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Talon’s E-mail Delivery Percentages Continue to Climb.

By Michael Borkan


Thanks to new technology and new e-mail laws Talon has successfully increased e-mail delivery rates.  Additionally, Talon has partnered with AOL to have clients’ e-mail campaigns delivered to the world’s largest ISP.


Companies such as Hewlett Packard, Smith Barney, Office Depot, The Wall Street Journal and many others who use our lists will benefit by the increased delivery percentages.


During the last few years ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) such as AOL would aggressively label most e-mail marketing campaigns as spam.  Even newsletters and opted-in solicited e-mails were rejected by AOL and many other ISP’s.


Though they were not spammers, many domains and small ISP’s were labeled as such.  This resulted in e-mail from these sources being categorized as spam and being rejected by some mail servers.  It was impossible for marketers to reach all of their customers and e-mail opted-in prospects.


Pleas from legitimate e-mail marketers were ignored.  ISP’s felt that spammers were wasting their bandwidth and resources.  Legitimate marketers had been given a bad image as they were associated with all of the slimy get-rich schemes, the offers to make body parts bigger, and many other offerings too awful to discuss here.


Thanks to the CAN-Spam law and new technology, Talon and our clients can now be differentiated from those slime-ball marketers. 


Talon has taken four steps to increase our delivery rates:


1)     We are following the laws of Can-Spam and quickly opting out people who do not wish to receive e-mails.

2)     Talon is now on the AOL & Compuserve white lists of e-mail senders who send solicited e-mail.

3)     Talon uses new technologies such as Sender ID authentication and Reverse IP Lookup.  These technologies verify the origin of the e-mail.  Once the sender is authenticated the e-mail server (or recipient’s isp) allows the message to be delivered.  

4)     Daily monitoring of spam watch groups to ensure our website and our ISP have not been labeled as spammers.  Should we appear on any of these lists we are able to contact the watch group(s) and prove our status as a legitimate e-mail marketer.


Eliminating those annoying E-mails:


One complaint I often hear is that Can-Spam has not helped reduce annoying and sleazy e-mail spammers.   Many spammers operate off-shore by remote controlling e-mail servers located in different countries. 


Help may be on the way.  The sender-id technology that we use is being considered as a possible industry standard by the Internet Engineering Task Force, a group working with Microsoft.  This could significantly reduce spam.  If you don’t want to wait that long I recommend a product that I personally use and it works – spamarrest.


Spamarrest is a challenge based e-mail service.  Anyone in your address book can send you e-mail.  Anyone not in your address book will not get through until they successfully answer a question.  Once properly answered, their e-mail address is flagged and they will always get through.  Because spammers send out hundreds of thousands of e-mails, they won’t have the resources to answer the question sent by spamarrest.  This will essentially return your in-box back over to you.  Check out this great product at www.spamarrest.com.



Why it’s a good idea to call Talon before you prepare for a mailing.


Here We Go Again – Election Issues In Florida Surface – Absentee Envelopes May be too large and do not contain a spot for the sender’s return address.


Miami-Dade elections staff and a citizens' watchdog group wrangled last week over fears that absentee ballot envelopes might be too big for the standard 37-cent postage stamp.


The Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition made the inquiry in response to citizen complaints that postal clerks in Key Biscayne rejected 37 cents postage as insufficient and insisted on 49 cents instead.


Letters longer than 11 ½ inches require more postage, according to postal regulations.


Seth Kaplan, assistant to Elections Supervisor Constance Kaplan, measured the standard ballot envelope and proclaimed it legal for 37-cent postage at 11 ¼ inches long.


But Lida Rodríguez-Taseff, chairwoman of the coalition, insisted that some envelopes are longer.


It turns out that a different envelope given to new registrants who also request an absentee ballot is larger because it must contain other material as well as the ballot envelope. It's three-eighths of an inch over 37-cent length.


To make matters worse, the over-sized envelopes contain the pre-printed return address of the Miami-Dade Elections Department.  If the envelope does not contain the correct postage there's no way it could be returned to the absentee sender, Kaplan said. 


How to prevent problems with your mailing.


You can prevent problems that could significantly increase postage costs or increase postal delivery times.  Call Talon before you do a mailing.  Besides sending in samples clients can electronically send us artwork.  We will examine the size, and paper properties, colors and many other factors to make sure your project conforms to postal guidelines. 


Furthermore we can ensure the materials are within proper specifications for production machinery.  That means your piece will look great, run through the postal system properly, and you pay the lowest automation-discounted postage rates.



United States Resumes Mail Service to Iraq.


By Associated Press


WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Postal Service has resumed mail service to Iraq.


Mail to Iraq was limited to airmail letters last year because of the disruption caused by the change in government there following the ouster of Saddam Hussein.


Ray Murphy, a New York postal employee, led a team working with the Iraqi postal administration on restoring service, postal officials said Wednesday. Mail service, including parcels, was resumed after Murphy reported that Iraq now can receive and deliver mail, postal spokesman Gerry McKiernan said.


Murphy said in a recent interview that circumstances were grim for the mail when his five-member team arrived there six months ago. Domestic mail that once took weeks to reach its destination is now getting delivered in days, and the time for international deliveries has gone from months to weeks.


Murphy said the economic neglect over the last 30 years was "horrifying," and the system had deteriorated so much under Saddam Hussein's government that a letter from abroad took three to six months to arrive.


The team found that of 375 post offices, 275 were functioning with limited coverage. Only an estimated 13 percent of Iraqis use the mail.


Murphy's team helped establish postal codes to improve speed and reliability and negotiated with the Universal Postal Union to get Iraq full voting-member status. The organization coordinates postal policies among its 189 member nations.


Iraq was an ancient pioneer in mail, its postal system dating back to 1400 B.C., when couriers exchanged mail between the kings of Babylon and Egypt. Many traces of correspondence among Iraq, Syria, Iran and Lebanon exist in the Iraqi postal museum, as the early kings realized the importance of mail in developing and binding nations.



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Talon would like to welcome the following new clients this month to our growing roster of clients:


               Mailing Clients

·       DMFA

·       Gift Giant

·       Neversoldout.com


New Mailing Lists Housed at Talon (we house over 600 mailing lists)

·       DriverCareers.com

·       B-Eye Network



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