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How To Give Your Direct Mail Campaign Extra Punch

By Scott Hartley, talkbusinessmagazine.co.uk

Despite the fact that direct mail marketing campaigns are more costly and labor intensive than digital campaigns, they are very effective – if executed properly.

If you or your business is trying to increase sales through business-to-customer marketing, you simply can’t afford to ignore the impact and success a carefully executed direct mail campaign can have. However, you need to be sure that you follow some very important tips in order to make your efforts cost-effective.

Identify your markets

Whether your product or service targets the general public or just certain demographic groups, it is important to identify exactly who it is you are talking to – before you craft your direct mail message. Depending on the sex, age and income of the people you are communicating your offer to, you will need to make alterations to your color schemes, artwork and language. You need to provide a solution to your target audience’s problems, so make sure you ascertain exactly who your message is being sent to before you spend time, effort and money on it.

Create a buzz around your message

Unless you have something very exciting to offer, the chances are your direct mail will be immediately filed in the nearest bin. Whether you are providing useful information, a free gift or an amazing discount, you need to get your message across from the moment your mail hits doormats around the country. You also need to ensure that your mail stands out from the millions of letters that are sent to homes around the UK every week. Spending some time on designing printed envelopes featuring your specific message could drastically increase your marketing campaign’s conversion rate.

Follow the principles of AIDA at every stage of the process

When you calculate the cost of a direct mail marketing campaign you will need to include the costs of printing, envelopes, copywriting, design and postage. Make no mistake; direct mail marketing is an expensive undertaking, so you need to be sure that you’re getting value for money. Follow the principles of AIDA, and you should give yourself or your business a great chance of getting a significant percentage of your mail opened.

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

    Grab the attention of your target audience, spike their interest with something exciting, make your potential customers want to take advantage of your offer and give them a very clear idea of what they should do next.

    All of the principles of AIDA can be achieved in your marketing campaign by taking the time to design each component of the mailing package with these four items in mind.

    Follow up and test

    The most effective direct mail marketing plans take many attempts to perfect. The only way you can be sure that your investment has been worth it is to follow up on conversion rates. You can do this by including a very specific discount or action in your campaign – something that is very easy to track accurately. In the early days of your campaigns, you might need to experiment with various custom envelopes, different uses of language, different offers and different approaches to design.

    By continually testing and reviewing your direct mail marketing campaigns, you will be able to identify what works, instead of producing uninspiring mailing campaigns that will end up not performing as well. 

    Why Modern Marketing Takes More Than Just Guts

    By Sean Crowley, business2community.com

    Marketers: if you’ve got a hunch why not see where it leads you? But this time, use evidence to substantiate your instincts.

    As marketers, we have to have good instincts.

    We need to be able to sense imminent trends; to pivot with our customers and key stakeholders when we need to creatively explore a new avenue; and to embrace a forward-thinking mindset that allows us to keep abreast of the changing landscape. Some would say that this is the art of marketing.

    But, it takes more than just a keen eye for market shifts and a set of sharp instincts to understand and effectively focus on our target buyers’ wants and needs. After all, if we make decisions solely based on our gut instincts—rather than evidence extracted from data— we’re more susceptible to inaccuracies which make our campaigns ineffective. This is where the science of marketing comes in.

    I know, I know. Most of us got into marketing because we were better in English than in Chemistry in school. However, the investigative approach is now essential for making smarter marketing decisions. In fact, Teradata’s “2015 Global Data-Driven Marketing Survey” reported that two-thirds of professional marketers said they make faster, more accurate decisions when they use data to help support their choices. So that’s good – the majority of us know that smarter marketing comes from both art and science.

    So what can we do as marketers to ensure we’re making informed judgment calls, without losing the creativity that makes our jobs so much fun? Let’s look into a few:

    Build (and consult) buyer personas:

    Buyer personas, which drill down the specific buying preferences, pain points, demographics, etc. of a target market, should be used by marketers to validate their hunches on who their target profiles are and effectively align marketing messages.   This practice requires more than just a marketer’s gut feeling about a certain type of buyer; rather, it takes quality data insight to execute these personas successfully. And it’s no small challenge. In fact, a recent study from ITSMA revealed that 83% of B2B marketers find their buyer personas to be only “somewhat” effective. The study deduced that this is because marketers tend to rely more on their hunches about their target consumers instead of concrete data. So do your diligence – pick up the phone and start talking to the people who bought your product and the prospects that chose someone else.

    Collaborate with sales:

    If marketers don’t regularly touch base with the sales team, they are bound to miss a wealth of actionable insights collected from their colleagues on the other side of buying cycle. For example, if the marketing department continuously sends what they’ve defined as qualified leads through the sales pipeline, but the sales department is having trouble converting these leads, then marketing must be alerted right away. You can’t just throw leads over the transom and figure your job is done. Again, many of us got into marketing because we are more “socially inclined” – so go talk to your sales team. Marketers must be aware of the conversion rates of the leads they generate, as low rates are indicative of a larger problem, like poorly targeted messaging, an inaccurate business contacts database, or ineffective lead scoring.

    Work on professional development:

    Modern marketers must also engender a data-driven skills set to ensure they’re taking a more methodical approach to their marketing strategy. I’m not saying go all the way back to your Chemistry books, but you have got to dig into the data. Today’s marketer must be analytical and curious. More specifically, he or she must be able to take an investigative approach to gaining insights about prospective consumers. Without a curiosity to find new insights – how else are we going to be creatively inspired?

    Marketers: if you’ve got a hunch why not see where it leads you? But this time, use evidence to substantiate your instincts.

    How Free Samples Attract Paying Customers

    From marketingtango.com

    Have you overlooked this simple but powerful technique to grow your business?

    We’ve all made impulse purchases based on trying a free sample of something new. But only Costco has developed a reputation for its sampling, to the point that some customers have been known to make the bite-sized offerings of free food into a kind of mobile buffet.

    Free samples and promotional products may sound simple and even old-fashioned, but they work for good reason. There is a certain science behind the practice that any business can apply.

    The principle is called reciprocity, and the idea is that when someone gives us something, we feel obliged to return the favor. It happens whenever we try a free taste of the snack du jour at Costco or Trader Joe’s and end up buying some.

    Even if you can’t go door to door to offer a sample face to face with every one of your customers, the principle of reciprocity still applies with other techniques, such as the free gift with purchase.

    Writing in The Atlantic, Joe Pinsker took a look at the psychological reasons why sampling makes good business sense. Here’s a handy summary of his main points, as condensed by The Consumerist.

    1. Free Samples Create Obligation

    When you try that mini pizza bite, it’s no coincidence that you’ll feel like you should make a purchase. Whether you prefer to call it reciprocity, obligation, guilt, or karma, it works. Quoted in The Atlantic, Duke University behavioral economist Dan Ariely says, “Reciprocity is a very, very strong instinct. If somebody does something for you… you really feel a rather surprisingly strong obligation to do something back for them.”

    2. Free Samples Serve As Reminders

    Even if that mini pizza wasn’t so great, it may have reminded you about the last really good pizza you had (despite not being on your shopping list). According to Ariely, samples can create a particular desire for something. “If I gave you a tiny bit of chocolate, all of a sudden it would remind you about the exact taste of chocolate and would increase your craving.”

    3. Sampling Is Social

    People are watching you take that free bite! A 2011 UK study concluded: “Samplers with a heightened awareness of the presence of others at the sampling station may feel a level of social ‘pressure’ to make a post-sample purchase.” Imagine if there was no one behind the table to greet you and hand out samples. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people would not feel as obligated to make a purchase.

    4. Free Samples Create Atmosphere

    There are plenty of stores that give out samples. Few are as connected to sampling as Costco. Sampling creates excitement and gives people something to look forward to and talk about. To create buzz with your customer base, get with your integrated marketing team this week and brainstorm ways to use promo products and samples to create a sense of fun and anticipation.

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