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Four Free Marketing Tools

By Jim Higgins, Entrepreneur.com

There’s only one thing better than finding a cool new marketing tool, and that’s finding a free, cool new marketing tool.

Here’s a list of four marketing tools that add real value -- but don’t cost a thing!

1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Ever get stuck trying to come up with ideas for your next article, blog post or free guide? If so, this is a great tool for you. With Portent’s Content Idea Generator, you simply enter a subject of your choice and the tool provides you with a series of unique angles on that content in the form of a headline.

For example, “Small Business Marketing” becomes “The 18 Best Small Business Marketing YouTube Videos.” While all the suggestions won’t be on the mark, it’s certain to help with your creative process!

The link: https://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker

2. Hemingway App

Hemingway helps you simplify. It makes your sales copy more impactful and understandable for your online and offline prospects. It does this by analyzing your content and returning color-coded alerts signaling overly long or complex sentences, unnecessary adverbs and passive voice.

Why is this important? Great marketers know that simple and clean messages cut through the noise. Simplicity gives you the absolute best chance to resonate with your prospects.

The link: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

3. Pablo by Buffer

Do your social media efforts slow to a halt when it comes to producing compelling images to accompany your content? Worry no more. Buffer makes creating social media images super-fast and super-easy!

With access to over 600,000 free images, basic photo effects, the ability to add text and tools to easily size for a variety of social networks, it provides a practical, “light” alternative to more complex software tools like Photoshop.

The link: https://pablo.buffer.com/

4. Open Site Explorer

Links are a big deal when it comes to search engine optimization. Open Site Explorer allows you to enter the URL for any website and it immediately returns all the inbound links (other web pages that link to you). For each inbound link, it also reports the page and rank authority. This is important because Google and other search engines will reward your site if other “high authority” sites are linking to it.

You may also want to use Open Site Explorer to run an analysis on your competitors. What high quality websites are linking to them? Is there opportunity for you to gain a link with these same sites, either through a submission process or a personal request?

The link: https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/

Three Sales and Marketing Strategy Ideas For 2017

By Candis Roussel, Business2community.com

As we enter a new year, the only thing we can be certain of is uncertainty itself.

So as you plan your sales and marketing strategy for 2017 the keys to success are to build on the fundamentals and stay adaptable.

Here are three powerful strategies that will give you an advantage in any economy.

Strategy 1: Get to Know Your Buyer… Again

In his landmark 1960 Harvard Business Review article, “Marketing Myopia,” Theodore Levitt wrote, “Selling focuses on the needs of the seller, marketing on the needs of the buyer.” His point was that businesses weren’t taking into account the buyer’s perspective — their needs and motivations. Fifty-six years later — thanks to Levitt, Peter Drucker, and other marketing pioneers — we’re a little wiser. We know that our clients drive the marketplace. But most companies still don’t walk the talk. They get complacent. They think that because they work with clients every day they understand what pressures their clients face. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Like politics, the marketplace undergoes constant change. Your buyers’ needs and priorities can shift dramatically without your knowledge. Even if you were to talk to your clients every month about their challenges, there’s a good chance they won’t tell you everything. Why? It could be any number of reasons. For instance, they may be embarrassed to reveal their financial or operational weakness. They may not think that your services are applicable to their emerging problems. Or they may already be talking to other firms to address those issues. Unless you have a program in place to detect clients’ changing priorities you won’t see them coming.

It's vital to conduct regular research on your target audience. But as we enter an unpredictable and perhaps historic period of change, understanding the market’s effects on your customers is more important than ever. Research offers a new window into your audience — and supplies a set of data you can use to make more confident decisions about your sales and marketing strategy, your service offerings and the types of clients you will target in the future.

Strategy 2: Promote Your Differences

Most professional services firms suffer from a bad case of “homogenitis.” They not only look and sound the same as their competitors, they often are the same — offering the same set of services to the same broad audiences.

It’s easy to see how this happens. Many firms are founded when professionals leave their old companies to start their own ventures. Because they are practitioners and not business innovators, these new entrepreneurs do what comes naturally: they model their businesses on the ones they worked at in the past. This impulse creates a multitude of lookalike companies that look to their more established brethren for sales and marketing inspiration.

Now consider the poor buyer. How does he or she choose from an army of clones? The answer is differentiation. The best way to differentiate your firm is to have (or create) a real difference. Usually this takes the form of a specialty. Specialization requires sacrificing one part of your market to create exceptional traction with another.

But the important thing is to find something to talk about. Find an attribute you can “own” in the marketplace. It doesn’t have to be unique, but it can’t be something your competitors are talking about.

Once you identify your primary differentiator, don’t shy away from it. It needs to become the thing that clients associate in their minds with your firm. That’s how strong differentiation and brands are built.

Strategy 3: Make Your Expertise More Visible

I've written extensively on the value of making your firm and your experts more visible. It’s one of the most productive ways to invest your marketing dollars. And in an uncertain economy it fosters critical trust among your buyers and influencers. Visible Expertise builds heavily on content marketing. It works because it converts an asset you already have—subject matter knowledge—into marketing gold.

How does it work? In a nutshell, when a firm’s experts freely share valuable knowledge with the market—by publishing and speaking to the firm’s target audience—they allow future buyers to sample their expertise. This experience builds trust over time. And when the moment comes when a reader is ready to buy services or make a referral, your firm will rise to the top of the list.

For many firms, this approach is a significant departure from how they’ve done marketing before. For others, it moves the focus to a set of activities they do already and amplifies it.

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