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What You Need to Know About Follow Up With Clients

By Choncé Maddox, Smallbiztrends.com

Here's a guide on how to follow up with clients and prospects.  Do this and your sales will grow.

Following up is the key to running a successful business. In the professional world, everyone is busy and just trying to keep everything afloat.

Not to mention, life also happens. It’s easy to overbook yourself, forget things, or just fall behind. If you know these things happen to you often, know that it’s the same for everyone else.

How to Follow Up with Potential Clients

Knowing how to follow up with prospects correctly and avoid annoying them at the same time is key. You don’t want your follow-ups to run people away and lead to a missed opportunity so keep these tips in mind.

Include a Time-Sensitive Offer in Your Initial Pitch

I don’t know a single person who loves sending follow-ups. Thus, it’s safe to assume that everyone’s initial intention is to get an answer on the first try and avoid the whole follow up process altogether.

This should always be your goal – to send a thorough, specific, and valuable pitch that prompts the recipient to respond as soon as humanly possible.

To achieve this, consider including a deadline in your initial pitch to create a sense of urgency. If you’re freelance hoping to land a new client, mention that your calendar is filling up quickly and you’re offering a limited time trial discount.

That way when you follow up, you have something to reference and can communicate to the potential client that you’re concerned about them missing out on the offer.

Make It About Them (Do Your Research)

After you establish credibility in your first pitch, be sure to make most of it about the prospect and what you can do to benefit them. You have to do your research to make this happen.

Google the person you’re emailing and also check out their company and/or personal website. Stalk their social media accounts if you have to. Just find out what pain points they have so you can offer a valid solution.

As a result, your pitch should include saying something along the lines of “Hello ______, are you still struggling with ____________? Per my initial request last week, I still want to help you solve ___________. I know you’re busy, but how about we set up a short call to discuss ________ depending on your availability? Just let me know if you’ve got it covered and will no longer need my help/services.”

Odds are, the person still needs help and just hasn’t had time to reply back to you yet. By communicating that you’re eager and willing to help solve their problem, it makes your follow up less of an annoyance and more of a potential solution.

Give Them Time to Respond

Like I said, people are busy and for some, it’s difficult to get through a batch of emails or voicemails in a single workday. Be sure to allow enough time for the prospect to actually read your pitch and do some light research on your business before following up.

You may even want to include when you’ll follow up again in your first pitch as a courtesy so the potential client doesn’t get thrown off guard with another email from you.

Persistence is also important. After the first pitch is sent, try to follow up after 3-5 business days for two weeks. Then, start following up weekly. Always let the prospect know that if they’re not interested in your offer, they can let you know and you’ll stop following up with them.

After a few weeks, it may be time to stop following up and that’s okay because not everyone will be interested in working with you.


It’s important to know how to follow up with prospects properly if you want to grow your business. Realize that timing is also very important when it comes to sending pitches and follow-ups. Be sure to connect with prospects either personally or online before sending your initial pitch.

Understand their needs and struggles then determine how you can help before you reach out.

Genius Envelope Copy to Pump Up Your Direct Mail Results

From Marketingtango.com

Integrated marketers who use direct mail have just a split second to attract the attention of recipients. Smart envelope teaser copy is what makes the difference between a letter being opened or getting thrown in the trash.

You know direct mail is worth its weight in gold, but did you know that 65% of consumers have purchased something as a result of seeing a piece of direct mail? Integrated marketers have just a split second to convince a recipient not to junk the mailer. That split second is where envelope “teaser” copy comes in. And as you can guess, its job is to pique the interests and imagination of the recipient.

Listed below are a few ways you can create teasers that cut through the clutter and get your envelope opened.

More is more

Almost counter intuitively, it’s often the wordiest envelopes that work best. There’s no hard and fast rule, but many high-performing pieces of direct mail often use three teaser blurbs: one that hints at a problem to be solved or what’s special about your product; another blurb that introduces a special offer; and one more than hints at a timeframe. This formula is exactly what makes HelloFresh mailers impossible to ignore.

Use a juicy (but not too juicy) hook

Teaser copy must walk a fine line between creating urgency, interest, and exclusivity, but without over promising so much that customers feel they’ve been “bait & switched.”

One example of how to do this comes from a high-performing piece from the Ocean Conservancy. “10 things you never knew about the ocean that will amaze you. Number 3 will take your breath away…” It’s just a little bit click bait-y, but the enclosed info pays the teaser off nicely.

Put time on your side

Urgency and immediacy creates action. Include a time frame – either a limited-time offer or show how your product or service rapidly solves a problem (e.g., “Look inside for new way to cut your tax bill in 5 minutes”).

Use directive copy

Just like a sales call should end with asking for the sale, your teaser copy should instruct your prospect to open the envelope! Try language like “see inside” or “open immediately.” For an even bigger lift, combine with a benefit. For example: “Claim your FREE coupon. Check inside!”

Integrated marketers must act now!

Envelope teaser copy is crucial, but it it’s not the only part of creating effective direct mail:

What you mail matters, some formats can increase responses by 300%.

Make sure your list is clean and organized (Talon can help you accomplish this).

Millennials Respond to Direct Mail

By Rhonda Basler, Customerthink.com

Nearly half of Millennials say they ignore digital ads, but only 15% of them say they ignore direct mail.

It’s not surprising that Millennials have been an increasing focus for marketers over the past decade. Even by conservative estimates, their generation (currently aged 22 to 37) now outnumbers the large Baby Boomer generation.

With this powerhouse of a generation leading the consumer wave, there have been a plethora of articles about various businesses and products that Millennials have “killed” with their lack of interest. This simplistic view fails to take into account the changing habits of all consumers as technology and lifestyles evolve.

As you read about Millennial habits, keep in mind that many people from earlier generations have evolved similarly in recent years.

So what do we know about Millennial preferences? Here are a few things that may surprise you.

Millennials like receiving mail.

Despite the virtual firehose of information and messaging that Millennials receive through their mobile devices, direct mail is what breaks through the clutter.

Research has shown that 90% of people within the Millennial age group find direct mail reliable, and 87% of them enjoy receiving it.

Nearly half of Millennials say they ignore digital ads, but only 15% of them say they ignore direct mail.

Perhaps most important, 82% of Millennials trust messaging printed on paper more than they trust digital messaging.

For marketers, this means there is opportunity to use personalized, eye-catching direct mail pieces to increase engagement and impact. Although the tactile nature of direct mail is one of its main advantages, combining direct mail with digital and social media can extend a campaign even further.

Millennials are charitable.

Although they do not have a lot of disposable income, 84% of Millennials give to charitable causes. They feel strongly enough about supporting charitable endeavors that it influences their choice of employer. Technology plays a big role in Millennials’ donations, both in facilitating online giving and helping inspire their charitable giving choices through stories shared on social media.

Companies are taking notice. According to Stacy Bauer, Senior Product Manager of Gift Cards at Hallmark Business Connections, “As we researched Millennials, we realized that a perfect option for our gift card selection was CharityChoice, which allows them to donate to their favorite charity any reward or amount they earned through an employee recognition program or through incentive programs offered by their favorite brands.”

Millennials value a narrative.

Millennials expect transparency and concrete information about the causes they support. When they give, they want to be able to share images and updates on Facebook and Twitter to show that their contributions made a difference and encourage their friends to support the same causes. They are less attached to specific organizations and institutions, and more interested in the impact of their donations on the problem the charity is meant to solve.

What this means to marketers.

Millennials and the Millennial-minded are causing marketers to take a new look at how they approach consumers. After years of emphasis on digital marketing, direct mail is experiencing a renaissance with these consumers who view it as a refreshing change.

Charitable giving has emerged as a way for businesses and brands to build connections with their audiences—as long as it’s done carefully, thoughtfully and transparently.

Millennials will be the dominant economic force for a long time to come, so it’s wise for marketers to learn how they stand to change the way businesses interact with their customers.

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