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Direct Mail Drives Record Levels of Consumer Engagement

By Fiona Briggs, Retailer News

People spending more time at home during the lockdown has resulted in a huge upswing in the amount of engagement customers are giving to physical mail, according to new Royal Mail research.

Consumers engaged with 96% of all mail during lockdown. In fact, 88% of people said they paid as much or more attention to mail during lockdown. And they interacted with each item of mail an average of 4.5 times.

There was also a 70 percent year on year increase in the number of people going online as a result of something they read in a mailing. The growing appeal impacted all age groups, with growing levels of engagement among the young. Just under one in four (24%) of those that did engage with mail more in lockdown were in the 18-34-year-old bracket.

The move comes as local businesses place growing importance on keeping in touch with customers during lockdown. With a large percentage of the population currently spending a lot of time at home, and with this trend set to continue, the impact of mail is predicted to be greater than ever.

The authority and trustworthiness of mail has also been recognized by Government Ė sending key communications via letter during the pandemic. Royal Mail was entrusted with delivering the letter from the Prime Minister to every household in the UK at the start of the coronavirus lockdown.

Amanda Griffiths, head of communications planning Royal Mail MarketReach, said: ďIt has never been a more important time for brands to strengthen their relationships and build connections with their customers. The pandemic has meant that home has become and will remain an important and safe place for people creating the ideal environment for them to engage with direct mail more deeply than ever. Now is the perfect time for brands to deepen their customer relationships and drive revenue through mail.Ē

The Democratization of Data-Driven Marketing and Selling Tools

By Jon Eggleton, Business2community.com

Below are four ways companies can utilize data to make their marketing dollars work a little harder.

Weíve all heard the buzzwords around big data. Part of our vocabulary now for years, itís become ubiquitous with showy executive presentations, major investments in software and hardware, and even job titles that can make someone managing database marketing for a mid-sized bank sound like a NASA scientist. All kidding aside, big data is real, and isnít just for the largest companies with massive budgets and teams of propellerheads steeped in the latest data infrastructure trends. Like many technology-driven innovations itís become democratized for the masses, with many ways to utilize it to drive customer and revenue growth. Here are four ways companies can utilize data to make their marketing dollars work a little harder.

1. Target Your Prospects To Keep Your Brand In Front of Them

Even if you donít have a formal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution in place, if youíre a B2B marketer you probably have at least some sort of prospecting list of contacts or organizations you wish to do business with. With as little as a couple hundred company names (or a bit more, if you want to target specific individuals) you can leverage social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to reach executives and decision-makers within those organizations you most covet. While it may not convert leads as a stand-alone tactic, it can be a highly-efficient way to stay in front of prospects you may be trying to reach through direct selling efforts.

2. Utilize Customer Lists to Acquire New Customers That Look Like Them

If you have customers, then you have a customer list. Utilizing it can be the tip of the iceberg to creating smarter marketing campaigns based on who is buying your goods or services already, particularly for B2C marketers. Similar to #1 above, social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to do lookalike audience targeting to find new prospects who share traits with your best existing customers. This can include demographic information, interests, and geographic locations. While source audiences of 1,000 or more are most optimal for targeting, lookalike audiences can be modeled after as few as 100 people from the same country. Expect to pay a premium per click to reach your lookalike audience, but know that you are also eliminating wasted circulation by reaching only those who may be likely to have interest in your offering.

3. Use Marketing Automation to Better Target Your Message to Existing Customers

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketing automation and CRM platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, and numerous others have raised the bar for segmentation, allowing marketers of all shapes and sizes to tailor messaging to individual customer groups. This can have all sorts of benefits, from email marketing to what the digital experience with your brand will look like for various groups. You can be a behavioral health provider nurturing an existing patient through various life stages, a financial services institution ushering a user through the refinance process, or an e-commerce retailer making detailed recommendations based on prior purchases. Regardless of your industry, marketing automation and personalization can be accomplished without big budgets or teams of technical marketers to execute.

4. Leverage Available Data To Make Key Business Decisions

Not all uses of data have to be directly tied to marketing campaigns or efforts. There is no shortage of ways in which data can inform important business decisions, or aid in the acquisition of new clients. Data can be invaluable for making important decisions such as where to put new brick-and-mortar locations, or whether to move into new service and product offerings. In those instances, data can tell you where demographics may be favorable to your business, or where under-served gaps may exist that could be profitable areas of growth. Data can also be a powerful sales differentiator, allowing a service provider to come to a prospect with demonstrable insights around that prospectís business and available market, without having worked together before. Such uses of data can still set you apart today, but may become table stakes in the future.

Jon Eggleton is the co-founder and managing partner of Traktion Partners, LLC. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Traktion helps both B2B and B2C companies in healthcare, financial services, e-commerce and other verticals utilize digital marketing tools to generate new leads, recruit hard-to-find professionals, and reach highly targeted audiences.

Five Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail

Follow the steps below and watch your sales and profits grow.

Balancing your budget, visibility, and marketing can be challenging.

And when it comes to the digital world, youíre competing to be heard with many other marketing campaigns. If you are doing a lot of advertising using digital technology, you are facing a lot of competition and challenges to get noticed.

We want you know - direct mail is making a comeback. Why? Because direct mail is one place where you can rise above the crowds and take advantage of reduced competition. Below are five strategies to help you conquer the most common direct marketing challenges.

1. Measure ROI:

As owner of a direct marketing service company, I see companies all the time that do direct mail campaigns and give little thought to measure ROI. I try to encourage testing and measuring ROI, and most of our successful clients do this all the time!

One of the biggest obstacles marketers struggle with is how to measure ROI (Return on Investment) of their marketing. If you track ROI, you will see the effectiveness of each and every particular marketing campaign.

Not only will you see the effectiveness of each promotion, but you can test differences in lists, offers, pricing, copy, and other factors and learn which changes improve or worsen results. As you test different things, you will learn what works better and combining the best lists, copy, and what to charge, will lead to large gains in profitability.

A simple way to track ROI is to take the entire expense of a mailing and compare it against the net profit from the sales that result. If you need help with this, please feel free to contact us at Talon. We are here to help.

2. Do you have strong customer profiles?

Do you know and understand who your marketing audience is? Examining your biggest and best buyers is a great place to start.

Once you identify your target market, make sure your advertising copy fits with your target segment needs and desires. Next, make sure you are using the best channels for marketing to that audience.

While many companies focus on email campaigns, other methods still produce. As stated earlier, direct mail even though it may cost more, could produce better results.

Combining a better understanding of your customer profiles with tracking ROI, and testing, will almost always produce better results.

3. Are you really connecting with your customers?

Direct marketing experts (backed by numerous studies) have suggested that itís best to connect to prospects six-or more times to convert them to customers. Once they become a customer, the percentage of orders-to-attempts go up. Remember that the more you connect with prospects and customers, the more likely they are to keep you in mind when they need your product or service.

4. Keeping Your Database Current.

It does not take long for business prospects and customer contacts to move to a new address, retire, go out of business, or move to a new company. Consumers move all the time, and unfortunately they eventually pass on.

Be mindful that your customer and prospect lists ďdegradeĒ over time and in fact, some of your data becomes stale or obsolete on a monthly basis. Check, fix, and clean your customer database regularly to ensure that the list is as accurate as possible. Talon provides numerous services to help (including updating your list when people and businesses move). With ROI in mind, donít mail to lists until you have cleaned and updated them.

5. Are you making it easy for prospects and clients to respond?

The trademark of a successful direct mail campaign is a clear and strong call to action. Whatís the call to action on your direct marketing piece? What steps would you like your prospects and clients to take after reading that call to action? Have you clearly laid them out and have you made it easy for them to do this?

On your mail pieces, have you clearly provided your website address, and a phone number? And when they land on your website, can they easily navigate it and do an order? Can they reach out easily on their smart phone? Is the website or landing page mobile friendly? Do they need to fill out a form online or do they need to make a phone call to a live person?

ROI will increase if you make it easy for your prospects and customers to take action when reading your mail piece. And itís important to try to track their actions so you can update your database with additional profile information based on their behavior. Talon can help you with this as well.

Direct mail is still one of the most powerful ways to build your sales. Follow these five steps and you will see positive results!

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Direct Mail Drives Record Levels of Consumer Engagement

The Democratization of Data-Driven Marketing and Selling Tools

Five Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail

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