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Luxury Retailers Hit Their Targets With Direct Mail

by Allan Nahajewski

Question: How do you sell luxury watches and some of the finest clothes in the world?

Answer: Through the mail, of course.

How about a 24-day, $66,950 private jet excursion?

Same answer.

The prestigious, exclusive travel company uses direct mail to get the message out about its luxurious trips by private jet, where consumers can travel around the world and explore ancient civilizations.

To attract high-end customers, the company mails a 20-page packet complete with vivid pictures and detailed trip information. A representative from the exclusive travel company said, “We know from our travelers that the print catalog is still a piece that is very much valued. Many of our travelers use our catalogs to browse and get ideas and then may opt to book by phone or make their reservation online, so direct mail is very much an important part of our overall strategy.”

Direct Mail’s Three Distinct Advantages

“Marketing through direct mail affords three distinct advantages,” says Kirk Swain, principal, DirectMail.com.

  • First, direct mail allows luxury retailers to specifically target buyers by income level, so they can extend offers exclusively to individuals who are financially able to accept those offers.

  • Second, commodities with a high single-transaction value are well suited to direct mail, as low response rates aren’t an issue when fewer sales are needed to offset the expense of the mailing.

  • Third, direct mail can provide access to data, allowing retailers to identify people who may have purchased the same or similar items in the past, and send them a letter.

    Upscale Department Stores Choose Mail

    A look at how luxury-oriented department stores incorporate direct mail into their marketing mix finds an array of techniques to pull in consumers and showcase the quality of their merchandise:

  • Direct mail serves as the focal point of a prominent department store’s multichannel campaign that features barcodes, online, mobile, social media and catalog touch points. The company has placed mobile barcodes on almost every page of its women’s and men’s catalogs, which allow consumers to learn more about the new styles featured in the catalog. Additionally, underneath each QR Code, there is an SMS call to action.

  • A two-part catalog with up-and-coming design students, models, actors and musicians from New York showcases a department store’s urban, edgy spirit. The first part consists of the new crop of New Yorkers modeling collections, while the second part is purely to showcase products. The catalog is made with a thicker-weight paper and is bound. Its unique fold-out mechanism is also helpful to differentiate the catalog from other retailers.

  • Mail steers consumers to another luxury retail chain’s blog, mobile site, stores and website using touch points in its catalog. The retailer implements calls-to-action to its blog via barcodes while also drawing consumers to its store to check out the season’s newest looks. The catalog is double-sided and includes editorial, interviews and fashion analysis.

  • One luxury watchmaker mails two types of print catalogs — an 18-page catalog for women and a 150-page catalog of products and history — to convey an attitude of elegance and to engage both returning and new consumers in a way that fully showcases the brand’s diverse audience around the world.

    Mail Prep

    George Eddy, president of Denver-based Heinrich Marketing, tells the story of trying to convince the administrators at an exclusive private school to use direct mail to attract new students.

    “At first, they looked at me as if I had a third eye,” he says.

    The school had been using soft-sell radio ads for student recruitment, similar to the efforts of its primary competitor in the market. Heinrich Marketing pulled together a campaign with 3-D high-end mailers at an average cost of $8 to $10 per piece.

    The mailings were targeted. One appeal reached well-to-do parents of students already enrolled in private schools. Another targeted wealthy parents with students in public schools. Each mailing included a DVD and a more direct appeal than the radio commercials offered.

    “It worked,” says Eddy. “We were able to boost enrollment far beyond what the radio campaign could do.”

    Five Writing Habits For Great Marketing Brochures

    by Lynne Saarte

    Writing a brochure may sound easy, but it's not. Here are some ideas to help.

    You have to be “particular” with your writing habits when you print brochures. Brochure printing requires writing styles and techniques that are short, detailed but impact oriented. Do not worry though, this kind of skill is easily learned with the right kind of foundation. In this guide, I will teach you the essential writing habits for composing great marketing brochures. Follow these habits precisely and your writing should become better for brochure printing.

    1. Writing concisely and shortly. The first essential habit in writing for color brochures are to write in a way that is short and concise. A brochure is not a booklet or a novella. Basically you have a limited amount of space to explain your important marketing messages and details to readers. So you have to practice the habit of writing short, concise but very detailed information that readers need. Usually you will need to cut down on allusions, stories and long winded examples. You just need the bare facts and the short artistic prose that you need to make it sound great. No more and no less.

    2. Using key power words for impact. Another essential writing habit for brochure printing is the use of power words. There are several powerful words in the English language that gets people to look at and even respond to your brochure content. Words like “You”, “Save”, “Money, “New” and “Love” are the top five examples of such words. There are some general power words like this for most brochures, while there are other specific power words for your specific market or industry. Use these words on your brochure headlines and sub headlines to make your content more engaging and interesting to your readers. This is a great habit to adopt to add more chances of success with your color brochures.

    3. Writing for memory. Another important writing habit in brochure printing is focused on memory. Since brochures are a “quick read” for most people, you have to write in a way that is easily remembered even in that quick time. Hence, it is good to format and write your content in terms of lists, sections and general chunks of information that people can easily understand and remember. Do ordered and unordered lists if possible, and try to add in some mnemonic devices such as acronym reminders to make sure people remember something out of your brochure content. Trust me, this goes a long way in making your color brochures really impact the readers, so try and do this when possible.

    4. Target oriented writing style. It is also an essential writing habit to be target oriented when writing for print brochures. In most instances, you should have a target market or audience with your brochures. By trying to write in a style that is more appropriate and attractive for that audience, you can get more responses from your color brochures. So try to learn about your market. Know their “language” and interests and write in a way that matches that. With brochures that are written in their own style, those target markets should be more attracted and engaged with the color brochure.

    5. Detail and completeness. Finally, it is also essential to always write all the important details completely in brochure printing. You will not want to give the readers an incomplete picture of what your marketing message is. So it is an essential habit always be complete with all the things you need to say. It is only natural to do this since it is your responsibility to give the whole message to readers.

    So those are the essential writing habits for composing great brochures. Take note of all of these and making great content should get easier for you.

    Is Gmail's New Inbox an Email Marketing Killer?

    by Theresa Cramer, econtentmag.com

    Email marketers are going to have to rethink email. With 425 million Gmail users in June of 2012, marketers certainly can't ignore changes to the service.

    Gmail users probably noticed a change in their inbox recently, which was-at least in my opinion-for the better. I'd been thinking about a way to better deal with the dozens of emails I get every day from GAP, Ann Taylor, Petco, Petsmart, Groupon, and on and on. Then Google did it for me by introducing tabs to my inbox: Primary, Social, and Promotions. (You can also add Updates and Forums to your tabs but I haven't. And you can turn them all off if you'd prefer.)

    Email from real people goes into my Primary box. Email telling me that I have a new Twitter follower or someone tagged me in a photo goes to Social, and all the aforementioned email from companies selling stuff ends up under the Promotions tab. This represents a win for those of us trying to take our lives back from the monster task that is dealing with email, but a huge blow to email marketers...maybe.

    You see, it's not that I want to stop getting emails offering 20% discounts at my favorite stores-if I did I would just unsubscribe. I simply don't want to have to wade through them first thing in the morning to get to my "real" email. The tab actually makes it less likely that I will mass delete promotional emails just to get them out of the way, and I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    Apparently some marketers are worried about the mobile version of Gmail and the way the tabs for non-primary emails appear off to the side. Again, I think this is wrongheaded. When those promotional emails pop up on my iPhone I delete them as fast as I can to save precious screen real estate. Besides, I won't be making any impulse purchases of sweaters or dog treats from my phone, it's just not my preferred online shopping experience. (The Amazon app on my iPad is a dangerous thing, though.)

    Of course, marketers don't quite see it my way. "While it's still too early to assess the impact of being placed in the Promotions folder on open rates, what is almost certain to change is when consumers open marketers' emails," says Jordan Cohen, vice president of marketing at Movable Ink. "There's been a lot of effort around ‘Send Time Optimization' -- ie, sending email at the times when consumers are most likely to view and open them -- that Gmail's tabbed inbox really messes with. Marketers will need to begin thinking about sending offers to Gmail users that remain relevant, regardless of the time they're opened."

    So how can email marketers combat the loss of visibility that comes with Gmail's new inbox?

    "They key is to make the most of your emails when consumers do check the "Promotions" tab and keep in mind that when they do check the "Promotions" tab, they have actively made a decision to do so, so they are more likely to be in a higher intent buying mode - so all hope is certainly not lost," says Cohen. "But marketers do need to account for the greater length of time that will take place between the moment they hit the send button, and the moment the recipient actually opens the email. A marketer's ever-popular ‘One Day Only Sale' email might be expired by the time the recipient gets around to visiting the Promotions tab. Travel and event tickets, and limited availability inventory might be sold out."

    Email marketers are going to have to rethink email. With 425 million Gmail users in June of 2012, marketers certainly can't ignore tweaks to the program, but it doesn't have to be a catastrophe. This may be just the kick in the pants marketers need to reimagine new, agile campaigns.

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