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Writing Your Call to Action: Which Words Work

By Kate Uhry, Business2community.com

In these jaded times when people turn a blind eye to ads, send emails to spam, and ignore texts, creating a phrase or word that will get someone to place an order is a huge deal.

That’s why writing your CTA requires choosing the right words, the right phrase, especially when it comes to lead generation. It also means using a few tricks of the trade—such as choosing relevant topics, using urgency words, and making people curious.

1. Calls to Action for Lead Generation

Certain words inspire action. Words like “download” or “click” or “share” are fairly standard call to action verbs for encouraging someone to download a piece of premium content. But these phrases are for people who are already engaged with you. When the focus is on generating a lead, you need a different approach.

HubSpot.com defines lead generation in its article, “Lead Generation: A Beginner’s Guide to Generating Leads the Inbound Way,” as “a way of warming up potential customers to your business and getting them on the path to eventually buying.”

Let’s step back and consider the goal here. What words are going to warm up potential customers to your business?

Think about “Learn,” “Read,” “Discover,” or “Find out.” These phrases imply helpful, gentle, outreaches. They aren’t words like “Buy,” “Act Now,” or “Request a Demo,” but as single words standing alone, they don’t really appeal.

2. Adding Urgency to Your Call to Action

“Learn More About X Today”

“Read About X in Today’s Blog Post”

“Discover Why X Is so Important to You”

“Find Out How X Can Make Your Life Better”

See the difference? By adding a sense of urgency and a reason to click, you now have a compelling, clickable, actionable call to action.

Let’s look at these factors in more depth.

Words like “today,” “now,” and “right away” are all urgency words. Adding these words to the end of your call to action, however cheesy they may seem, encourages people to take action immediately.

3. Persona-Specific Calls to Action

Lead generation, however, is about understanding your audience and their motivations. One of the tools that will help is a solid, built-out buyer persona. Having your audience clearly in mind, along with their pain points and motivations, will make it easier to choose the call to action that is relevant to them.

“5 Store-Bought Cake Mixes that Are Better than Homemade” is a call to action that won’t appeal to someone who is looking to buy a car.

Notice also that there are no action verbs, as in prior examples. What this CTA does is appeal to your curiosity. You might be thinking, “Really? There are cake mixes that are better than my Grandma’s homemade recipe? That’s not possible.” Your goal is to make people curious by using teasers, taking a particular stand, or saying something that they may strongly agree or disagree with. Give them a reason to click.

4. Checklist for a Good CTA

Writing a good lead generation CTA ultimately is putting yourself into your audience’s shoes. When you write a CTA, go through this checklist

1.  Would I click on this?
2.  Am I curious to know more?
3.  Is this a topic my persona is interested in? Why?
4.  What problem will it solve for them?
5.  Is there any sense of urgency?
6.  Is it clear what I will get if I click?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you are well on your way to getting another person added to the leads list.

Three Tips to Help Sales and Marketing Work Together Better

By Chris Christoff, Business.com

Follow these tips to bring sweet harmony to your sales and marketing teams, regardless of what field you’re working in.

Two of the most important teams for any business are the sales team and the marketing team. They each have their own goals and agendas, which can cause some friction when you are trying to get the most from both of these valuable teams.

Don't think they are conflicting? The Content Marketing Institute reported that 90 percent of the material made by the marketing team for the sales department ends up scrapped.

Due to the conflicting nature of the sales and marketing teams, it's important that we stop to think about how we can bring them together to improve our businesses as a whole. The following tips explain how you can use both groups to bring harmony to your business model, regardless of your field.

1. Find the customer sweet spot.

Here's how it works: The marketing team looks into data and leads and finds out what kind of people the business should try to appeal to. On the same note, the sales team looks through their data and they can see what kind of people are actually purchasing the product you're selling.

You can bring both of these teams together to build your customer sweet spot. By combining the data that both teams have, you'll be able to find your ideal customer. If you think of it as an overlapping chart, on the left you have who you should be selling to, and on the right, you have your actual customers.

The center is the "customer sweet spot." These are the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. Both the marketing and the sales team can benefit from the combination of this data.

2. Uses sales data to overcome marketing objections.

One of the hardest parts of selling your products is overcoming customer objections. Where do you discover customer objections? In your sales data.

Your sales team is going to know and understand what kind of problems they run into when they are offering your product and services to potential customers. They no doubt have a list of common customer objections such as "What makes you different?" and "Why is your product worth our time?"

Here's the brilliant part: Once you understand the common objections your team faces, you can start to shift some of those issues over to your marketing team so they can prepare solutions for your sales team.

As an example, let's say you're launching a new product to customers on a segment of your current customer lead list. After finding out common objections, your marketing team can devise an email that will go out to these customers in advance to the product. As a result, customers will have their objections answered before they can even raise concern. This will bring both of your teams together and help you boost your sales figures.

3. Build a constantly improving cycle.

The marketing and sales experience is a constantly growing cycle. When your marketing team does well, the sales team does well. When both teams are doing well, your business grows.

One of the best ways you can bring these two teams together is by reminding them that they constantly complement and improve each other as more data is fed into the business.

Your marketing team will continue to work and create material for your sales team. This will help your sales team close the deal when they are working with potential customers. Remind your sales team to take notes, figure out what part of the marketing did well, and what part could use some improvement.

Have weekly meetings where the sales team and marketing team come together to hash out ideas. If you treat them as two important links in the sales chain instead of one being more powerful than the other, you'll help build a strong team with a rich company culture that is built on a framework of teamwork instead of opposition.

You have to remind both teams that without each other, the other would fail. They should constantly work together to improve and build a business that everyone can be proud of.

Four Ways to Improve Your Marketing Database

By Michael Borkan, Talon Mailing & Marketing

Accurate data is imperative if you and your company want to achieve successful integrated marketing.

Clean, well-managed, and deduped database records keep qualified leads flowing and sales and profits flourishing.

Companies know the statements above quite well, yet, many organizations attempt to run marketing campaigns on a foundation of inaccurate and old data. Unfortunately, this sets them up for costly and disappointing results.

How Does Data Become Inaccurate?

Before examining how databases get outdated and inaccurate, realize you’re not the only organization facing these problems and challenges.

In its 2015 “State of Data Marketing” analysis, covering over 200 million customer records, Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex reported that more than 80% of data files it examined, were in some way incomplete. Additionally, more than 50% of the data files were missing important elements such as a contact phone number.

Some ways data-quality starts out or becomes outdated include:

  • Input errors – Database files often rely on manual updates, which exposes them to data entry errors, unintentional and otherwise. It's easy to imagine a rushed, overworked sales person leaving blank or guessing at one or more important data fields.

  • The pace of change – It’s shocking how often people change jobs, home and email addresses, and other personal information. The pace of such changes makes it difficult for businesses to keep contact records current.

  • Inconsistent data – All members and groups in your organization should capture and enter the same data in a standardized fashion. Slight differences, such as using St. for Street; US for U.S.; or dashes instead of spaces can send deliverability to the basement, add unnecessary duplicate records, and create high bounce-rates.

Tips To Fix Your Database
  • Update existing prospect and customer data – Assign an individual or team to tidy up current records, or use a reliable third-party data-cleanup company such as Talon to help.

  • Ensure that data records are complete – ID the most important and relevant fields for marketing, and implement repeatable processes and controls to ensure consistent quality.

  • Be very consistent – Standardize formatting of all key information, including abbreviations. Make sure to train everyone who’s involved with data upkeep and have a second pair of eyes review the data files for proper standardization.

  • Deal with the duplicates – Even tiny differences can generate duplicate records (and analytics issues). While many CRM and MA platforms have match-and-merge capabilities, they often fall short. Talon can help you identify duplicates and then merge important data fields from the duplicate records back into a single standardized record.
You may want to speak with Talon about how we can clean your data files. Talon can update and standardize mailing addresses and names; identify and eliminate costly duplicate records, and so much more.

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Writing Your Call to Action: Which Words Work

Three Tips to Help Sales and Marketing Work Together Better

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