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Now is the Right Time For Direct Mail

By Murtaza Jaffer, Lvb.com

Direct mail campaigns are making quite a comeback among all demographics.

During an unexpected crisis like COVID-19, it can be challenging to determine how to best market your business. With little to no foot traffic coming in physically, how can you best reach your customers?

In this digital age, many business owners lean on email marketing to reach their client base; however research shows it may not be the best way. According to data from a 2018 Campaign Monitor study, the average office worker receives 121 emails per day! As you can see, itís easy that your businessí emails could be lost among the masses.

To actively reach customers, companies should offer a diverse marketing mix, including not only email campaigns, but print, social media and direct mail messaging. Doing so is a great way to ensure you are reaching all of your customers, rather than just a small demographic. (Older customers may appreciate physical mail more than a younger customer who is probably following you on social media.)

Direct mail campaigns, in particular, are making quite the comeback among all demographics. Now, more than even, direct mail is a great way to reach potential customers. Due to the coronavirus quarantine, many customers are at home every day. With tons of emails already in their inbox, a physical piece of mail is more likely to get noticed. In fact, many people actually look forward to getting mail.

Rest assured that sending mail during the pandemic has been deemed relatively safe by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. While not impossible, the risk of contracting the virus through mail is very low. Additional safety precautions are being taken by the U.S. Postal Service.

When sending a direct mail campaign, itís important to send something that the customer can actually use. A coupon or incentive (with an expiration date) is always a great way to engage the customer and encourage them to make a purchase. Also, with the spring trade shows cancelled due to Covid-19, sending promotional items can be a nice gesture. What customer wouldnít appreciate a bottle of company-branded bottle sunscreen to use as the weather gets warm? Other fun seasonally-appropriate ideas include sunglasses, seed packs, and hats.

Itís important to maintain a current and complete customer contact list throughout the year, to enable your business to market appropriately. Customer information should include name, email address, mailing address, phone number, company name, and in some cases additional information such as birth dates. The more information you have on your customer, the more you are able to do with it.

Four Principles of Direct Mail That Stand the Test of Time

By Jim Leone, Loyalty360.org

These principles of direct mail remain relevant and stand the test of time because they work. And if you use them, you'll see increased sales and profits.

Every industry has a set of principles that hold true despite years of change, innovation and disruption. Direct marketing is no different. Although there is an expanding array of channels, when it comes to the overall marketing mix, direct mail is still fundamental to marketing. Itís the flour to bread, the grapes to wine, and the apples to pie. It is the workhorse within direct marketing, and it absolutely should be the cornerstone of your marketing channel strategy.

These four principles of direct mail set the foundation for any successful campaign:

1. Know what you want to sell or what your specific goal is.

Before you begin any campaign, itís important to know what youíre trying to accomplish. Are you acquiring new clients through selling a new product or service? Are you communicating with an existing client or member base? Are you trying to get recipients to visit your landing page? Another channel? Your goal will determine who you send to, how you craft your message and will set your overall creative direction.

2. Reach the right people.

Once you know what you want to sell, knowing to whom youíre selling is the most important fundamental to get right. Data mining has become very sophisticated and somewhat complex. Luckily, there are many great sources to get that valuable data today. Focus on the demographics and/or behaviors that fit the type of customers you are trying to attract. Over time you can refine your data through modeling and continued data testing.

3. Design for impact.

Creative design is what gets the prospect to open the piece and pay attention. Focus on how the mailpiece looks and what it says. That includes effective use of color, graphics, fonts and personalization, but also make sure it tells a story that begins with a teaser and creates a sense of urgency.

4. Track and Analyze.

One huge benefit of direct mail is that it is quantifiable. Its performance is easily tracked. As such, donít make the mistake of not taking advantage of this built-in ability for continuous improvement. By constantly testing new variables and finding new ways to tweak and improve your data, message, creative, etc. you are also improving your ability to provide better ROMI for you and your company. After all, you are not living to mail; youíre mailing to live. Use this fundamental to improve how you use direct mail as part of your overall marketing efforts.

These principles of direct mail remain relevant and stand the test of time because they work. What will change and is already changing is how they will be used across multiple channels. Today there is growing evidence that tying direct mail to other channels, such as email or social media, can dramatically impact the effectiveness of those channels. While the science of attributing which source is benefitting from which channel is not yet perfected, it seems to be evident that pollinating direct mail with other channels, particularly in certain applications, is beneficial to all channels. It will be exciting to see how this continues to unfold in the future.

Five Direct Mail Tips to Help You Reach Potential Clients

By Dale Harris

Here are five mailing tips to help you  reach new customers in no time:

1. Reveal Your Value

Your mailer is more than just a scrap of paper. Focus on the value youíre offering customers from the get-go. This builds excitement and keeps them from tossing your mailer aside.

Another way to reveal your value is by opening the mailer with a proposition.

People are always on-the-go and in a rush. Instead of slowly building anticipation, attract the readerís attention immediately. Focus on your value from the get-go to draw people in.

Providing value stops people from seeing your mailer as junk mail. Imagine your customer pulling a bundle of mail from their mailbox at once. How does your mailer stand out from the crowd?

Be bold in your creativity, but donít forget to put your value at the forefront of your content.

That way, recipients are more likely to hold onto your mailer and keep you in mind.

2. Know Your Audience

What will attract your readerís attention? What do they need?

When you know your audience, itís a lot easier to write content that appeals to their interests. As with any strategy, direct mail requires you to communicate with a targeted audience.

Develop a buyerís persona to organize your broad audience into distinct groups.

Then, use your direct mail campaign to connect with each persona. Adding an emotional appeal will make it easier to draw people in, too.

Make sure you tailor your content to your specific audience groups.

Sending out a mass mailer with a broad message wonít connect with everyone. Instead, invest in learning about your customers. Discover their shopping preferences and behaviors.

Then, you can create a mailer thatís personalized to their needs, making it easier for you to boost sales.

3. Consider Your CTA

Once they receive your direct mail campaign, what do you want people to do?

A strong, direct call-to-action will compel your readers to react and respond. Instead of informing people of a new product or sale, encourage them to buy with your CTA. This gives your content purpose and drives people to do something after reading your mailer.

Get creative - direct mail marketing no longer means just mail. How can you use your brand to send a creative message?

For example, you can send your direct mail campaign through a message in a bottle. If youíre a coffee company, send mugs with your logo on it! Then, connect it back to your CTA.

For the coffee company, you can tell your audience to bring in their mug for a dollar off their next cup of coffee. Now youíre being environmentally conscience and drawing in foot traffic.

If you try this creative tactic, focus on quality, not quantity.

Itís more effective to draw in a small crowd of paying customers than a big crowd of people who arenít interested.

4. Include Samples

Who doesnít love free samples?  Samples instantly makes your mailer more valuable. This part of your direct mail marketing strategy will help you connect with customers. Once they experience your product firsthand, itís easier for them to see the value you have to offer.

Samples can also add a little extra heft to your envelopes. A heavier envelope entices people, sparking their curiosity so they wonder whatís inside. If you can get them to wonder, chances are you can get them to open your mailer to take a look.

Focus on different ways you can drive their curiosity.  You can indicate thereís a ďfree gift insideĒ but not specify the gift. This will encourage your audience to open the mailer. Then, theyíll read your content, try the sample, and interact with your brand.

Offering your readers a sample turns paper mail into a trial tool.

Make sure itís something useful, too. What will people use every day? Maybe itís a pen or a pair of sunglasses. Add your logo and people will experience your brand a little every day.

Consider this an opportunity to test new products on your audience. If they enjoy using the sample, theyíll feel enticed to purchase a full-sized product next.

5. Test It Out and Follow Up

Before you send out an entire campaign, test a smaller market first. Testing your mailing piece can help you save money in the long run.

If your mailer isnít successful with your test audience, you have the chance to make improvements. Then you can try again for more success the second time around.

Once your mailers are out in the world, follow up. Try sending a letter next. Personalize it with the recipientís name as well.

Following up with your prospects can help you turn those potential leads into paying customers.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: 5 Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Thereís nothing like searching through the mail to find a coupon or product reveal waiting. With these five direct mail marketing tips, you can turn your next direct mail campaign into a sales success!

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