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Why You Shouldn't Ignore Direct Mail

By Ernie Smith, Associationsnow.com

Direct mail often doesn’t get the respect it deserves these days, but it’s a significantly more effective medium than digital tools like email or social media. And it's getting more interactive, too.

It’s way cheaper to send out another email or social ad than it is to go to all the trouble of physically printing something out and delivering it through the mail.

But that doesn’t mean direct mail doesn’t have an impact—or that you should discount its value given the right context. Perhaps it’s for that reason that the 2018 edition of the Response Rate Report, a joint study conducted by the Association of National Advertisers and DMA: Data & Marketing Association, found that 81 percent of marketers expected to increase their use of direct mail.

With recent trends in mind, here are a few reasons why direct mail remains interesting in 2019:

The odds are better something will be read. Other outlets are flooded with information on a daily basis, creating lots of competition for your message. A recent study by Valassis and The NPD Group found that 69 percent of people surveyed read or looked at a mailed advertisement, a rate well above what one might find in digital channels. And with knowledge of details such as location and demographics handy, targeting is definitely a point of appeal for direct mail.

It drives response—without being annoying. Because of the nature and lower circulation of direct mail, it’s more likely to drive both eyeballs and response. According to Data Targeting Solutions, last year’s edition of the ANA/DMA Response Rate Report showed a significant increase in response rates compared to prior years. Existing lists saw a 9 percent response rate in 2018, nearly triple the response rates in 2015, while nearly 5 percent of prospects responded. Those rates are significantly above the rates seen in email, search, and social media—all of which hover around 1 percent each.

Direct mail is gaining a video component. Who says direct mail has to be paper? In recent years, a number of firms have started to sell booklets with built-in LCD screens that play video when you open them. One such company, the Florida-based Video Brochures Direct, noted to the Pensacola News Journal that the impact of video booklets still proved gripping, even though such interactivity can easily be found online. “It blows people’s minds. It’s instant gratification,” founder Aaron Ball explained to the newspaper. The article noted one novel use of the booklets involved shipping them to season ticket holders for a minor-league team.

Long story short: Given the right campaign and the right audience, direct mail has a lot of room to make an impact in a big way.

Four Amazing Marketing Tips to Crush Your Competitors

By Jeff Charles, Smallbiztrends.com

Using the tips in this article will provide you with the means to attract more people to your website and your place of business.

Standing out from the competition is challenging, especially if you are just starting your business. Chances are, there are plenty of companies that have been doing what your company does for years, and they have already figured out how to earn and maintain a customer base.

So how will you manage to appeal to their customers? The answer is simple: Show that you can deliver even better results. But communicating that message requires a level of creativity on your part.

This article will provide you with four lesser-known marketing tricks that will help you get noticed.

1. Use Your Competitors

Free press is almost always positive for businesses — even small ones. Getting journalists to cover your brand is a critical tactic that will help you get in front of more eyes. But it isn’t easy to earn the attention of major publications.

One way to be featured alongside your competitors is to see which publications are covering them. You can set up a Google Alert including the names of your competitors and you will get a notice each time they are mentioned on the internet.

Find out which outlets are featuring your competitors and reach out to the journalists who are reporting on them. You might not be successful with each reporter you contact, but if you keep at it, some will be willing to give your company some attention.

2. Automation Is Your Friend

If you’re a new entrepreneur, it’s likely that you’re overwhelmed by the many duties business ownership entails. Every day, you’re probably wearing a new hat, and it’s easy to let some of the more important aspects of growing a successful enterprise fall by the wayside.

Marketing is one of the most essential duties that you must undertake if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. After all, having superior products doesn’t mean anything if nobody knows about them, right? Unfortunately, marketing is quite time-consuming.

Content creation, social media, and copywriting take an immense level of effort, and if it’s not done well, you can waste a lot of time and money. But there is a way to make this easier: Automation.

Whenever possible, you should automate your marketing functions so that you can free up more time for other jobs. There are several different types of software that can automatically share content on social media, track vital metrics, reach customers through email, and test your landing pages. The only downside is that the software used to perform these tasks are not free, and some can be pretty pricey. But if you’re trying to stand out from your competition, they are worth the investment.

3. Strategic Pricing

Pricing is one of the most overlooked keys to attracting more customers. Many business owners don’t put as much thought into the amount they are charging their customers, and this is a serious mistake.

One strategy that has worked for most companies is to create products that are priced in a way that drive attention to your higher-revenue items. Here’s an example. Let’s say you run a coffee shop and you only have two sizes for your drinks. The smaller size is sold at $4 while you have priced your large drink at $7. Try adding a medium size and price it at $6. This will make it more likely that a customer will choose the larger size since it’s only $1 more than the medium.

4. Take A Loss

This strategy might seem counterintuitive at first, but it works if you do it the right way. Conventional wisdom says that you must always make a profit on a sale even if the margins are thin. But sometimes, it might make sense to sell a product under cost. Why? Because these items will get the customers to your site or to your store.

If customers are enticed to visit your site because you’ve got a great deal on a particular item, then that gives you more traffic, which increases the likelihood that these individuals will buy other products as well. Of course, you want to be very careful with this strategy. If you notice that this particular product isn’t encouraging people to buy more, you might consider the same tactic but with a different product or service.


Effective marketing requires an out-of-the-box approach. You must use proven marketing techniques in a way that your competition isn’t. Using the tips in this article will provide you with the means to attract more people to your website and your place of business.

Four Reasons to Choose Direct Mail Over E-mail Marketing

By Mike Ryan, Business2community.com

In a world dominated by the Internet, it is all too easy to assume that email marketing reigns supreme compared to “old fashioned” postcard marketing.

Business owners who buy into that assumption, however, can find themselves facing poorly performing marketing campaigns and disappointingly low returns on their investment.

The fact is, postcard marketing is simply a better choice for many different types of local businesses. Here are just 4 reasons to choose postcard marketing over email marketing:

#1: It works better  for prospecting and also for making sales.

There is no question email can be highly valuable for nurturing leads over time and for providing your audience with company news and other updates. But every business needs a continuous supply of new customers in order to grow, and for that, mail marketing – especially the small-but-mighty postcard – outperforms email. By 10-30 times, according to a DMA (Direct Marketing Association) study.

That’s because almost half of postcard recipients take the time to read your mail. Better yet, they take action. A Direct Mail Marketing Association survey showed about a quarter said they visited the company’s store and 21% visited their website. And that’s in addition to recipients who picked up the phone to call and set an appointment, etc.

It comes down to targeting. It’s hard to come by top-quality email lists for prospecting, whereas it’s easy to zoom in your targets using mailing list selection criteria.

#2: Your prospects prefer direct mail.

Most people find it creepy (or worse, violated) to receive unsolicited emails. Who are these people anyway, and how did they get my email address? But years of studies prove the majority of people love to receive marketing postcards in the mail. Postcards feel more personal and more trustworthy. There’s no doubt who it’s from, and no doubt what you have to offer.

Half of consumers specifically prefer postcard over email, according to a study conducted by Epsilon. Even more impressive, a full 70% of those surveyed said they prefer to receive unsolicited information via mail. For some product categories, that number can be even higher. It’s not surprising, really. Mail makes people feel more in control.

There’s something else working here, too – subtly but unmistakably. Your prospects can touch a postcard and interact with it. It’s “real.” People like that.

#3: That’s why they’re more likely to look at it.

People will relegate an email to the “spam” folder in a heartbeat, but they’re happy to “open” your postcard and check out your offer. In fact, postcard mailing deliverability is typically 95%. Email prospecting lists are dismal in comparison. But here’s a bonus: you can use postcards to boost open and click-through rates for email nurturing campaigns.

Because direct mailing is deemed trustworthy, it helps pave the way – letting recipients know the email you’re about to send them is legitimate and potentially worthwhile, not just something to be automatically discarded.

#4: It is more versatile.

Email certainly has its place. It’s great for nurturing leads and driving “mini-conversions” and it can strongly support certain kinds of inbound marketing campaigns. But direct mail does it all – prospecting, solicitation of referrals, upselling and cross-selling existing customers and win-back campaigns directed at former clients or customers. What former customer is likely to open your email?

It performs beautifully and consistently when used all on its own. It also adds unique value to integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns. It works to drive traffic to your website, enabling you to increase online sales or convert prospects to leads by capturing their email address for future follow up.

Postcard marketing simply has more going for it, in all the ways that matter. That’s why you should choose direct mailing over email marketing.

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