USPS change-of-address information (NCOA).

2. "Timely delivery isn't our biggest priority."
Paying $4.90 to send a Priority Mail flat-rate envelope may not be better than simply slapping on a first-class stamp. First-class postage for a letter weighing up to one ounce costs 44 cents. The rates, which vary by weight, go up to a maximum of $3.26 for a first-class 13-ounce package.

According to a 2009 report by the Postal Regulatory Commission, an independent agency, 96.1% of single-piece, overnight first-class mail was delivered on time during fiscal 2009—near perfect, but a slight drop from 96.5% in fiscal 2007. Cheaper deliveries are less punctual. Two-day mail was on time 93.5%, below the 94% target for the year and lower than the 94.1% figure reached in 2007.

3. "We might not advertise our best deal for shipping."
The USPS's Media Mail service has been around for years, but few people use it. Primarily used by business customers, anyone can use it to cheaply send books, films, printed music, sound recordings, manuscripts, CDs and DVDs. Just be sure that's all that's in the package. If a postal clerk is suspicious of a box or envelope's contents, he or she can open it for inspection.

Mailing 20 pounds of books using Media Mail from New York to California costs $8.59, compared with $23.98 for shipping them standard Parcel Post.

4. "Elm Avenue is really Elm Street. That'll be $10."
Not filling out an address label correctly costs money to fix, even if the mistake is fairly minor: Say you write "Drive" instead of "Boulevard" but list the right city and Zip Code.

UPS charges a $19 address-correction fee for UPS Ground services and $11 for UPS Air. FedEx charges up to $11. Both offer address-checking services on their websites so such mistakes can be avoided. The USPS doesn't penalize you for messing up addresses.

5. "If I'm afraid of your dog, I may not deliver your mail."
According to the USPS, 2,863 letter carriers were bitten by dogs in 2009, an average of nine dog bites per delivery day. USPS will stop mail delivery to your home if the carrier feels threatened by your pet.

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