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How To Do B2B Direct Mail Effectively


Direct mail remains a force to be reckoned with in sales leads. Any company that’s trying to find new customers and sell more should be thinking about their next direct mail campaign.

Direct mail can be a success for a company of any size, but larger companies have an easier time of it. Direct mail is 137% more effective for larger companies than small – and there are a few reasons behind it. Better brand awareness, more resources to craft a great message, and more staff to follow up mean they can leverage direct mail more effectively.

Brand Recognition

Larger companies have better brand awareness, so when their direct mail lands, it only takes a glance for potential customers to recognize. Direct mail has a 75% brand recall, so large companies stick with decision makers when they make a postcard campaign. Think about your mailbox – when a major telecommunications company sends you a postcard advertising an Internet + TV + phone bundle, you’re going to remember who sent it, even if it heads straight for the recycling.

Creative Campaigns Value Propositions

Large companies have a lot of marketing resources to put into a compelling value proposition and creative campaigns designed to get attention. They have more resources to craft a simple message that delivers their proposition right away, increasing the odds that the target will read it.

Bulky mail has a better chance of being opened – in fact, 85% of consumers will open a piece of mail if there’s something about it that catches their attention. By comparison, email engagement stands at a mere 27.1% and inboxes have gotten more sophisticated at screening direct marketing. Bulky mail takes an investment, as it means you’re sending swag and other large objects to deliver your message or your brand, but it works.

Turn Outbound Marketing into Inbound Leads

A truly creative direct mail campaign can change the direction of the campaign from outbound marketing to inbound leads. One story from B2B lead company 360 is their T-shirt campaign; they were targeting architectural firms for their client, and sent each firm T-shirts screen printed with drawings of buildings the firm had designed. It took time ad creativity, but their client quickly had more leads than they knew what to do with. For more examples of direct marketing campaigns that got great results, visit the 360 Leads Blog and start learning about lead generation success.

Knock ‘Em Down With Telesales

Direct mail lines them up, telesales knocks them down. Of course, if generating a lead were that simple, everyone would be doing it, but it’s a system that works. Compelling direct mail with a simple message gets a prospect ready, but follow up with a phone call is what gives 360 Leads direct mail campaigns double digit response rates.

How SMBs Can Catch Up

At most SMBs, your direct marketers are also your sales team and they’re always stretched for time. There are never enough hours in the day to follow up on leads or find key decision makers at target companies. A sales lead company can take a tight budget and turn it into results by supporting your sales team with direct marketing. They can find new markets to target with direct mail campaigns that will grow your sales.

Any company can use direct mail to their advantage with the right messaging, direct copy, and a reason for recipients to read. Work with a lead generation company on your direct mail campaign and start turning postcards into sales.

Avoid These Top Five Marketing Mistakes

By Laura Lake, Thebalance.com

Avoid these five mistakes and your marketing campaign will take off.

A marketing campaign can not only connect you with the right prospects, but it will also get everyone talking about your company, your product or your service – at least if it's properly developed and done right. Marketing mistakes can do the opposite and perhaps result in disaster, costing your business thousands of dollars in lost revenues and other expenses.

Here's a checklist of five mistakes commonly made in marketing and how you can avoid them.

1. Lack of Research and Testing

Market research and testing are critical because they can determine the performance of each of your marketing efforts. They take the guesswork out of what your potential customer or client wants from you. Always make sure you've done your due diligence when it comes to testing different offers, prices, and packages, then get the input of your customers to see how they react to each.

2. Improper Focus and Positioning

Don't market just to build up the company, neglecting brand awareness in the process. Create marketing that will demand an immediate response from the recipient. Improper focus and market positioning can be avoided by following the proper solution positioning of marketing.

3. Marketing Without a USP

Your USP is your unique selling proposition. It's the one single statement that will single you out from among the competition. It should be used in every piece of marketing material. Think of your USP as the philosophical foundation of your business. Don't market without it!

4. Failing to Capture Repeat Customers

Keep in mind that 80 percent of your business comes from existing customers and 20 percent is the result of new customers you've attracted. Failing to resell to your current customer base could have a detrimental effect on your profits. It will cost you five times the expense to sell to a new customer than to sell to an existing customer.

5. Lack of Focus on Potential Customers' Needs

Do you really know what your potential customers need and want? You're way ahead in the ballgame if you do, but the truth is that very few businesses have a good grasp of what it is that their customers need and want from them. The secret to avoiding this common error is to find a need that you can fill, then fill that need better than anyone else.

Marketing Mistakes Happen

Unfortunately, it happens. You plan, you research, you launch – and your campaign fails. What could you have missed? What do you do now? The first thing you should do is step back and breathe deeply. Yes, breathe. The worst thing you can do at this point is think you're the only one who has ever experienced this. You're not. The following questions will help you zero in on where you've made mistakes. Did your marketing message reach your target? Could they have perceived your marketing message wrong or misunderstood the message? Did you miss the pain questions? Did you do adequate research? Lack of research is the reason most campaigns fail. Could your marketing copy or design be at fault for the lack of response? Did you follow the tried-and-true rules of marketing execution when it came to the presentation? Honestly asses your answers and go back to the drawing board. Don't give up. You can get this right.

Tapping into the Millennial Market with Direct Mail

By Sarah Haston, Lebanondemocrat.com

Studies have shown that Millennials like receiving physical mail.

It’s commonly accepted that millennials are never without their phones, laptops and iPads and that direct mail is an ineffective way to reach out to them. It turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. Studies have shown these digital natives like getting old-fashioned, physical mail.

There are currently 80 million millennials in the U.S. who will have a cumulative $1.4 trillion in spending power by 2020, so it is imperative marketers pay attention to this group of potential customers. Successfully understanding what drives and delights this instrumental group is key to an effective campaign, so, how can you use direct mail to appeal to millennials?

• Be genuine: All the messaging and imagery on your direct mail collateral needs to be authentic and in tune with your brand. Show that you are responsible, transparent and consistent. Include links to access additional information about your company. Show your passion for what you do as well for the people in your organization that help you do it.

• Approachability: How difficult is it for someone to reach you? How many options to respond to your direct mail are there? If they call you will they reach a human or an auto attendant? The easier and more accessible your contact channels are, the more responses you’re going to get.

Human touch: Create a bond with each individual, not only with personalization but through emotion, as well. Highlight real people in your company or business who are doing good things and include an image. Humanize your brand, and you’ll have a greater appeal with millennials.

• Social mindfulness: Highlight all the good things your organization is doing for social causes. Not just donating money, which millennials see as a token gesture. How are your employees giving back? How are you and your company involved in your local community? Give support to a nonprofit that is in line with your business and beliefs and that you or your employees feel deeply about. Then tell everyone about the great things you are doing.

• Content empowers them: Millennials crave content-driven media and they love to share, like pin, tweet, snap, forward and comment on all of it. Offer millennials content they would proudly share with others and you’ll successfully build a real brand-consumer relationship.

• Technology: Millennials are the most digital savvy group out there so you need to make sure that you are including technology in your direct mail. Not just QR codes, but personalized URLs, as well. Direct mail should be used as a gateway to online content and mobile devices. This group likes interactive experiences, so you want to give them that experience through your direct mail pieces. And don’t forget, millennials love to share all of their experiences with friends.

As a group, millennials are not impossible to crack from a marketing perspective. Targeting them using direct mail is not as big of a challenge as you might think. Using the points above will help you effectively communicate with and sell to millennials. Your direct mail should be inclusive and informative, not pushy… Millennials get turned off by the hard sell. They view direct mail as more trustworthy than electronic communication, so capitalize on that.

Providing an excellent user experience across all channels is important with this target group. Embrace that and create fun, engaging direct mail that moves recipients online to landing pages, social media or whatever content you want. Make sure to track your responses so that you know what is working and what is not. Keep in mind all millennials are not the same; they are individuals and have different wants and needs. Capturing their response information, and adding that to your database is immensely valuable. It will allow you to provide better, more targeted offers to them in the future.

Also, using direct mail with your existing customer database is valuable. They love to hear from you and they trust you – you can even mail thank you notes with “special offers” to your most active social followers.

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