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Should You Invest in a Direct Mail Campaign?

By Brian Morris, business2community.com

A single direct-mail campaign can net huge profits when factoring in lifetime customer value.

Despite the fact that weíre living in a digital age, direct-mail postcard marketing continues to be a highly-effective marketing tool. This is evidenced by the number of postcards that make their way to our mailboxes each week Ė if they didnít work, companies would stop sending them. Still, many small businesses are hesitant to try postcards due to the initial investment, and itís a fair question: should you invest in a direct-mail postcard marketing campaign? Letís answer it.

What are your goals?

What would your goals be for a direct-mail postcard marketing campaign? This is an important consideration, as many companies use postcards to generate qualified leads, while others use them to motivate direct sales.

You need to create clear expectations for a postcard campaign so you can accurately determine its ultimate return on investment. If youíre sending postcards to try to generate new customers, you should know the lifetime value of each customer, which could play significantly into your ROI and decision-making process. So, for example, you might be willing to break even on a postcard campaign in order to earn that lifetime customer value, which will prove very profitable over the long-run.

Work the numbers, and invest only what you can lose

Postcard marketing isnít rocket science; in fact, there are proven and easy-to-follow postcard marketing strategies that can help you generate the best possible ROI from your campaigns. That said, you never want to invest more than you can afford to lose. And, you should understand what to expect from your campaign before you send it.

Letís say you have a product that retails for $200 and nets $100 per sale. You launch a direct-mail postcard marketing campaign that promotes your productís benefits and offers customers 20 percent off for a limited time. That brings your net down to $60 per sale.

A good response rate for any postcard campaign is two percent, but you donít want to bank on your postcard knocking it out of the park (often, this takes trial and error, as well as continual A/B testing). So, letís say you can expect a response rate of one percent.

Now, letís say you plan on printing and mailing 10,000 postcards. Hereís an approximate estimate on how the initial investment would break down:

  • 10,000 standard 4◊6 full-color (both sides) postcards: $625
  • USPS mailing: $3,405
  • Mailing list (if you rent): $200
  • Total upfront investment: $4,230

One percent of 10,000 is 100. Multiply that by $60 and youíll gross $6,000 on the campaign.

Subtract your investment ($4,230) from your gross ($6,000) and youíll net a profit of $1,770 for this campaign, assuming a one percent response rate. If your response rate hit two percent, youíd profit $7,770. Chances are your campaign will ultimately net somewhere between $1,770 and $7,770, so itís likely worth taking the risk.

So, should you invest in a direct-mail postcard marketing campaign?

As mentioned, you should also consider the average lifetime value of each customer. Granted, youíll have additional marketing investment in bringing customers back, but itís always cheaper to retain customers than to get new customers. If your customers spend a lot with you over time, a single direct-mail postcard campaign could ultimately net hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in lifetime profits.

Should you invest in a direct-mail marketing campaign? Absolutely. Just make sure you follow postcard marketing best practices to vastly increase your chances of success.

How To Grow Your Business Through Golf

By John J. Glozek, Jr.
Author of: Business Golf - Your Key to Business Success Through Golf

If you're not using golf as a business development tool you're missing out on a golden opportunity to grow your sales.

For those who donít play golf or play very little business golf, letís take a look at the downside of having a golf-less existence.

Letís say that your boss has invited you to play a round with him and a few clients. If you donít play golf, you have two options, and neither one is helpful. You could accept his invitation, show up, and make a fool out of yourself in front of the clients. This could get especially ugly if you let go of the club and catch Mr. Vice President of Marketing right on the side of the head. Your second option is to decline the bossís offer, at which time heíll invite someone else to join the group. The individual chosen to play could make a favorable impression on the boss and clients leaving you out of work, out of the loop or, at the very least, out of mind.

If golf is key to meeting clients, why not learn the game? People go through all sorts of training for their jobs: learning how to type, how to make a presentation, how to send and receive email and how to do countless other job functions. Golf can be just as important to the health of your career as any of these other ordinary job functions. Therefore, itís vital that you are at least competent at the game.

Say, for example, that the office is going to be closed for a week. The entire department is away on a golf trip and your co-workers want you to come along. You could either be a part of the golf trip or you could stay home. Personally, I think you should start taking up the game. You donít want to be left out. What other sport allows you to bond, network and conduct a business meeting while playing?

The most important thing is to have an open mind before giving business golf a try. If you havenít had good experiences on the golf course, thatís okay. After all, youíre not going to have to play in the U.S. Open in front of millions of people. You donít need to be great, just competent. If youíve never played, then approach it as a new experience from which to learn. Youíll be surprised at how much youíll enjoy it.

Recently a friend called me from Pebble Beach. Itís not unusual for my friends to call me from golf courses, but it is unusual when it is 3,000 miles away and he wants to tell me how he flew out on a corporate jet as a guest of one of his vendors and just shot a round in the 80s.

Havenít you had enough boring meetings in the conference room down the hall? Besides being an enjoyable way to conduct business, golf breaks up the monotony and listlessness of going through the same routine every dayócoffee, emails, phone messages, meetings, lunch, calls, traffic, news, sleep. No one wants to do exactly the same thing every dayóunless you mean golf every day.

The biggest mistake people make is that they say, ďI just donít have enough time to spend five hours out of the office. ďYes you do! Did you ever look around the office on Monday only to see nobody there? While youíre sweating out deadlines and trying to figure out ways to get through your piles of paperwork, thereís a good chance they are playing in a charity outing at a local golf course.

Before you get too jealous, you must remember this: business golf is work. As you will soon experience entertaining clients on the golf course and playing business golf is not all fun and games. Yes, it can be very enjoyable, but the real reason you are out there isnít to hit a little white ball into a hole. Youíre out there to forge a relationship, one that will hopefully lead to a mutually beneficial business partnership.

John Glozek, while working at Grumman Aerospace, realized how important business golf was to business success.  He left Grumman to start and publish Long Island Golfer Magazine for 17 years.  John expanded and changed the name to Golfing Magazine, a national golf publication with an emphasis on targeting regional markets.  John is also the President of the International Network of Golf.

To order John's book, Business Golf - Your Key to Business Success Through Golf, please call 516-822-5446 or visit golfingmagli.com.

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