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Image Sales And Talon Get Personal.

By: Michael Borkan

Launching on Long Island this fall, local car dealerships will be utilizing direct mail to show their latest models to their best clients and prospects.

It all started with a casual conversation between friends.  Steve Walk, owner of Image Sales & Marketing, and Michael Borkan, owner of Talon were talking about their shared love of cars.  A flashbulb went off in Mike's head and he knew he had to show Steve Talon's latest newsletter.  In the newsletter was a picture of a gorgeous Ferrari sports car with a custom license plate personalized with the reader's name.  Steve, who has worked with local auto dealerships for years realized this was a fantastic opportunity.

Within a couple of weeks Steve and Mike had put together a mailing program where a local dealership could reach existing clients and prospects with highly targeted and personalized postcards.

One side of the postcard would show in vivid color a new car model the dealer was selling.  "The card is totally personalized" said Steve Walk.  "If the client has leased a Mercedes two seat convertible in the past, than that's the picture he receives. If they had purchased or leased a luxurious S-Class four door then they get a postcard featuring that car."

A very short message will appear on both sides of the postcard, including the recipient's name and the name and phone number of their car dealership sales consultant.

Talon will be producing the variable printed postcards and mailing them.  Steve will be involved with the design of the cards.

Of course, the license plate will be personalized for each recipient of the mailing piece and a complementary personalized poster will be available to anyone bringing the postcard into the dealership.

Interested in learning if a similar program can help you or your clients?  For creative assistance, Steve Walk can be reached at 516-238-7023 or by email at steve@imagesalesny.com

If you already have a creative team in place, you can call Michael Borkan at 631-667-5500 x 11 or by email at mb@talon-mailing.com

Is Direct Mail Dying?

By David Jackson / promotionworld.com

Even with sky high postage costs, a properly executed direct mail campaign still provides a solid ROI.

What? You've bought into the myth that direct mail is dead?

You're not alone. And while people are entitled to their own opinions about direct mail, they're not entitled to their own facts. Here are the facts: According to an annual study from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), spending on direct mail marketing is expected to increase by more than $1 billion in 2010. Yes, that's billion with a "B". Hmmmm...it would appear that rumors of direct mail's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Don't People Hate Junk Mail?

And if you've also bought into the myth that people hate junk mail (and that's exactly what it is a myth), here are the myth-busting facts: According to the 2010 DMA Statistical Fact Book, 79% of households either read or skim junk mail advertising sent to their home.

That study is right in line with an International Communications Research survey commissioned by postal automation giant, Pitney Bowes. The survey found, despite the immense popularity, and widespread use of digital media, consumers still prefer mail over e-mail, as it relates to receiving new product announcements, as well as confidential business communications such as bank statements and other financial information.

Here's how the numbers breakdown: 73 percent of consumers prefer mail for receiving new product announcements or offers from companies they do business with, as compared to 18 percent for e-mail.

For important and confidential communications such as bills, bank statements and other financial information, a huge majority of respondents (86 percent) preferred mail as their communication method of choice, as compared with 10 percent for e-mail.

But wait, the news gets even better: The survey also found that 31 percent of consumers are less likely to discard unopened mail - including new product announcements, coupons, brochures, catalogs, etc. - than they are to delete unsolicited e-mails (spam) regarding new product announcements (53.2 percent).

When consumers were asked what specific advantages they saw in junk mail versus unsolicited e-mail and telemarketing calls, 45.3 percent of respondents found mail to be, get this - less intrusive; (40.2) percent more convenient - can be saved and considered at leisure; (30.2) less high-pressured - lets you consider your decision; (22.7 percent) more descriptive - lets you picture the offer; and (12 percent) more persuasive - encourages you to respond. I don't know about you, but those numbers definitely got my attention.

In closing, if you do decide to give direct mail a try, whatever you do, don't approach the process blindly. In order to utilize direct mail to its optimum effectiveness, you need to know what you're doing.

In that regard, I highly recommend you purchase the book Million Dollar Mailing$ by the undisputed King of direct mail, Denny Hatch.

Just remember:

"You will go only as far as the limits of your knowledge. If you want to go farther, increase your knowledge." - David Jackson

Global Spending On Direct Mail To Increase Through 2015

By: Mark Haslan

While many businesses are increasingly adopting digital marketing practices, new research conducted by Global Industry Analysts indicates that companies are also boosting their ad spend on direct mail marketing materials.

As Global Industry Analysts notes, direct mail has numerous advantages over other advertising mediums. The platform has the unique ability to affect consumersí sense of touch, and mailers are also often personalized, maximizing the impact pieces can have on consumers. Additionally, the source claims that customers treat postal mail with higher regard in comparison to other marketing channels.

According to the report, the direct mail industry is gaining steady momentum in todayís digital world. Global Industry Analysts predicts that global marketing expenditures for postal mail will reach $25.45 billion in the immediate and near future.

The growth of the platform is largely buoyed by the effectiveness of the channel to reach consumers regardless of their income. Whereas online, television and other platforms depend on potential customers subscribing to a service to receive a message, anyone with a home can be contacted through direct mail.

In an effort to stave off advances by other platforms, companies are beginning to innovate the way they design creative pieces. For example, multidimensional mailers can help entrepreneurs create lasting impressions on consumer. Global Industry Analysts predicts that, as a result, the market for creative direct mail development will reach $200 million before 2012 in the United States.

Additionally, direct mail can be used to bolster the effects of digital marketing campaigns. For instance, using tracking technology, businesses could send consumers an email message on the same day a direct mail piece is set to arrive or they could use QR codes to drive recipients online to their retail websites.

"The direct mail advertising market will also stand to benefit from the growing importance of one-to-one interactive marketing and its role in effectively engaging thousands of prospective customers on a personal level," says the source.

Global Industry Analystsí report echoes recent research conducted by MagnaGlobal. According to the marketing insights firm, direct mail will account for $19.17 billion ad spend worldwide during 2010, making it the top channel globally. MagnaGlobal expects direct mail to be used primarily by large corporations, though small and mid-size business owners will similarly be able to effectively integrate it into their marketing initiatives.

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Image Sales And Talon Get Personal.

Is Direct Mail Dying?

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