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Five Innovative Ways To Use Direct Mail in 2016

By Leo Davie, tech.co

Direct mail can produce impressive results. Here’s five ways to use direct mail to boost brand awareness and generate impressive response rates in 2016.

Marketing is integral to any company and will likely underpin most business objectives in 2016 so it stands to reason that it is one of the primary considerations as we’ve now entered 2016. Understanding how to use one of the most fundamental forms of marketing, direct mail, is something that will stand businesses in good stead over the next 12 months.

We take a look at five innovative and creative ways that you can use direct mail marketing as a valuable tool for boosting brand awareness and generating a response from consumers in 2016 below:

Augmented Reality

Needless to say, direct mail is one of the oldest forms of marketing on the market but there are plenty of ways it is embracing technology and chief amongst these is that of augmented reality. To really stand out from the crowd, many innovative retailers and brands are deploying direct mail combined with augmented reality apps to really (and literally) bring their products to life. It isn’t just with augmented reality that brands are embracing new technology in direct mail, there is an abundance of ways that companies can embrace tech to bring their marketing campaigns to life.


People like getting things for free and there is no better way of getting your product out there than through a direct mail campaign that features samples. Don’t just send your product in a packet, however, make sure you think outside the box a little and make it stand out from the crowd with some eye-catching means of delivering your product sample – there are some great examples of brands getting their direct mail samples spot on.

Cracking Copy

One of the biggest mistakes that brands make with their direct mail is not putting enough thought into the copywriting of the campaign. There is nothing so powerful as words when it comes to advertising and a bland, aimless campaign will be doomed to fail from the start. Investing in a skilled wordsmith who can create innovative, engaging copy for your direct mail campaigns will be one of your best decisions in 2016. Great writing abounds from some of the leading advertising agencies and D & AD have recently showcased their last decade of work which is a great example of this.

Think Outside The Box

Direct mail is, of course, one of the oldest forms of marketing out there and it is testament to its effectiveness that it remains one of the chief weapons in any marketing department’s armoury. That being said, however, it is clear that you’re going to competing with plenty of other businesses for letter box real estate so being conservative and opting for the norm no longer cuts it any more – it’s very much a case of go big or go home. Direct mail today needs to make you think as this is more likely to compel action and a fantastic example of this is a campaign that was sent out on World Water Day.

Combine All Your Campaigns

It is clearly apparent that the best marketing departments out there realize the importance of fully integrating all of their campaigns and not siloing the different means of reaching their customers. For example, there is little value in sending out a direct mail campaign if you haven’t thought about how you’re going to reflect it across your website, email and social media channels because having a well ordered vision for the whole process will definitely yield dividends in the long run.

Direct mail is going to be instrumental to your business objectives in 2016 and the catalyst for achieving the sort of sales and brand awareness results that you’re after but its imperative that you don’t rest on your 2015 laurels and push your marketing boat out in 2016.

Direct Mail: Integral to the Marketing Mix in 2016

By Barb Pellow, thinkpatented.com

While some forms of marketing are fleeting and forgotten, a postcard, brochure, or catalog can serve as a lasting reminder of a marketing message. Direct mail can compel recipients to act, attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, boost brand awareness, reactivate dormant accounts, and deliver profitable results.

For the past several years, businesses of all sizes have focused on engaging consumers with sophisticated digital marketing campaigns, but marketers are now rethinking their strategies and incorporating more direct mail in the mix. Direct mail is a very effective marketing tool because it can compel recipients to act, attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, boost brand awareness, reactivate dormant accounts, and deliver profitable results.

One key reason for direct mail’s popularity is that it is able to do things more effectively than other types of marketing. Many consumers read direct mail because they prefer content that they can experience with more than just their eyes. Unlike e-mail, television, or radio ads, direct mail is a physical item that a consumer can hold in his/her hand and keep for a period of time. While some forms of marketing are fleeting and forgotten, a postcard, brochure, or catalog can serve as a lasting reminder of a marketing message.

A Critical Channel for Reaching Consumers

InfoTrends recently completed a study entitled Direct Marketing Production Printing & Value-Added Services: A Strategy for Growth. This study surveyed more than 1,800 consumers in the U.S. and Western Europe. In-depth interviews were also conducted with over 50 direct marketers and 20 print service providers. The study highlighted why direct mail is so integral to the media mix and why it needs to be a focus for print service providers in the future. This section includes key findings from our 900+ consumer respondents in the U.S. to explore why direct mail will remain a critical channel for reaching consumers.

Direct Mail Cuts through the Clutter
    66% of direct mail is opened.
    82% of direct mail is read for a minute or more.
    56% who responded to direct mail went online or visited the a local store.
    62% who responded to direct mail made a purchase.

Direct Mail is the Cornerstone of a Multi-Touch Campaign

A third of U.S. consumers responding to InfoTrends’ direct marketing study reported reading direct mail more than e-mail, while 34% said they opened and read e-mail and direct mail with equal frequency.

     I am more likely to read direct mail: 33.3%
     I am more likely to open and read e-mail: 22.9%
     I read both with roughly the same frequency: 34.1%
     Don’t know: 9.7%

Are you more likely to read an e-mail with a sales/promotional offer OR to look at a piece of direct mail?

Since consumers engage with both print and e-mail, communicating with them using an integrated campaign will drive higher results. In addition, direct mail can be a part of an interactive customer experience when used in conjunction with mobile devices and associated mobile apps. There are a number of tools that can enable a printed piece to trigger an interaction from a smartphone, including image recognition, augmented reality, NFC tags, and quick response codes. More and more direct marketers are integrating interactive elements with print to connect a consumer to a video or mobile-enabled website so they can learn more about a product or service, or creating mobile landing pages that enable consumers to take advantage of a coupon or discount. In addition, a direct marketer can point the consumer to a website or a personalized URL that can be accessed from a PC.

Personalization Makes a Difference

Firms of all sizes have the ability to interact with customers on a first-name basis. It has become much easier to collect, maintain, and store in-depth customer information. The technology is readily available to help marketers use this important data to communicate with customers on a personal level. Research shows that consumers are influenced by personalized communications. Of the U.S. consumers surveyed by InfoTrends, over 84% reported that personalization made them more likely to open a direct mail piece. Personalization has become a powerful direct mail tactic that is relatively easy to incorporate.

Survey Results: Does the customization or personalization of a direct mail piece make you more likely to open/read it?
    Yes, Much more likely 29.2%
    Yes, a little more likely 55.0%
    No 12.4%
    Don’t know 3.4%

Direct Mail Delivers Demonstrable ROI

Marketers want to be able to measure communication effectiveness so that they can improve campaigns, customer conversions, and overall return on marketing investment. Direct mail is measurable, so marketers can test offers and make the appropriate adjustments to improve results.

Seven Tips To Improve Your Direct Mail Performance

By Tony Kemp, thedrum.com

One to one communication really works – but you need to make it ultra relevant to the individual.

Old hat name personalization is vastly inadequate because it fails to fully utilize your client data insights. There is no excuse now for marketers failing to communicate one-to-one with their clients – with attention grabbing headlines; relevant printed images and offers; and varying tone of voice, text size and contrast.

Today’s marketing communications need to become dynamic making the most of all of the personalization opportunities that are now available.

Some key tips to making sure your communications are truly personal include:

1. Use your data insights

Consumers are increasingly demanding and expecting a high degree of personalization. Use whatever you know about your clients to reach out to them. Adding a name and address obviously gets your mail delivered, but marketers need to use data insights to create attention grabbing, colorful headlines, individualized to every customer to improve response rates.

2. Identify with your customer

Know who you are reaching out to – and show it. Information that we hold about our clients must be used to best effect to tailor the offers that we send to each client and also to avoid sending irrelevant communications which may be seen as ‘junk’. For example, if a vet wanted to reach out to dog owners with a dog food offer and to cat owners with, for example, a flu vaccine offer, then data flags can be used to select the right pet owners for the respective offers which can be produced – all in-flight – in one campaign.

3. Housekeep your data

Update your data regularly and avoid sloppy mistakes which just annoy consumers. Outsource the cleaning if necessary – as there is no excuse today for not utilizing suppression files to delete ‘gone aways’ or for removing the recently deceased from your communications.

4. Use specific images and photographs which will appeal to the recipient

For example, if your client has a young family, then include pictures of young families. If it’s a retired couple, then use shots of older individuals enjoying various activities in retirement, or if they are much older and possibly bereaved, then avoid images of couples and instead use groups of elderly people.

5. More often than not, you should know your customer’s age or age group

So, if for example they are aged over 55, then it is essential to use larger print and greater contrast. Think about how the customer feels, for example, if you are offering a highly sensitive service such as laser eye surgery to a 55-year-old man who is struggling to read, then don’t include images of a 22-year-old female wanting vision correction in order to drive.

6. Work hard to retain your customers

It takes some time to win customers and marketers have to work just as hard to retain them. Use your data to make the most of every opportunity to connect with your customers again and again. For example, add soft touches into your communication program to send thank you, birthday or anniversary cards to mark their loyalty to your business. This will make your clients feel important and valued, and recommend you.

7. Make your direct mail dynamic

Use data insights for every client to produce bespoke communications with engaging headlines, relevant imagery and offers that fit each customer’s profile. Communicate intelligently in response to client concerns, in anticipation of a forthcoming event, on a particular anniversary –communications should be regular, relevant and engaging.

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Five Innovative Ways To Use Direct Mail in 2016

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