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E-mail List Rental May Fall Out of Favor.

By Dianna Dilworth, DM News.

Last month, the e-mail list industry saw a huge decline.  Could E-Mail list rental be a thing of the past?

Last month, the e-mail list industry saw the biggest decline it had seen in 20 years, according to Worldata's Fall 2008 List Price Index.

Permission-based e-mail business-to-business lists, the highest-priced category with an October 2008 straight average price of $293/M, took the biggest hit, with a decrease of $12/M from last year. Business-to-consumer lists were a close second, dropping $11/M from the previous year.

This news came as no surprise to many in the industry who have discouraged the buying and selling of e-mail lists.

“We saw it coming because renting names from a list can be very risky for a marketer,” says Julie Katz, analyst at Forrester Research. “Those people don't necessarily have any affinity with your brand. Also, if the names are bad, you could get caught in a spam trap and it can ruin your reputation.”

Daniel Schotland, senior director of client services at CheetahMail, agrees that e-mail list rental is a thing of the past.

“We've never been a proponent of list rental and acquisitions through that method because we haven't seen a good return on that kind of e-mail marketing,” he said. “The downturn in the economy has certainly affected that, but it's a trend that we've seen over the last year.”

Most e-mail marketers agree that the best lists are built organically through other brand marketing channels.

“The folks who opted in organically are much more likely to be loyal to your brand and be good customers,” Katz says.

Whether on a Web site, in a store, through a forward-to-friend link or on a social network, experts say that making it easy for consumers to sign up for e-mails will help build up the list with promising names. Incentives can also sweeten the deal,” Katz explains.

“You really have to describe the benefits of an e-mail program to get consumers to sign up,” she says. “People are always looking for discounts — especially in tough economic times — and that is one way to entice them to sign up for e-mail.

But not everyone agrees that the e-mail list is dead. While Sean O'Neal, CMO of Datran Media, agrees that the old approach to renting e-mail addresses is antiquated, he does see potential in using e-mail as an acquisition tool for third-party partners, so, as long as consumers have opted in, data are not transferred and sup­pression lists are used.

“We never sell e-mail data — transfer­ence of those data is not [a] best practice in our eyes,” he says. “We set up the e-mail campaigns and deploy them to lists that we manage for companies who have received permission from their customers.”

This process is a best practice, O'Neal adds, “if the consumer is given clear and conspicuous notice that as part of the reg­istration, that they are going to be receiv­ing third party marketing. Permission is of utmost importance.”

Datran Media's approach works more like display ads for e-mail. It helps mar­keters connect with third parties to sell ad space within e-mails based on demo­graphics and online behavioral data. This is similar to an ad network that connects publishers with advertisers.

For example, Boston.com could sell ads to a retail store that would run within its e-mail based on a customer's ZIP code.

No matter what the approach is, how­ever, it's clear that e-mail isn't about to vanish as an acquisition channel — even if list rental falls by the wayside.

From the October 13, 2008 Issue of DMNews

Young Adults Prefer Ads From Direct Mail and E-mail.

By Gavin O'Malley, MediaPost's Online Media Daily.

Sorry, MySpace and Facebook--young adults report paying more attention to marketing messages via e-mail and direct mail, according to new research from Ball State University and ExactTarget.

Among 18- to-34-year-olds, consumers are more likely to be influenced to make purchases based on e-mail marketing messages and direct mail than from advertisements or marketing messages on social networks, according to the white paper.

"It is too easy to assume that the media consumers who choose for their own news, information and entertainment are by default the best media to use for marketing messages," said Mike Bloxham, director of Insight and Research at Ball State University's Center for Media Design. "This is a dangerous assumption to make in a time when consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their level of control over their media experiences."

What's more, 20% of wired consumers have subscribed to marketing communications via text messaging, more so than any other group--but they want to receive texts only for urgent customer service issues such as financial alerts or travel updates.

In addition, more than 50% of young homemakers use social networks and text messaging during the day, but direct mail and e-mail are their two preferred marketing channels.

The study was the work of Ball State's Center for Media Design and the Indianapolis-based ExactTarget, an on-demand e-mail and one-to-one marketing company. It combines CMD's observational data on people's media use and exposure with ExactTarget's data on consumers' attitudes toward marketing messages received through distinct channels.

Among the other findings: 81% of retired consumers have purchased online, and 94% have been influenced by some form of direct marketing to make a purchase.

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E-mail List Rental May Fall Out of Favor.

Young Adults Prefer Ads From Direct Mail and E-mail.

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