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A Must Read For Anyone Wanting to Succeed in Marketing

By Michael Borkan, Talon Mailing & Marketing

Here's a new, highly acclaimed book that can help you improve your advertising and marketing dramatically.

David Ogilvy. Gene Schwartz. Gary Halbert. John Caples. Robert Collier. Claude Hopkins.

Do you know these names?

If you're responsible for marketing, or own a small business that needs to grow sales,  then these are names you NEED to know.

Why?  Because their long and legendary careers have brought in BILLIONS of dollars in sales and millions of dollars in profits.  The techniques and strategies they invented and perfected are still quite relevant and used by marketing experts today.

Many business people don’t have time to study the lifelong careers of these six great  admen, and that's where the authors and their outstanding book helps.  Luckily for us, the two authors have done the research for us!

Not only is The Advertising Solution a must read, Craig Simpson and Brian Kurtz have assembled additional resources to accompany the book.  I'll detail more about the additional resources in a moment, but here’s a tidbit:  One of the free resources is called “The $100 Million Swipe File."

Author, Craig Simpson has stated that "the book itself is the result of hundreds of hours of research (time I know you don’t have). Plus, we’re giving you resources with rare, hard-to-find ads, writing samples, interviews, and presentations." 

According to Simpson, here’s what you get inside the book:

  • Proven techniques that have made BILLIONS of dollars for over 50 years…and still do today!
  • 3 ways to hook your prospects and pull them into your message
  • How to build trust and increase sales by connecting with your readers on a personal level
  • The psychology behind what gets prospects to LISTEN, RESPOND, and BUY
  • Classic techniques for killer ad copy from some of the world’s most sought after copywriters of all time
  • Gene Schwartz’ unbeatable workflow technique to avoid writers’ block and other creative breakdowns
Some of the best things about The Advertising Solution, are the many simple-to-use ideas and tips that any marketing person or business owner can immediately implement. These suggestions and examples will bring in new customers each time you use them.

If you study all the techniques and resources in this  book, and combine it with the additional free resources they're offering, it really is a comprehensive scholarly course on the finest marketing techniques and knowledge of the past century.  According to Simpson, the additional free resources include:

  • Hard to find ads and letters from marketing legends David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, John Caples, Robert Collier, Claude Hopkins, and Gene Schwartz. You’ll have unlimited access to promotions that made hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Lost, classic presentations from three of the most sought after copywriters of all time, Gary Halbert, Gene Schwartz, and David Ogilvy.
  • An updated and expanded version of the direct marketing classic, Scientific Advertising Illustrated and Annotated by Claude Hopkins.
If you want to see your sales and bottom line improve, I suggest you don’t wait. The sooner you implement the techniques, the sooner you will see growth and success.

The book is available on Amazon.com, Banes & Noble and indiebound.org.  When you buy the book, just email your receipt to bounus@thelegendsbook.com to receive the free bonus package of swipe files and rare videos from the greatest direct response legends of all time.

About the Authors:

Craig Simpson has managed thousands of direct marketing campaigns and has grossed hundreds of millions in revenue for his clients over the past 20 years. Simpson is the owner of Simpson Direct, Inc., an Oregon-based direct marketing firm, and a respected speaker/presenter on the topic of direct mail.

Brian Kurtz has been a serial direct marketer for almost 35 years and is the driving force behind the Titans of Direct Response Conference. He writes and speaks regularly and consults with leading direct marketing companies and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of categories.

How to Extend the Life of Your Direct Mail Postcard or Brochure

By Mike Ryan, Business2community.com

Here are some steps you can take to ensure your direct mail materials get noticed, read, and even saved.

Opting for quality graphics and professionally written copy, and including incentives that are irresistible to your target audience is a good place to start. But did you know that there are ways to extend the life of your direct mail postcard or brochure that can generate even more revenue for your business?

Direct mail has consistently demonstrated the potential to create a lasting effect on consumers, and part of this is its proven ability to trigger a positive emotional response. But physical mail offers something else that digital advertising doesn’t: staying power.

Mail-Out Materials That Stick Around

Many postal studies show that consumers have a strong tendency to keep, display, and share certain types of direct mail materials, including:

  • Coupons
  • Restaurant menus
  • Sales flyers
Not only are about two-thirds of potential customers inclined to keep mail they feel offers immediate or future value, they’re also very apt to display that mail in highly visible locations inside their homes. This provides an outstanding opportunity for your brand to engage with prospects on multiple occasions – over an extended period of time – and all for the price of a single mail-out.

Research from the US Postal Service confirms that 81% of recipients read their mail daily and, because of its tangible nature, tend to “save mailed coupons for future use and share mailings with others.”

So, just how much extra life can you expect to squeeze out of your double-duty postcard or brochure?

Surveys have suggested that, depending on the format, many direct mail recipients keep print materials from a few days to a month, or longer. In fact, an in-depth study conducted by the Canada Post Corporation, established that this is indeed the case for:
  • Product and service coupons (67%),
  • Restaurant menus (77%),
  • Promotional mail (41%)
  • Retail flyers (61%)
Getting a Foot in the Door

Just as important as the keeping of direct mail postcards and brochures, is the fact that consumers love to share them. Even if a well-crafted offer doesn’t meet the immediate needs of the person who opens it, they’re far more likely to pass that coupon or sales discount along to someone they know, than they are an email or social media promotion.

Print mail is memorable, and can ultimately be a joy to receive. In today’s noisy digital world, consumers have begun to recognize direct mail as a more intimate bid for their attention – and their response to this personalized approach has been to:
  • Visit a physical place of business almost twice as often
  • Visit a company website more than two-thirds of the time
Companies that take the time to research their clients and prospects, and to design direct mail communications that are relevant and offer long-term value, are being rewarded with an invitation into the homes and lives of their customers. And there’s nothing more effective than a foot-in-the-door to nurture a lasting relationship.

How to Calculate the Success of a Direct Mail Campaign

By Doug and Polly White, Entrepreneur.com

Are your direct mail promotions working? Here's how to find out:

One of the services we perform through Whitestone Partners, our consulting firm, is to analyze the return on investment (ROI) of different types of marketing efforts. We had a client, for instance, who used direct mail to sell his product. He had mailed 500 potential clients and sold 17 products; he was excited about the results.

He asked us if we thought he should borrow money in order to mail to another 1 million potential customers. We agreed that this was an interesting opportunity. However, before going all in, we suggested that he focus on three things:

The break-even point

The first thing our client needed to determine was the close rate needed to break even. In the test, he had a close rate of 3.4 percent (17/500). For direct mail, that is typically very good. However, he still needed to verify that, given the economics of his product, this close rate would make him profitable.

Here are definitions for the terms used to make this calculation:

  • Close rate -- the number of closed sales divided by the number of pieces mailed
  • B/E close rate -- the close rate you need, to break even on the mailing
  • Variable mail cost -- the cost per piece mailed including postage, printing, etc. (these costs increase in proportion to the number of pieces mailed)
  • Fixed cost -- the cost of executing your direct-mail campaign, including creative development, campaign management, etc. (these costs do not change as a function of the number of pieces mailed)
  • Gross margin -- the money (in dollars) you make from each closed sale (the sales price minus your cost to deliver the product or service)
  • Pieces -- the number of pieces of mail you drop
In a break-even calculation, revenue must equal cost. Therefore, the breakeven equation is:

B/E close rate x pieces x gross margin = fixed cost + (pieces x variable cost)

Solving for the B/E close rate:

B/E close rate = ((fixed cost/pieces) + variable cost)/gross margin

If the B/E close rate you calculate is less than your actual close rate, you’ll make money. Notice that the B/E close rate declines as the number of pieces mailed increases. This is because when the number of pieces mailed increases, you amortize the fixed cost of the campaign over more pieces of mail. Therefore, the fixed cost per piece is less. When calculating the break-even point, use the number of pieces that you would expect to be able to mail consistently after the rollout (this will likely be more than the 500 our client mailed in his test).

The source of names and mail frequency

To execute an ongoing direct mail marketing campaign, you’ll need a reliable source of names to mail. Make sure that you have access to enough names to make your program successful. You will need to test to determine the best cadence for mailing your prospect list.

If you mail too frequently, close rates will decline to the point that the mail campaigns are unprofitable. If you mail too infrequently, you are missing an opportunity. Test your way into the optimal mail frequency.

Sample size

Our client had tested only a very small sample size -- 500 pieces mailed. With this sample size and response rates in the 3 percent range, he could be 95 percent confident that his actual close rate would be ± 1.5 percent of the result he got. The observed close rate was 3.4 percent. That means he could be 95 percent confident that the close rate with his planned 1 million mail pieces would be between 1.9 percent and 4.9.

If his break-even close rate were below 1.9 percent, he would probably be safe significantly expanding the size of his direct mail campaign. However, we advised him that it would be prudent to test with a mail drop of 10,000 to 100,000 before rolling out to 1 million. With a mail drop of 10,000 pieces, he would be able to read his close rate to within ±0.33 percent; and with a mail drop of 100,000 pieces, his confidence interval would shrink to ±0.11 percent. We suggested testing at these levels before rolling out to 1 million people.

Direct mail can be a profitable way to market certain products or services. It can also be an expensive waste of money. Our client had what looked to be a promising opportunity. Using the calculations and the three tips above helped him to make a good decision. We hope our advice will ensure that your own direct mail campaigns also come down on the right side of the ledger.

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A Must Read For Anyone Wanting to Succeed in Marketing

How to Extend the Life of Your Direct Mail Postcard or Brochure

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