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Top Reasons Why Direct Mail Still Matters

By Bernadine Grant, Fifefreepress.com

While all the buzz is in social media marketing, good old physical mail is still a force to be reckoned with. Here's why:

Have you ever wondered if itís still worth investing in direct mail services? In this day and age, anything old seems boring, and you might be tempted to ditch out this old form marketing campaign. If this is your case, think again because direct mail is alive and well. While all the buzz is in social media marketing, good old physical mail is still a force to be reckoned with. In fact, a lot of seasoned online marketers like Neil Patel swear by it. But donít take Patel as the final authority on this, his notion is shared by a lot of entrepreneurs both veterans and budding ones.

The Benefits of direct mail advertising

Direct mail is a marketing strategy that involves sending targeted promotions through the postal service to your current customer base. It often includes a sales letter, a brochure, an order form and to smoothen things out, a prepaid envelope. To save on cost, small companies advertise use direct mail as magazine inserts together with larger companies. There are a lot of benefits of adding direct mail to your current repertoire of marketing campaigns.

Itís personal

In the day of hurried communications, physical mail gives a touch of being personal. It gives the impression of being well-thought-out as opposed to being hasty. From the customersí standpoint, it means you are thinking of them because youíre willing to go to such lengths as actually writing a correspondence when faster alternatives abound.

Itís targeted

The advantage of using direct mail is that you can target specific customers. Itís like a sniper firing at an individual target to the heart as opposed to shooting with a shotgun that spreads projectiles at all directions. If youíre selling food supplements, for instance, you can buy a mailing list compose of gym-goers who take similar products as yours. Then you can send a carefully crafted sales letter to these people in the hopes that they will try your products.

It offers measurable results

Entrepreneurs are all for measurability, and direct mail results are highly measurable according to the US Postal Service. For example, you can include a promo code in your campaign and have somebody from your company track down how many customers bought items from your store using the code. This is just one example, there are other ways to measure the efficacy of your mail marketing campaign.

Itís highly affordable

With the advancement of print technology, small businesses can easily design mail in-house. Once finalized, this can be printed by the hundreds using an office printer. You can then send out smaller quantities to test whether it works or not. When you have determined that the strategy is working, you can then send more mail to more customers.

If you think that a direct mail campaign is irrelevant in 2020, think again. This is a tried and tested marketing strategy back in the days when emails and social media are still in the imaginations of the geniuses that invented them. Now, with the advent of these modern conveniences, direct mail is still a force to be reckoned with because potential customers are always looking for something unique amid technological ubiquity.

Rethinking Direct Mail

By Brad Kugler, Mailingsystemstechnology.com

Direct mail works. Itís always worked. Here's why:

A recent Data & Marketing Association (DMA) report mentions up to a nine percent response rate depending on to whom you are mailing. Digital advertising canít even touch it. Itís rare for a digital campaign to get even one percent engagement with the best offers. So then why isnít everyone doing it? Simple answer: Itís expensive. Postage and printing arenít cheap. But that doesnít mean it should be abandoned. Even the biggest and most successful marketers have had to eat crow and learn this the hard way.

Case in point was in May of 2019. In a conference call with stockholders, the CEO of Nordstrom, Erik Nordstrom himself, blamed his disappointing earnings on dropping their direct mail campaign of their coupons. And you know what their reason for stopping was? To get their coupon program online ďto reach customers faster.Ē My guess is the real reason was to save some money! To say the least, they are restarting the coupon mailings.

Nordstrom is not the first and they wonít be the last, but the company is definitely one of the few to admit that mistake. Obviously, direct mail alone without a target or plan is not guaranteed to be a success. Nordstromís campaign was a long-standing, well thought out campaign approaching their best customers with loyalty coupons. Those coupons brought customers back to the stores where they spent the couponís value and then some and kept them coming back.

So why do you think giving the same offer digitally didnít work? The call to action is the same. The target audience was the same. Yet, the customers didnít come in. According to Nordstrom, they felt the use would be quicker and customers would come in sooner due to not having the delay of printing and mailing. And yet, there was obviously a drop in sales, not an uptick! Why?

The reason is the tactile nature of the printed piece. You get an email of a coupon online or a link to a coupon online, and itís easily forgotten or perhaps never printed. As the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. Your printer is out of ink, paper, or just doesnít work, which is all too common with home printers. Itís simply not the same experience. You get that big printed coupon in the mail that says $20 off, and youíre saving that thing for your next retail trip! You put it in your purse or wallet and see it all the time, and you make it a point to go to that store.

So, the printed piece has to be relevant and possess a call to action that is going to motivate and almost sear itself into the mind of the receiver (especially if itís just a one-time offer). Those of us selling print or mail need to be the experts on this. Educate our clients on what works and what doesnít. Teach them how you can enhance you print offer with an omni channel synergistic and simultaneous digital campaign to get the best of both worlds and ensure success.

Remember, this is not a print vs digital world. Itís a print and digital together world that brings the best results, without question!

How to Accelerate Direct Mail Results and Get More Clients

By Nate Vickery, Customerthink.com

Use the right tools to keep your direct mail efforts profitable and effective. Here's how to do it:

Living in this digitally-dominant time of ours means that many brands depend almost exclusively on digital marketing campaigns. They are low-cost, many are free, easy to monitor and set up, and the channels for marketing your business online are practically endless. That level of digital abundance makes it a no-brainer for business owners to invest in this aspect of growth, rather than omnichannel diversification. In this case, weíre referring to what so many companies consider a dying art: the art of direct mail.

True, digital outlets are more prevalent, diverse by nature, and easy to track and implement. However, the need for personalization makes direct mail one heck of an opportunity for companies happy to go that extra mile. Still, no marketing strategy  promises immediate results. You need to be smart, creative, and use the right tools to keep your direct mail efforts profitable and effective, and weíve compiled a few suggestions that can help you get better results, and ultimately, more happy customers.

Target the right customers

This may be a single step in your direct mail strategy, but it might very well be the most effective one to define its success. Simply put, direct mail allows you to truly segment your audience and target a specific group of potential and existing customers so as to reap the finest rewards. Compile a list of prospective customers that fit your description, and youíll already have a list of qualified leads instead of mass-producing direct mail campaigns that will be a mix of hit and miss responses.

Settle on specific parameters youíll use to create the list for your target demographic. Let your expert marketers do some research and get to know your target audience in order to pick the direct mail formats that will make the most sense for them in particular. This learning stage can make or break every single piece of mail you send out, so pour your heart into it if you want your campaigns to take effect.

Timing can make all the difference

Every industry is different, and your customers will oftentimes be more receptive to your campaigns if you discover the right time to send your materials to them. Now that you have a better idea of who your ideal customers are and the people who will benefit from your services or products, you should figure out a direct mail timeline for sending out your materials and increase their chance to be opened instead of thrown out.

When you know the best day of the week to send out your mail, youíll define your entire production strategy to fit that particular date. Everything from printing out your materials, setting aside a timeslot for postage stamping your mail, all the way to having your materials mailed, it will all be affected by that key moment in the week when your target customers will be most likely to read your mail.

Invest in the right technology

Keeping the process simple and streamlined is actually one of the most essential steps in your direct mail campaigns. It can be very time-consuming for your teams to craft and adapt your brandís visuals to meet the needs of your packaging and stamping, and to personalize every single piece of mail to include the customerís name and a customized message.

To speed this process along, you can use a franking machine, also known as a stamping machine, to automate this portion of the strategy. Add to that, you can customize the printing to add your brandís logo and name, and youíll have yet another way to increase the chances for your target audience to open up the mail: theyíll see your brand name and get curious about what you have to offer!

Personalization is a must

Much like within your digital outlets, a high level of personalization is necessary when you design and print all of your direct mail material. That means that different customers call for a different approach, and in addition to addressing the mail correctly to an individual, you should also go a little further into finding other details you can use to connect.

For example, if you know that youíre sending your mail to someone who is married, you can add a coupon, or a gift card for something they could give their spouse as a Valentineís Day present. Make sure that you advertise the right products to the right category of people and the more you learn about them through your digital outlets, the easier it will be to promote your brand in direct mail, too.

Thereís no need to choose one channel over the other, or abandon your direct mail for the sake of digital outlets. You can use them both in favor of your business, especially if you tweak your approach and brace yourself for learning more about what makes your target customers tick Ė or in this case, what makes them love your direct mail campaigns. Refine them over time, and more people will show their loyalty to your brand.

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