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Five Tips That Could Save Your Direct Mail Campaign

by Chris Bibey

By following the five tips below, you can save your direct mail campaign from disaster.

Are you worried that your direct mail campaign is stalling? Even though changes may be in store, you are probably closer to success than you ever imagined possible. By following the five tips below, you can save your direct mail campaign from disaster, and subsequently use this marketing strategy to increase sales and profits.

1. Be consistent.  It is so important to be consistent with your marketing efforts. Direct mail is not something you should use one month, forget about the next, and consider again in the future. Instead, get on a schedule, regardless of what type of mail you are sending, and stick to it.

2. Hire a professional.  Even though you may enjoy doing some things on your own, when it comes to marketing your services with direct mail, it is essential that you hire professional assistance.  A professional can customize a campaign to suit your exact needs based on their past experience and success.

3. Think outside the box.  Every day, consumers across the country receive loads of junk mail. If you don’t do something to stand out, your mail has a very good chance of getting lost in the shuffle. Maybe you should send a sales letter or brochure if other agents in your area are only utilizing post cards. Or maybe you should opt for a post card that is unique in its design and presentation. No matter what, it is important that your direct mail stands out.

4. Stay organized.  Your marketing efforts need to be well organized, regardless of who is in charge and how many pieces you are sending. Do you know where your mailing list is located? Do you know which people on your list are past customers and which ones are prospects? Organization goes together hand-in-hand with tip number one above. When you are organized it is much easier to be consistent with your strategy.

5. Track your results.  Are you getting better results from post cards or sales letters? How much money are you spending on each campaign? Are you losing money, breaking even, or coming out on top? These are the types of questions that you should be able to answer. Once you know which type of campaign is working best, you can then focus your time and money in the right place.

By implementing these five tips, you should notice an improvement in the overall success and efficiency of your direct mail strategy.

Pump Up Marketing Efforts With Direct Mail

by Janice Jenkins

The weapon of choice of many small businesses is direct mail marketing because of its versatility and cost effectiveness.

The past decade has seen lots of advancement in terms of technology. It seems that each year, a new gadget is launched that is designed to make people’s lives much easier and more interactive. With such fast-paced and ever evolving lives we have today, everyone has to adapt, especially the small business industry. Today more than ever businesses have to be more versatile in their marketing activities. The market has changed a lot. No longer can you succeed with simple word of mouth marketing. The question now is, do you have what it takes to succeed?

If you are just starting your business or trying to revamp your current marketing strategy, then you are in luck. With the recent economic shift and changes in people’s buying habits, gone are the days when elaborate marketing campaigns such as TV ads and billboards take up most of the market share. Today, the weapon of choice of many small businesses is direct mail marketing because of its versatility and cost effectiveness.

Direct mail marketing includes sales letters, flyers, postcards, and brochures.

Sales letters

Sales letters have been around for ages. Early traders were sending sales letters to merchants and customers hundreds of years ago and even now, this is one of the best ways to market a business. A well written sales letter would easily present your case to your prospects. Here are some guidelines to follow in writing a sales letter:

Write a catchy first paragraph. Admit it - no matter how compelling and wonderful your letter is, not everyone will read the whole thing. People are busy. They do not have all day to read letter after letter. So make sure to put a killer first paragraph in your letter. Immediately present your benefits in the first two paragraphs so in case readers will not read the entire letter, they already have an idea about what you have to offer.

Keep it short and simple. One page is enough to present everything you have to say to your target customers. Do not beat around the bush. Say what you want to say right away.

Repeat what you offer, ideally at the beginning and end of your letter.


Make sure to present your sales letter with a flyer. In essence, a flyer is a small booklet or brochure that provides additional information regarding your product offerings. This is where you can elaborate on your product specifications with the use of images and graphs.


The most basic type of direct mailing, postcards offer simple yet highly effective advantages. Because a huge percentage of direct mail pieces do not get opened, postcard printing offers an effective solution to that. Essentially, postcards do not need an envelope, allowing recipients to read everything in a flip of the wrist. This can be an ideal way of attracting impatient readers. Similarly, postcards are cost effective to produce, giving you the opportunity to send out several batches of postcards at a regular intervals.


This marketing technique presents business owners the most in-depth way of presenting their products or services to customers. Brochures are basically used to represent you when you are not physically present to introduce your business to potential customers. Done we, a brochure will act as communication between you and your customers, letting them know what you can do for them.

About the Author:

Janice Jenkins is a writer for a marketing company in Chicago, IL. Specializing in marketing research, Janice started writing articles in early 2007 to impart her knowledge to individuals new to the marketing industry.

More Red Ink at the Post Office Demands Change

Wisconsin State Journal editorial

On November 12th, the U.S. Postal Service announced that it lost $8.5 billion last year. That's billions more than expected and twice the red ink of the previous year.


It's time for Congress to get serious about stabilizing the Postal Service - without jacking up the price of stamps yet again.

Congress should:

• Let the Postal Service reduce payments of retirees' health insurance premiums.

• Grant the Postal Service authority to reduce delivery from six days a week to five.

• Let the Postal Service close more of its offices and outlets.

• Lift the Postal Service monopoly on letters and mailbox deliveries to allow competition.

• Allow the service to develop more competitive products.

The service seems to understand its dire situation better than Congress. It has eliminated more than 100,000 full-time equivalent positions in recent years.

"The need for changes to legislation, regulations and labor contracts has never been more obvious," Postal Service chief financial officer Joe Corbett said in a statement Friday.

The Postal Service is an independent government agency that receives no direct subsidies from taxpayers. But its government-granted monopoly on mailbox deliveries and preferential treatment on interest rates are indirect subsidies valued at more than $100 million.

When a business is in deep financial trouble, it tightens its belt to survive. This requires sacrifice from its leaders and workers to maintain high customer service and sales.

That's what the Postal Service must do, given its steep decline in personal letters, cards, bills and payments. Those lucrative first-class mail items, which have long produced more than half of the Postal Service's revenue, fell by 7 percent last year.

Some critics of advertising mail have called for raising the price on advertising and other business flyers. Maybe. Yet that's about the only bright spot for the Postal Service's bottom line. Volumes of advertising mail are actually improving.

The Postal Service now predicts its losses for the coming year will be $6.4 billion. The bleeding can't continue indefinitely.

The new Congress needs to help the Postal Service help itself by removing restrictions and encouraging more efficiency.

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