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Can a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Benefit Your Business?

By James Lane, business2community.com

Direct mail still occupies an important place in a comprehensive and successful marketing campaign. The affordability, flexibility and user-friendliness, or direct mail makes it an excellent choice.

In this highly competitive and technologically advanced world, the success of your business may be greatly attributed to your marketing approach. In light of this, it is vitally important that you are able to harness the most effective resources and most efficient tools when planning your marketing strategy as this will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the amount of sales and therefore the profit that your business will make.

Direct mail marketing has been around for years still considered to be the most effective strategies available, especially when teamed with other tools such as email and social media. But how can such a traditional approach to marketing reaps such large rewards?

A Tangible Campaign

Just think about how many emails you receive on a daily basis. It is extremely easy for an email that is received from an unknown source to be deleted at the touch of a button. The same can be said of many other forms of advertising. Radios can be changed to different channels, TVs can be switched off and newspapers can be read, put down and forgotten.

Direct mail is different. If it is put aside, it is often picked up again and reconsidered, stuck on the fridge, passed to friends and remembered.

A Personalized Campaign

Unlike many other forms of marketing and advertising, direct mail is able to be personalized. Not only are you able to target specific demographics, you are also able to include personal information including names and addresses. This personal touch allows potential customers to feel closer to the company, product or service and therefore more likely to pay attention to the message and make a purchase.

A Measurable Campaign

By enclosing an order sheet or a return envelope you will be able to calculate how many people have responded to your direct mail marketing campaign. If you also trade online, you can include online discount codes, customized email address and an individual phone number so that your customers are able to decide how they contact you and you are able to measure the responses without the need for complicated analytics.

A Cost Effective Campaign

A direct mail marketing campaign is cost effective. Not only is the creation of the flyer or leaflet simple and affordable, mailing it to your chosen demographic is also relatively inexpensive. Usually, the more you send the more cost-effective it becomes and this is something that your chosen direct mail marketing company will be able to discuss with you

The Statistics Speak for Themselves…

Really, what this all boils down to is the statistics. No matter how “effective”, “measurable” or “cost-effective” a marketing strategy is, it can only truly be backed up by the facts:

  • 4.4% of targeted recipients responded to direct mail

  • 70% of customers renewed previously-ceased relationships after receiving direct mail

  • 40% of customers said that they tried a new business as a result of receiving direct mail

  • 79% of customers acted on direct mail immediately
Despite the many forms of marketing that are available, direct mail marketing still occupies an important place in a comprehensive and successful marketing campaign. The affordability, flexibility and user-friendliness of a direct mail marketing campaign makes it an excellent choice for any company, large or small, who wishes to increase their customer base and establish a successful, product or service.

In Closing B2B Sales, Follow-Up Matters

By Grant Johnson, Chiefmarketer.com

Marketing rarely, if ever in B2B, closes the sale. But that is precisely what most amateur salespeople expect marketing to do.

A big difference between B2B and B2C marketing is the follow-up. Most B2B sales are larger than B2C, take longer to close and often include the presence of a sales person, who is more often than not, the key factor in closing the sale and establishing the company-to-company relationship.

I was reminded of this recently after a week away from the office. Upon my return, I noticed a big red tube and another box. I immediately opened the tube and inside were a pair of super hero type socks. I gave them to a guy in the office who had a young child.

In the box, there was a cool little flash drive with a flashlight, also from the same company. I loved it, but ended up also giving that away.

Later in the week, an oversized blue foil envelope arrive; inside was a set of blank thank you cards. Those were also regifted.

All three pieces included additional informational pieces and a salesperson’s business card. The campaign was integrated, with the same look and a super hero theme. I became interested—but not so interested that I would reach out to the company. I expected the sales person to follow-up. But a few weeks later, there’s been no visit, call, email or text from the salesperson trying to do business with me and my company.

Make no mistake, these pieces and campaign were not cheap. It’s costing the company a pretty penny to market to me. They have a good list, if I am the indication. I use services that they provide all the time. I influence and can make the decision to use this firm. But where, oh where, is my salesperson?

Behold the classic disconnect between sales and marketing.

Most salespeople expect marketing to do the heavy lifting for them—and when done correctly it does. However, like most people, I hate to be sold. But I LOVE to buy. I am too darn busy to call you, but a gentle nudge from a sales pro would set the dialog into motion and likely commence the sales.

However, marketing rarely, if ever in B2B, closes the sale. But that is precisely what most amateur salespeople expect marketing to do.

You can just hear the moans from the sales team, “We didn’t sell enough from that campaign.” “Your marketing doesn’t work.” “The list must have been bad.” “You don’t understand the buying process of our prospects.” I could go on and on.

In order for B2B marketing to excel, the C-Suite must hold all sales managers and salespeople alike to follow-up on the marketing efforts done on their behalf. In companies with a committed and eager sales team, the marketing works much better, more often than the opposite. It’s not simply coincidence.

Going through the campaign materials from the aforementioned super hero campaign, I notice that the salesperson’s card asks me to reach out. It never mentions that someone will try and contact me.

I predict the campaign will fail.

Grant Johnson is the CEO and founder of Johnson Direct.

Why Direct Mail Still Works

By: Bruce W. Fraser, Financial-planning.com

You normally wouldn’t think of direct mail in the digital age, but it still works as a prospecting method.

In 2013, nearly two-thirds of all consumers bought something as a result of direct mail, according to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2014 Statistical Fact Book.

Not surprisingly, people age 65 and older are prime candidates for direct mail, according to the DMA, since they tend to stay at the same address for many years and enjoy reading the mail. But young adults aged 18 to 34 are also responsive to direct mail.

Indeed, it has worked for referrals, clients and prospects, says Maelis C. Mittig, director of client relations and marketing at Francis Financial, a New York-based RIA. “Because digital marketing has become the main method of communication,” says Mittig, “we find value in standing out through snail mail.”

“We send out announcements, invitations, greeting cards, and other marketing materials through the mail and have gotten wonderful feedback.” says Mittig. “Within this business, it’s important to build rapport with our clients, and a great mailing can be much more effective than an email.”

Bob Jackson, principal of Jackson Financial Advisors in Scottsdale, Ariz., whose clientele is primarily business owners, professionals, pre-retirees and retirees, uses direct mail in a limited way.

“We find direct mail a good way to get people’s attention, especially when we handwrite the envelope,” says Jackson. “A handwritten envelope is often opened and read.”

Jackson says both he and his clients receive many invitations for various functions from advisors and others that are either mass mailed with a label or hand addressed. He says he always opens invitations that are hand addressed.

Not all forms of direct mail campaigns have succeeded. Previously, Jackson said, “We had done some mass marketing with postcards in our area with very limited results, and those were not hand addressed.”

Focus Partners, a practice management and marketing firm based in Paramus, N.J., says more advisors are turning to direct mail as a way to communicate with clients and prospects along with email.

“People have become so inundated with junk mail and spam that they’ve moved back towards getting a good old-fashioned letter in their mailbox,” said Michael Silver, senior managing director at Focus Partners.

“One of the benefits of direct mail, whether it be to clients or prospects is to stay top of mind,” says Silver, adding they can more easily do this by means of direct mail than email.

Prospecting by both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

“Email is one click and you don’t have postal expense,” says Silver. “We recommend using a mix of both.”

Bruce W. Fraser, a New York financial writer, contributes to Financial-planning.com

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