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How To Maintain Your Market Share In Recession Times.

By Lynne Saarte.

Right now, what you need is more clients; more clients to buy your products and services. 

During times of economic crisis, what do most businesses cut back on to save on costs?  If you are a business owner, you have probably answered marketing. True. Most companies look at marketing as more of an expense rather than a means to get back investments; hence, it can very well be taken off the list if you need to cut back on your budget. Printed posters – not this time. Color posters – cross it out. Brochure printing – another one off the list.

But this is where you are wrong. Especially during these trying times, there is a need for more marketing campaigns than ever. In order for you to gain profits, you need to spend first. And the only way you can get clients for your business is to market constantly.

What will happen if you lessen your marketing costs? What if you stopped producing printed posters or color posters altogether? What if you stopped using direct marketing?  You are just going to lose your customer, that is what; and your competition might just steal them from under your nose. Is that what you need right now? Right now, what you need is more clients; more clients to buy your products and services. Do well to remember that marketing can generate for you your client so you might as well give a large chunk of your budget to advertising.

Now is exactly the right time to allot a budget for your marketing activities. This is the appropriate time because if your competition thinks like you, they might also be of the idea to put on hold their marketing campaigns to save their money. You can then get their market share if you continue to promote your business while they are abandoning their marketing strategies for a while. With even smaller amount of marketing expenses, you might just end up with the whole lot.

Bear in mind that the marketplace is an area of competition. Even your most loyal customers are fair game for your competitors. By providing your clients and prospects with carefully planned marketing efforts, your business can very well get the most of the market share without your competition having any say about it.

The idea is this: while your competition is taking a rest from marketing their business, you can grab their market share from under their noses by pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy. Not only that, you are also positioning yourself at this time so that when things are well again economically, you have the most prominent place in the industry.

Lynne Saarte is a writer that hails from Texas. She has been in the Internet business for some years now, specializing in Internet marketing and online strategies.

A Five Step Plan To Finding More Customers.

By Dennis Conner.

If your business is like most it could use more customers. More customers equal more revenue and profit and that's what all businesses are after.

So how does a business go about finding more customers? You're probably sitting on a "gold mine" and don't even know it.

In this case the "gold mine" is your current customer list. Of course, you could probably sell more to your current customers, but that's not the strategy I want to discuss here. Here, I want to describe how you can analyze your current customers to enable your business to easily locate NEW customers.

Here's a simple five step plan to finding more customers:

1) Start with your own customer list. Normally you'll have lots of information including address information. This address information includes a ZIP code. The ZIP code is the key to finding more customers using this plan.

2) Once you have a ZIP code you can locate demographic data at the US Census Bureau for free. The downside of using the Census Bureau is that it is very time consuming to find the data and put it in a useable format. Most companies purchase inexpensive demographic data that will tell you more information about your customer.

Let's say that you've obtained your demographic data and done an analysis. For example, after looking at the ZIP code demographic data for your current customers you may determine that most of them have incomes that are over $75,000 and the average age is less than 30 years old.

3) So now you have a profile of people that bought your products. You really have a profile of the people in the area they live in, but that data can now be used to find more business.

4) Now that you know your customer profile simply search your demographics database for other areas that have the same profile; incomes over $75,000 and less than 30 years old. This will lead you to many, many other ZIP codes where the profile of the people living there are the same as your customer. Bingo these are the areas you want to target.

5) Now that you know the areas you'd like to target it's a simple matter to either go through your leads list/database or even purchase contact lists for the ZIP codes you identified above. This works for direct mail and email lists as long as the email list has a ZIP Code associated with the email address.

So there you have it. Don't be put off by having to purchase demographic data. This is very inexpensive and it will pay for itself over and over. Also keep your typical conversion rates in mind from emails and mailers. These facts and figures will help you determine how much you can reasonably pay for mail/email lists if you go that route.

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How To Maintain Your Market Share In Recession Times.

A Five Step Plan To Finding More Customers.

Post Office Sponsors Free Direct Mail Webinars.

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