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Hurricane Katrina Update:


With Hurricane Katrina causing massive structural damage and flooding, it may be a good idea over the next few days and weeks to have Talon omit Zip codes from your next mailing.


Louisiana District:


We advise that the following zip codes in Louisiana not be mailed to:


36901, 36904, 36907, 36908, 36912, 36915, 36916, 36919, 36921, 36922, 36925, 39301, 39320, 39322, 39323, 39324, 39325, 39326, 39327, 39328, 39330, 39332, 39335, 39337, 39338, 39339, 39341, 39342, 39345, 39346, 39347, 39348, 39350, 39352, 39354, 39356, 39358, 39359, 39360, 39361, 39362, 39363, 39364, 39365, 39366, 39367, 39402, 39421, 39422, 39423, 39425, 39426, 39427, 39428, 39429, 39436, 34937, 39439, 39440, 39451, 39452, 39455, 39456, 39457, 39459, 39461, 39462, 39463, 39464, 39465, 39466, 39470, 39474, 39475, 39476, 39477, 39478, 39479, 39480, 39481, 39482, 39483, 39503, 39520, 39530, 39552, 39553, 39555, 39556, 39558, 39560, 39561, 39564, 39567, 39571, 39572, 39573, 39574, 39576, 39577, 39641, 39648, 39301, 39601, 39629, 39630, 39631, 39633, 39635, 39638, 39645, 39647, 39652, 39653, 39654, 39657, 39661, 39662, 39663, 39664, 39665, 39666, 39667, 39668, 39669


Drop shipments to the Gulfport Plant and any delivery and retail units in ZIP Codes 393, 394, 395 and 396 are suspended until further notice.


Alabama District:


36502, 36507, 36509, 36511, 36521, 36522, 36523, 36525, 36526, 36528, 36530, 36532, 36541, 36542, 36544, 36549, 36551, 36555, 36559, 36560, 36561, 36562, 36567, 36571, 36572, 36574, 36575, 36576, 36578, 36579, 36580, 36582.


The following two zones in Escambia County will be closed due to proximity to the Alabama/Florida state line and previous damage received: 36426 and 36441.


Mobile City Stations include zones 36608, 36609, 36695, 36619, 36693, 36605, 36615, 36602, 36603, 36606, 36607, 36617, 36610, 36611, 36612, 36618, 36613.


All drop shipments for the Mobile Plant and the zones listed above are suspended until further notice.


Customer Alert:  Please check with us over the next few days and weeks to see if and when it makes sense to reinstate some of the above regions into your mailing programs.


How To Clean Your Customer list and save money on your next mailing.


By Michael Borkan


Over 40 million Americans change addresses annually.  Talon and The United States Postal Services' National Change of Address (NCOA) program can update your mailing list and save you money on your next mailing.


What is an NCOA?

NCOA (National Change of Address) is a process that can clean your mailing list, reduce postage and cut down on wasted materials.  When individuals and companies move they fill out a change of address form at their local post office. The NCOA program identifies records on your database that match with the NCOA database.  When a match is found the NCOA will update your file with the new address.  The database contains approximately 152 million records and 48 months of permanent address changes.  Temporary moves are not recorded on NCOA. 


Expected Benefits:

Because NCOA is used prior to a mailing, it greatly reduces undeliverable mail.  The Postal Service has stated that the NCOA match rate is approximately 4.1%.  That means that on 100,000 record file, you can expect approximately 4,100 address changes. 


Another benefit is that the NCOA will identify “moved, left no forwarding address” records.  This category also includes foreign moves and PO Box closings.  A study has determined that this will occur on average 0.38%.  On our example of 100,000 records, on average, 380 records will be removed from the mailing list.


The third benefit of NCOA is the identification and removal of additional duplicates on a file.  Let's say someone on your list moves.  They call your company and get added at their new location but never explain that they moved.  Once the NCOA is complete you will now have two or more records with the same name and address (the older record is changed to the new address).  Our duplicate elimination software will remove all duplicates.  Let's estimate that on the 100,000 record file this occurs 500 times.


Cost Savings of NCOA:

Suppose the customer with 100,000 records does a mailing to everyone on their mailing list.  In our example we have eliminated 880 records.  On a first class mailing, a 5-digit barcoded presort will  cost $.278 per piece in postage.  If we allocate $.10 for the printing and mail preparation then the savings would be $332.64 from the elimination of no forwarding address and duplicate removals.  (The cost of the NCOA and dupe elimination would cost approximately $300) .


On first class mail the post office will forward the mail up to one year.  On Standard mail (formally known as third class) the post office does not forward the mail automatically.  The Post office estimates that approximately 35% of NCOA changes are older than one year.  On our example of 4,100 address changes, it can be estimated that 1,260 pieces will not get forwarded (4,100 - 500 duplicates that have been removed x 35% ).  Again, using our postage and production cost of $.378 (postage, printing, and mail preparation) the mailer can save an additional $476.28.  Combining with the 880 records eliminated has yielded a total savings of $808.92 while costing approximately $300 in data processing charges.  Another benefit is after the NCOA and mailing the client has a copy of a new, cleaner, updated mailing list and $508.92 in cost savings!


Next month we will discuss another service to clean your mailing list – DSF (Deliver Sequence File).  If you have questions or would like additional information on NCOA please contact Michael Borkan at 631-667-5500 or by email at mb@talon-mailing.com


The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia Destined For A Postage Stamp?


There's a grassroots campaign wishing to honor Jerry Garcia by putting him image on a U.S. postage stamp.


The effort began with an online petition on August 9th, the 10th anniversary of Garcia's death. The Garcia petition to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee has more than 6,000 signatures to date.


Fans claim a postage stamp would be fitting, as Garcia was a musician whose work blended many styles. In addition to that, he was a philanthropist.


But others say it would be a different step for the U.S. Post Office to honor a rock-era figure associated with hippies and casual drug use.


Garcia died in 1995 of a heart attack. He was 53.


Garcia would not be the first Rock musician to be honored with a stamp - The Postal Service honored Elvis Presley with a stamp in 1993.


The petition can be found at: www.petitiononline.com/Garcia/petition.html



Win Yankee and Mets Tickets!


We are giving away two tickets to the Yankees and Mets!  To win be the first telephone caller (please call don't hit reply or email).  Call Michael Borkan at 631-667-5500 x 303.  One set per winner and you must make arrangements to pick up the tickets.  All games will have fantastic seat locations.





New Clients:


_____ _____

Talon would like to welcome the following new clients this month to our growing roster of clients:


               Mailing Clients

·       Integrated Direct

·       Friends of Rich Kruse

·       Barron Designs, Inc.

·       Universal Survey

·       Qosina Corp.


New Mailing Lists Housed at Talon (we house over 600 mailing lists)

·       Tiger Direct

·       Global Computer

·       Mal Dunn Associates

·       Network Golfer



Mike's Favorite Links:


Here are some links you probably are not aware of:


  • Wordiq.com - a free browser add-on that helps you get instant word definitions.
  • Answers.com - concise answers drawn from over 100 encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries and atlases.
  • Myspace.com - the hot new way to connect with others, view profiles, blogs, and much more.
  • techdirt.com - News, opinions & discussions on high-tech subjects, often focusing on the negative side of the industry.
  • fark.com - Interesting, bizarre & amusing news stories, along with photo manipulation contests.
  • Jibjab.com - Hysterically funny Animated cartoons and riddles. 



Work Samples:


Did you know Talon offers the following services?  Click on the links below to see samples.


·        Color Laser Personalization

·        Bulk Email Blasts

·        HP High Quality Inkjet (near laser quality)

·        Data Entry (from 100 to 100,000 names and addresses)

·        Polybag and shrinkwrap services

·        Merge/Purge services with comprehensive reports that can instantly be retrieved from the internet



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