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Magic Colors to Elevate Your Marketing

By Steve Pulcinella, Business.com

Implement these colors into your marketing plan to get the most out of your direct response campaigns.

Please note, last month we had Steve's take on Magic Words that can also help elevate your marketing. Please refer to last month's newsletter if you missed it.

If you had to guess, how many colors would you say there are? I was extremely curious about that, so I did what everyone does: I Googled it. There are actually 18 decillion colors. I have zero idea what a decillion is (I should Google that too!), but I know it has to be a lot.

The art world has moved way beyond the giant Crayola 64 I used to make my masterpieces. You can get away with using just one or two colors – think black letters on a white background. But if you want the design to pop, convey creativity, and pull the reader into your offering, you must make it visually interesting for them.

Robert Bly, a giant in this industry, has definite opinions on the colors below:

  • Black: Powerful and sleek; seen as luxurious and sophisticated.

  • Green: Associated with wealth; the easiest color for the eye to process. Used with finance or entertainment companies, as well as for eco-friendly products.

  • Yellow: Optimistic and youthful; often used to grab a viewer's attention.

  • Purple: Soothing and calm (think lavender baby wash or lotion); often relates to beauty or anti-aging products and services.

  • Blue: Creates the sensation of trust and security; often used by banks and businesses.

  • Pink: Romantic and feminine; often used to market products and services for women and young girls.

  • Red: Energy; increases heart rate and creates a sense of urgency.

  • Orange: Aggressiveness; used as a call to action and attention-grabber.

Do you agree with his opinions? Do you have a specific feeling about what each of those colors is said to represent? Have you noticed them, either consciously or subconsciously, in the mailings you receive every day? Are you using any of these colors – alone or in combination – in your marketing campaigns today?

There are certainly many more colors that you can take advantage of when you're putting together a direct response campaign. Whether you want to match the colors to your logo, the season (e.g., autumnal colors to promote your annual fall giveaway), or your product, color is a powerful tool to tie everything together. It helps the reader make an immediate connection to what you're trying to tell them, pushing them to read more and receive the messages their brain is trying to pass along. How can anyone ignore "CLOSEOUT SALE!" in big, bold letters? The reader will instantly have questions: "A closeout sale for what? When is it? How long will it last? Tell me more."

You have to consider a host of things in marketing: the size, the copy or wording, whether to use pictures or not, etc. Many people take the colors they use for granted, sometimes thinking of them only after the fact. Don't do that.

Much the same way people associate colors with specific memories (such as the colors of their wedding bouquet), seasons (such as burnt oranges and burgundies for fall), or feelings (such as green for envy), the colors you use in your marketing will become an unconscious association with your company.

That is what using the right colors and words can do – associate you and your business or opportunity distinctly, powerfully, and positively in the minds of your audience.

99 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing (Part II)

By Al Lautenslager, Entrepreneur.com

Kick your marketing into high gear with these 99 ways to get customers to open your mail.

Last month we covered Al's first 50 tips. This month's we are listing his remaining 49 tips.

Direct mail is one of the most important pieces of your marketing plan. Developing and executing the campaign can many times be a thankless job. Today's mailing regulations can get complicated--postage rates are changing and the flood of mail makes it harder to stand out. The right message is very important and must get to the target prospect in the right way on a frequent basis. Capturing your reader has to happen fast and your reader must be motivated to take action.

Here are the tips 51 - 99 to ensure that you get the right message to the right target--in the right way.

  • Include a toll-free number if you have one

  • Get your readers involved with a contest

  • Use a tear-out coupon or one with a printed perforation

  • Ask plain questions and offer a simple solution

  • Put in a photo of yourself or an associate's to personalize it

  • Make promises; keep promises

  • "Free" is still a motivating word--use it and highlight it

  • Use handwritten notes or comments on your direct-mail piece

  • Guarantee customer satisfaction

  • Offer proof of the benefits

  • Include case studies and success stories

  • Restate your offer often, especially at the end of the communication

  • Use captions, sayings or titles under all photos

  • Order your mailing list or compile it way in advance of your execution date

  • Test your list and use "Address Correction Requested" to clean your list

  • Mail to vendors as well as target prospects

  • Outsource things you don't do best: printing, mail prep, design, etc.

  • Put yourself on all mailing lists

  • Work with a list broker to tighten list specifications

  • Test different copy, headlines and offers

  • Use graphics on the outside of envelopes

  • Measure results and calculate ROM (Return on Mailing) dollars

  • Code your mailings to measure response

  • Mail frequently to a smaller subset of your list

  • Plan and prepare enough mailings for three months at a time

  • Use color

  • Do a co-op mailing with a fusion marketing partner or power partner

  • White space is good--a clean look is professional and easy to read

  • Print in large quantities to take advantage of cheaper printing prices

  • Use mailing pieces as handouts and for sales kits

  • Mail to PR contacts

  • Self-mailers are read more than stuffed envelopes

  • Postcards are very efficient; usually both sides are looked at

  • Print on the flap of the envelope to increase exposure

  • Create excitement: "Act Now!", "For a limited time!", "Hurry while it lasts!"

  • Deliver stacks of left-over printed items to trade organizations

  • Its OK to send the same piece over and over for consistency

  • Mail to educational institutions

  • Create fun for you and your prospect with your campaign

  • Tie other marketing to your mailings

  • Put your website address on all mailing pieces

  • Odd shapes work, too

  • Mail with stamps get opened before metered mail

  • Include pre-stamped reply envelopes

  • Don't delay your mailing by trying to mail in bulk on one day

  • Include a business card in a letter

  • Lumpy mail gets attention--it gets opened and gets a good response

  • Have a conversation with your prospect

  • Publicize your direct-mail campaign

    Hopefully you've found one or two--or even dozens--of tips for your next mailing. They're easy tips for any business to use, and are guaranteed to increase your customer response rate.
    Three Simple Ways to Leverage Customer Data

    These simple techniques can empower small marketers to better compete with larger, deeper-pocketed rivals.

    One strategy that can be particularly effective is better leveraging of in-house customer data, much like large corporations mine so-called ‘big-data,’ only in a more familiar and relatable way.

    Follow these three simple ways to help you bring a higher return on information you already have.

    1) Leverage Customer Data to Shape Strategy

    Segmenting customers by relevant criteria enables you to tailor your marketing accordingly, including personalizing direct mail and emails and other tactics with appropriate imagery and offers.

    Simply including the recipient’s first name in the email, or direct mail piece, can boost engagement. One organization that added personalization increased their company’s conversions by 15 percent.

    2) Respond to Operational Lapses

    By closely monitoring customer feedback channels, including social media, you can understand the nature and sources of customer dissatisfaction. This helps “identify specific locations, processes or even employees that don’t maintain the company standard,” one marketer observed, and respond quickly and appropriately. The secret here is to ensure that “data is sufficiently aggregated,” so that reliable patterns emerge (an excessive number of returns or complaints from one store or website, for example), rather than basing responses on infrequent or one-off grievances.

    3) Apply Insights to New Offerings

    “Mining data from support interactions can be a goldmine for developing future versions of your products,” says one marketing executive, relating how his company does it. At the end of each call or email they handle, “the support team simply asks customers if there’s a feature they’d like to see in future versions.” These ideas are immediately compiled on a nearby whiteboard, and with enough mentions, added to the next development-meeting agenda.

    In the end, a more intentional and creative approach to leveraging data can only have upside for you and those you serve.

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