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Is Google's Gmail Sending Your Customers to the Competition?

by Michael Borkan.

Google’s free e-mail service has created a frightening problem for marketers who send advertising emails to Gmail users.

Google, by offering free email services with state-of-the-art search and retrieval utilities has signed-up and created millions of active email addresses. 
When an email is opened, Gmail scans the content of the email and then places ads based on key words on the right side of a users computer screen.
This means that marketers face the distinct possibility of having their email campaigns or newsletters compete with links to competitor's similar offers on the same computer screen! 
To make matters worse for marketers, by default, Gmail blocks HTML graphics.  This means that graphics won't appear in the advertiser's e-mail unless the recipient clicks a link that says "display images below" or one that says "always display images from" the sender.
Although a marketer can design text e-mails to make up for the fact that the images are blocked, Google will still place competitors offers on the screen.
How wide spread is this problem?  Currently Gmail addresses account for an average of 4% or 5% of a typical e-mail database. Two issues marketers should monitor is that Gmail market share continues to grow and second, there's always the possibility that Microsoft's Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL's free email services could adopt similar business models. 
Unlike AOL addresses, which are only popular with consumers and rapidly losing market share, Gmail addresses are being used by consumers and professionals alike.   As a result, business-to-business e-mail marketers may need to rethink if Gmail addresses should be included in their email campaigns.

Direct Mail Gone Bad.  Part 2.
By Michael Borkan.

Here's an example of a mailing campaign that has gone wrong and how you can avoid the same mistake.

Recently, I received this mailing piece from Dell Computer:


Pictured above: The front cover and inside contents of the invitation card.

Conceptually, it's a great promotion:  The theme is that Dell is celebrating their 22nd anniversary and therefore sending invitations for substantial savings.  Attached to the non personalized invitation is a savings card that reminds the recipient they can save $220.00 on the purchase of a new computer and 15% on desktop accessories.

I believe this first class mailing was sent to previous customers of Dell since the invitation thanks the recipient for their loyalty.

The envelope, invitation and attached anniversary card are made from high quality paper and the off-set printing is superb.

Here's Where Dell Computer Dropped The Ball:


Pictured above: The outside envelope and a close-up of the inkjet addressing.

The outside envelope was ink-jet addressed using a very light, low quality font.  The address looks like it was produced using ancient technology from twenty years ago.  Ink-Jet technology has come a long way and Talon has low-cost ink-jet services that look as good as laser printing.

Pictured above: Two samples of our ink-jet addressing abilities. The second picture contains a Microsoft Windows handwritten font with blue ink.

Lesson to be learned:

The poor quality envelope that Dell mailed makes this promotion look like a mass mailing.  The address should have been upper-lower cased and the endorsement line (the postal information above the name) helps to remind the recipient that they are getting a mass-mailing.  Had this job been produced at Talon, we would have eliminated the endorsement information, upper-lower cased the name and address and made sure the stamp went on straight and closer to the top right corner.

When mailing a high-end promotion, make sure the quality of the outside envelope is as good-looking as possible to entice recipients to open the mailing piece.

No matter how good the offer is, response rates will suffer if recipients toss the mail without ever opening it.


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Is Google Sending Your Customers to the Competition?

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