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Post Office Makes Major Changes To Mail Preparation.  New Rules Start November 23, 2008.

By Michael Borkan

Although Standard Rate (formally known as 3rd class), and Non Profit Class Mailings will be effected by these changes, this is a golden opportunity to clean your mailing list and reduce wasted printing and potage costs.

To dramatically reduce undeliverable mail and save time and money the US Post Office starting November 23, 2008 will mandate that all Standard Rate and Non-profit mailings will be required to have one of the following three processes performed on their mailing list within the 95 days prior to the mailing.

1) NCOA Link processing
2) Address Change Service
3) FASTforward processing

There is a work-around to having your mailing list cleaned with the above solutions.  We can put the following endorsement on the mailing piece:


While a return service requested endorsement seems like an easy way to avoid additional services this work-around will prove to be a costly headache for mailers.  This work-around will result in wasted printing and postage costs and buckets of mail being returned to your office.

Below is an explanation of the three mentioned services and how they can help you mail smarter and save money.

NCOA Link Processing:

Talon can pass your file against the National Change of Address File.  Anyone that has moved within four years will be found and their address changed to their new address.  Besides updating the mailing with the correct address, Talon, if requested can send all changes to you so you can update your mailing list. 

Address Change Service (ACS):

Most of our mailers find ACS is not easy to set up. Like NCOA, this service will reduce the need to manually data enter address changes as the post office will electronically send changes of address to you.  However, unlike NCOA this service does not save printing and postage costs prior to a mailing.

To participate in ACS, mailers must modify their mailing label format to include a mailer identification (participant) code assigned by the National Customer Support Center (NCSC). (A mailer-assigned keyline is also required if the mailer wants to participate in the nixie service.)

Fastforward Processing:

Fastforward processing is very similar to NCOA Link Processing.  The one major drawback is that it only updates address changes, moves and deletes from the last 13 months (NCOA Link is 48 months).  The post office will be phasing this service out and will not be offering it much longer as NCOA is a similar but better product.


While the new regulations may seem to be additional costs for your mailing promotions, in reality, you and the post office will both save money as your list becomes cleaner.  With an NCOA service you will reduce wasted postage and printing costs and electronically keep your mailing lists up to date.

Using Offline Marketing To Grow Your Online Business.
By Michael Fleischner

Can offline marketing grow your online business? Learn how to leverage the power of direct mail to generate traffic to your website.

Whether you are an Internet marketer or generalist, turning prospects into buyers is a top priority. Many marketers are continually testing the success of various media and integrated campaigns. One of the most frequently asked questions is the effectiveness of "off-line marketing" as it relates to driving traffic and conversions to your website landing page.

With so many differences amongst products, services, industries, and price points, its hard to develop a simple yes or no answer when considering whether or not direct mail will drive online traffic for you. The key is to develop a compelling direct mail piece, choosing the right list, and creating an offer that resonates with your target market. Also, consider the following:

1. Package planning is essential for making your mail a success. Before you begin, plan your direct mail package. Will it include a letter, sell sheet, coupon, and business reply envelope? Perhaps you'll be using a postcard. How big? How small? What creative direction will you take?

2. Effective envelope creative motivates consumers to open your piece. Your offer is no good unless it is seen by your target market. Spend a lot of time on your envelope, giving consumers a reason to open it and learn more about your offer. Create a swipe file of other direct marketing pieces you've personally received and opened. What was it about these offers that compelled you to take the next step?

3. Alternative formats can help you qualify for lower postage rates. Manage your budget carefully as large mail campaigns can have a high cost and negatively impact your ROI. One great avenue for lowering costs and increasing response rates is by experimenting with alternative direct mail formats. Learn more at the USPS website.

4. Value-added postcards can help mail get attention. To avoid the issues associated with unopened mail, test a postcard or two. Although much simpler than a direct mail promotion using an envelope and multiple response mechanisms, post cards can be great for driving people online at a low cost. Be sure to have a compelling reason for them to visit your website and a method for tracking results. Defining specific URLs to consumers, to help them locate a special offer, is a great way to track activity.

5. Create a clear call to action. Too often direct marketers create a compelling piece, even a great offer, but make it difficult for prospects to answer. Overcome this issue by providing prospects with multiple ordering methods. These various methods can include the ability to order online, call a toll free number, and fax an order form. Consider the pros and cons of various ordering methods, and when you do, keep the consumer in mind. You want your buyers to have a positive experience so they order from you again and again.

So perhaps you're still wondering if direct mail can help you achieve your online goals. Begin with a simple goal that is easily defined and measurable. Choose a preferred direct mail technique and test it. You may find that the best way to find consumers online is to drive them with your direct marketing campaign!

Michael Fleischner is an Internet marketing expert who has been featured on The TODAY Show and Bloomberg Radio. Discover how to improve search engine rankings at http://www.webmastersbookofsecrets.com.

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Post Office Makes Major Changes to Mail Preparation Starting 11/23/08.

Using Offline Marketing To Grow Your Online Business.

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