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Three Ways to Get the Most From Direct Mail

By Mark Arnold, Fi.deluxe.com

The three suggestions below will help improve your response rates and boost ROI.

Admittedly, direct mail doesnít rank as highly in most marketing campaigns as it did twenty years ago.

However, direct marketing also has not gone the way of the dinosaur. If anything, the rise of email and digital communication has helped direct mail carve its own specialized niche (once marketers understand how it can be tied to directing consumers back to a website).

In order to get the most bang for the buck from your next campaign, consider the following best practices:

1. Tightly identify your audience

Blanket mail campaigns are typically a waste of time. In order to drive traffic (and marketing ROI) the direct mail component of any campaign must focus on specific target markets. There are a number of ways you can break this down (geographically, gender, household income, kids/no kids, etc.). Whichever route you go, ensure your campaigns are tightly targeted.

2. Make a compelling offer

If you are able to grab the consumerís eyes for a split second with your direct mail piece, youíve got to have a compelling offer. Simply sending a colorful card with information about a financial product or service will not do. There must be some type of hook that not only gets the consumerís attention but also compels him or her to actually call you/visit your website/send a text, etc.

3. Use eye-catching visuals in your direct mail pieces

In the scant few seconds you have to catch the consumerís attention with direct mail, you must wow them visually. It canít be packed with words (people just donít read that much anymore). It also shouldnít lead with generic stock photo imagery. The best way to promote your bank or credit union visually is to use real images of real consumers that are positively impacted by your products and services. This translates as authentic and trustworthy.

While direct marketing is not the five-hundred-pound marketing gorilla it was decades ago, it still has a role to play in many marketing campaigns. If you use direct mail in your business-to-business or consumer marketing efforts, stick to best practices including those above for a better chance at success.

Social Media and Direct Mail Join Forces

By Robbie Thompson, Bdaily.co.uk

Direct mail will always succeed in the industry, as marketing delivered to your door is much harder to ignore than an email.

Social media and direct mail are direct opposites. However, you know what they say - opposites attract. Coming out of the cold and into the embrace of social media marketing, direct mail is thriving.

New industry reports have suggested the combination of the two forms of communication is unrivalled. Pairing digital and direct mail marketing could lift your response rates by a staggering 118%. Ironically, even the likes of social media giants, Facebook, are turning to mail marketing.

The possibilities with direct mail are certainly more than ever before - particularly with the development of technology and machinery. Washington Direct Mail, a leading mailing company within the UK, are discussing the options for the two combined forces. Why direct mail? Weíre biased towards direct mail, but the medium boasts proven success rates. In 2018, direct mail has experienced a significant boost in profile, with the Data & Marketing Association recording their highest ever response rates for mailing pieces.

While social media advertising may rule the roost in this day and age, itís important not to underestimate traditional marketing channels. To reach your audience, you need to consider all factors.

We can attribute the success of direct mail to many things, but the most predominant is touch - an advantage digital marketing can never compete. Touch is one of our five senses, and the ability to physically touch mail significantly improves our engagement and memories with a particular brand. If you can hold a marketing campaign after it is delivered to your door, the chances are youíll recall the message over that of email marketing.

Likewise, even the type of paper used for marketing mailing can build a relationship with a brand - especially those companies using high-quality finishing. Why social media? We certainly cannot disregard social media marketing - particularly with the likes of Twitter boasting 330 million monthly active users. The number of social media users, currently, sits at 3.196 billion, and that will continue to grow. The figures speak for themselves as to the power of social media, yet you cannot disregard other forms of communication.

As we are bombarded with emails, Facebook ads and the like, content becomes over saturated. At some point, weíll not know where to turn as so many brands attempt to shout the loudest. Facebook is a brand that is not exempt, losing many younger users to Snapchat and other apps, so are looking for unique marketing.

Direct mail will always succeed in the industry, as marketing delivered to your door is much harder to ignore than an email. You can delete an email without a seconds thought, but you have to actively pick up the direct marketing to remove it from your house.

Today, brands must be everywhere, at all times, which is where direct mail can enter the fold. Integrated marketing Getting to our point of multi-channel integration, your best option is to combine marketing methods. By doing so, you are appealing to every one of your prospects, rather than ignoring large chunks of your audience.

Social media marketing can target consumers as they browse websites or scroll through their newsfeed. Direct mail marketing can appeal to those same consumers when they have put down their smartphone and are relaxing in their home. Therefore, your brand is available at all times, creating a stronger relationship and boosting their ability to recall your company.

Programmatic mail can include many factors, including basket reminder mail. If a prospect abandons their basket on your site, you would, typically, remind the consumer with an email. However, you can do so within 12 hours with programmatic mail, thus improving their engagement with your company. Paperplanes, a UK tech startup, even reported a 14% increase in basket recovery due to their programmatic mailing.

Ultimately, the marketing world is continually changing, and you must adapt to brand-new trends to outrank your competitors. The combination of social media and mailing is your answer.

Five Ways to Quickly Boost Your Sales

By Kim Bainbridge, NBCnews.com

How can you increase revenue at your business? Here's the answer: Close more deals.

How do you close more deals?

By implementing these painless tips:

1. Send a Package that Begs to Be Opened

No matter what industry youíre in, the person youíre trying to pitch to probably gets dozens of proposals a day. Do something surprising or interesting with your packaging in order to grab the attention of your audience.

2. Find Good (or Great) Sales Reps

Attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge. However, in order to achieve business growth, you must spend a considerable amount of time thinking about employee management and employee engagement. Your staff will play a key role in carrying out your customer relationship management strategy.

Find a good sales rep by looking for people who are already working with non-competitive products in your industry. They will already have relationships with your potential customer base.

3. Point Out Product Flaws

Today, customers everywhere value brands that commit to transparency. Don't try and pull one over on your prospects. If there is something off, they'll appreciate it if you point it out before they find it themselves.

4. Get Back to Those Leads Quickly

Where possible, try to build fast response times into your business processes and training materials. If someone emails or calls your company, do the best you can to respond within 15 minutes. You will still be top of mind and will be much more likely to close a sale.

5. Get to the Right Buyers at Big Retailers

Reaching people who can buy your products for large companies is not impossible if you know a couple of tricks. You will probably have to do a bit of detective work to find the right names and contact information. However, resources like The Chain Store Guide and The Salesman's Guide are good places to start your search for the right supplier.

Ultimately, letís face it ó if your business is not regularly closing deals, it probably wonít last for very long. Luckily, thereís plenty of helpful advice like this in JJ Ramberg's essential book: Itís Your Business.

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