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Four Reasons Why Direct Mail Is Better Than Email Marketing

By Josh MacDonald, business2community.com

Spam, identity theft, and a multitude of viruses that can crash your entire system are just a few of the fears people have when opening their email.  Is this really the best way to market your products and services?

Everyone is always trying to find new and creative ways of marketing. This may initially make direct marketing seem unattractive since so many businesses are getting away from it and investing in email marketing. This, however, is the very reason you have a better chance of standing out from the crowd. The following are 4 reasons why direct mail is better than email marketing.

1. Email Overload

Sending and receiving emails is easy, possibly too easy. Most people receive dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of emails in a single day. That’s simply too many to give each one adequate attention. This means that your email is likely to be glanced at and quickly tossed aside, if it’s even opened at all. Regular mail will get tossed aside too, but the fact that there’s actually less of it going out these days increases the odds that someone may actually open what you’ve sent. When there’s currently less competition with direct mail why waste your time fighting to stand out among all the email?

2. Customized Marketing

Direct mail has the potential for unlimited creativity. Your chance to wow a customer with an email goes about as far as the subject line. Take too many chances with a creative subject line and it will likely get deleted for fear there is some sort of virus or phishing scam involved. Stick a boring subject line in, and, yes, it will also likely get passed over and deleted. While there are ways to spice up emails, they just don’t seem to have the same potential as direct mail.

3. Electronic Mistrust

Spam, identity theft, and a multitude of viruses that can crash your entire system are just a few of the fears people have when opening their email. Unless the person already knows you, attachments almost never get opened. Images may not even make it through spam filters. Even if someone is intrigued with your tag line, the fear of a virus is often enough to keep them from opening it. An attractive envelope, however, does not hold the same sort of fear.

4. Personal Connection

There’s something much more personal about holding a letter or a brochure in your hand than clicking and gazing into a screen. Direct mail can connect to another individual in a way that a standard email can’t. The feeling of holding something in your hand creates a psychological connection that just doesn’t exist with an email. Once someone has actually opened your envelope they’re more likely to spend some time looking over the physical materials they’re holding than they would an email. In the time it takes a person to walk to the trash can, you have a chance to actually capture their attention.

Four Principles of Direct Mail That Stand The Test of Time

By Jim Leone, Loyalty360.org

These principles of direct mail remain relevant and stand the test of time because they work. And if you use them, you'll see increased sales and profits.

Every industry has a set of principles that hold true despite years of change, innovation and disruption. Direct marketing is no different. Although there is an expanding array of channels, when it comes to the overall marketing mix, direct mail is still fundamental to marketing. It’s the flour to bread, the grapes to wine, and the apples to pie. It is the workhorse within direct marketing, and it absolutely should be the cornerstone of your marketing channel strategy.

These four principles of direct mail set the foundation for any successful campaign:

1. Know what you want to sell or what your specific goal is.

Before you begin any campaign, it’s important to know what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you acquiring new clients through selling a new product or service? Are you communicating with an existing client or member base? Are you trying to get recipients to visit your landing page? Another channel? Your goal will determine who you send to, how you craft your message and will set your overall creative direction.

2. Reach the right people.

Once you know what you want to sell, knowing to whom you’re selling is the most important fundamental to get right. Data mining has become very sophisticated and somewhat complex. Luckily, there are many great sources to get that valuable data today. Focus on the demographics and/or behaviors that fit the type of customers you are trying to attract. Over time you can refine your data through modeling and continued data testing.

3. Design for impact.

Creative design is what gets the prospect to open the piece and pay attention. Focus on how the mailpiece looks and what it says. That includes effective use of color, graphics, fonts and personalization, but also make sure it tells a story that begins with a teaser and creates a sense of urgency.

4. Track and Analyze.

One huge benefit of direct mail is that it is quantifiable. Its performance is easily tracked. As such, don’t make the mistake of not taking advantage of this built-in ability for continuous improvement. By constantly testing new variables and finding new ways to tweak and improve your data, message, creative, etc. you are also improving your ability to provide better ROMI for you and your company. After all, you are not living to mail; you’re mailing to live. Use this fundamental to improve how you use direct mail as part of your overall marketing efforts.

These principles of direct mail remain relevant and stand the test of time because they work. What will change and is already changing is how they will be used across multiple channels. Today there is growing evidence that tying direct mail to other channels, such as email or social media, can dramatically impact the effectiveness of those channels. While the science of attributing which source is benefitting from which channel is not yet perfected, it seems to be evident that pollinating direct mail with other channels, particularly in certain applications, is beneficial to all channels. It will be exciting to see how this continues to unfold in the future.

Direct Mail Still a Winner For Your Fundraising Efforts

By Elena Neely, campaignsandelections.com

"Mail will continue to play an important role for us as it remains a viable channel of communication and outreach. And so far, we haven't seen anything to tell us differently."  Kip Lady, V.P. Direct Mail Production at TMA Direct.

Anyone who runs political campaigns understands that a solid fundraising program is the engine that drives candidates forward. It keeps the lights on, funds your critical outreach efforts, and serves as an indicator of a campaign’s strength.

A robust fundraising operation is a key factor in determining the viability of candidates, and direct mail remains at the heart of successful fundraising programs.

Let’s take an example from the current cycle: Dr. Ben Carson’s insurgent campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. For political candidates with a long history in politics, access to big donor fundraising comes relatively easy. But if you’re a first-time candidate, especially for the largest office in the country, scaling your fundraising efforts quickly is an enormous challenge.

So for Carson, building a national grassroots effort was necessary. As of this writing the Carson campaign’s fundraising efforts have exceeded all other Republican political campaigns in individual contributions, and the campaign achieved much of this with Direct Mail, a media channel with a long history of reaching voters for donations, communicating campaign platforms, and driving voter turnout on Election Day.

“The Carson campaign just surpassed one million contributions with an average gift of $50.00,” according to Mike Murray, President and CEO of the direct marketing agency TMA Direct, which advises the Carson campaign on direct mail." That’s $50 million coming in thanks to individual donors who believe in Carson’s message and vision, said Murray who leads the grassroots fundraising effort for the Carson campaign.

While often times online communications can easily be swept away and deleted, the Carson campaign has found success with Direct Mail by relying on its ability to serve as a more intimate form of communication. Mailers have allowed potential donors and supporters to take a deeper dive into Carson’s story and interact with him on a more personal level.

“Mail has been a major channel for fundraising but there is also a branding benefit occurring; even though some mail recipients may not be donating, these people are learning more about our candidate and his story,” said Murray. “Maybe that leads them to give through another channel or, at a minimum, it puts additional information into the hands of potential voters.”

Murray admits that the mail program has been successful due to many efforts but that creative, timing, and data selects have been crucial to that success.

“We put a lot of effort into standing out in the mailbox,” said creative lead Kip Lady, Vice President Direct Mail Production at TMA Direct. “The campaign has provided us with creative flexibility which has helped garner compelling response rates.”

"Thanks to our direct mail efforts, we were able to secure many of the names in our house file, which has seen response rates reach over 42 percent," said Murray. "Mail will continue to play an important role for us as it remains a viable channel of communication and outreach. And so far, we haven't seen anything to tell us differently."

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