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The Importance of Creative Quality in Advertising Impact

By Dildeep Singh, Business2Community.com

Marketers are so caught up in using technology to reach the right person at the right time with their ads that they often overlook the importance of creative quality.

There’s no point in delivering an ad to someone if they automatically dismiss it. According to Ipsos, 75% of advertising impact is determined by the creative quality of the ad. Even so, creative messaging often gets lost behind ad targeting and placement.

Why Creative in Ads is So Important

Creative Quality is 4x More Important Than Media Plan Quality:  If the statistic from Ipsos wasn’t enough, how about this one? A study from comScore shows that creative quality drives over half of sales changes for the brands involved in the study. This was four times the impact of the media plan used and highlights the importance of being creative with ads.

Creative Quality is 5x as Important as Targeting for Ad Awareness:  The idea that creative quality is more important isn’t just limited to the United States. The “Power of Creation”, the largest study of perception and impact of online display creative in the German market, had some interesting results. The research included a benchmark analysis of 270 studies involving over 40,000 participants. The study showed that creative is roughly half (47.3%) of the equation on if people will look at ads. That’s five times targeting at 10.7%.

Better Creative Pushes Better Engagement: Any study that investigates this shows that ad standards that focus on creativity are more impactful than those that hinder creativity. These studies all looked at the same ad creative across standard ad formats and an IAB, or Interactive Advertising Bureau, ad. This isn’t exactly the best apples-to-apples comparison, but it still showed that more creative ads have better engagement rates.

Test The Creative for Best Results

It’s not enough to just make the ads more creative. You still need to test your creative to ensure that you are getting the best results. We believe in the importance of creative testing and understand the most cost effective and efficient ways to go about it.

The first way to test your creative is to test a bunch of different ads at one time to get more insight into them. This method is suited for short campaigns with larger budgets. It offers some quick insights but doesn’t give exact information on what works with the ad – and why.

The other method is A/B testing, which is the standard for most advertising campaigns. This method gives you more insights into what works and what doesn’t. It also scales to your budget as you can run A/B campaigns no matter your marketing budget. Performance wise, testing can help figure out the most successful blend of variables.

Track and Analyze Results

Don’t stop at testing, as you also need to track and analyze the results you get from those tests. There are two key things to keep track of – the number of click-throughs and the conversion rates for those click-throughs. The goal of these tests—and the later analysis—is to maximize both the number of clicks and the conversions of those clicks. The higher the click-through and conversion rate, the better your overall return on investment.

As with testing other things, such as web copy, you want to let the test run for a few days to get worthwhile results. How long you run the tests can depend on how much traffic the ads generate. Keep track of where the ad appears during this testing period. If you don’t bid enough for the ad, you might find the ad doesn’t show up high enough for the testing and results to be accurate. Having the ad change position too much during testing can also skew the results.

If the results aren’t as clear as you hope, or if you get conflicting results (such as one ad having higher click-throughs but the other having a higher conversion rate) you should consider running more tests. Change one variable at a time until you get the ideal combination for best results. Remember, consistency between the ad and the landing page is also key. Differences here could explain why ads have poor conversion rates despite generating plenty of clicks.

An Additional Variable

We would like to leave you with one little warning about A/B testing. Please note this method isn’t perfect and there is the possibility of running into a false plateau. Running A/B tests will bring you a lot of beneficial data but may not always show your true potential.

Sometimes, it makes sense to throw in the occasional bit of random creative to see if it does any better than your current best-performing creative idea. Consider it a form of A/B/C testing. Introducing a third random element can help you see if you’ve really reached your peak.

If that third element does outperform the other creatives, you can analyze the data and see what worked well and optimize your other efforts for this. You’ll also still have all the other useful insights from the original test about the aesthetics and messaging of the ad that you can use for the next test.

Apply the Results to Other Formats

One of the great things about all these tests is that you can apply them to much more than standard advertising. Testing different web designs can get more people to your website, improve ease of navigation, and write the ultimate call-to-action (CTA).

Why Database Marketing Matters

From: TechFunnel.com

Considering the hype around modern marketing techniques, it is important to not overlook some of the primary building blocks of effective marketing.

Database marketing is a type of direct marketing that utilizes personalized engagement to promote services and goods to prospective customers. Customer data is accumulated, stored in, and accessed from a central database.

Here are the reasons database marketing matters:

1. Streamline your information and business activities.

Let’s assume a situation where you have accumulated a great volume of data concerning your customer base, however you have no method to manage or organize it. Setting up database marketing strategies will enable you to arrange huge amounts of essential data and compile lists of specifics, including demographic data, inquiries, previous purchases, email addresses, and so on. Need to identify the number of females, ages 25 – 45, that purchased a cosmetic kit from you in the past 6 months? Database marketing will help you get the information you need with ease!

2. Send targeted campaigns

You can create and send targeted sales and promotions to your most promising leads or customers when you take advantage of the data in your database. For instance, if you own a large online retail store and you’re having a sale on laptops, all you have to do is send emails to customers who have specifically bought laptops or computers from you in the past, rather than sending to every single person who has ever purchased from your store. Targeted campaigns are a much better utilization of resources and time.

3. Better predict the actions and behavior of your customers

With the use of database marketing, you can better evaluate the past behavior and buying patterns of your customers, allowing you to make smarter marketing decisions. For instance, you can identify sales patterns according to what they purchased in the past and determine which customers are most likely going to purchase in the future and the products they would probably be interested in as well.

4. Monitor the success of your marketing campaigns

One of the most crucial components of any marketing promotion is monitoring its success. Does email seem like a better avenue for your business or are your customers responding more to social media promotions? You can accumulate metrics that are important and gauge results that can be useful to you, like a campaign that features both social media and email elements targeted at two separate qualified prospect categories.

5. Save costs

As we have established above, the use of this better streamlined approach will help you to save on resources and costs. By creating targeted messages for customers who have patronized you in the past, you are able to concentrate on individuals who are more likely going to patronize you again, as opposed to just throwing a wide net with expectations of higher sales.

6. Data sharing

Are you aware that you can rent or buy prospect lists? Well, now you know you can! For businesses that are just getting started and need assistance with this form of marketing, they have the option to purchase email prospect lists to help them with a specific product launch or campaign.

Factors that promote a successful database marketing

You can make your marketing strategies both more affordable and more profitable if you follow a data-driven approach. There are several variables that will determine your ability to effectively use your database. A successful database marketing campaign is dependent on the three requirements listed below:

1. How easily you can access the customer data: You will not be able to put your customer data to use if you cannot access it. However, this is something Customer Data Platform can help with.

2. Your database’s quality: Inaccurate, outdated data will be very ineffective no matter how meticulously you have segmented it. In this section, the Single Customer View process comes to play, as it combines, duplicates, and cleans multiple streams of data into a single, dependable record for each customer.

3. Analyzing and automating your campaigns: In this regard, you must be able to take insights and convert them into action by using multi-channel campaign management features. This will help you in achieving the most from your database marketing.

Final Thoughts

In all, database marketing is indeed a well-rounded approach, as you would also agree by now. In order to achieve success with it, you must continually accumulate and evaluate information concerning your customers, particularly their demographic data, behavior, and purchase history. Your marketing campaigns will be more successful when you have more useful customer data.

Improving Your Direct Mail Success Rate

From: SpeedyEnvelopes.com

Success with direct mail depends on many factors, including design, copywriting, and whether your offer is truly compelling.

But the real driver of direct marketing success lies with your data.

A recent report on campaign data by Marketscan reveals some insights that can help integrated marketers save time, effort, and money as you prepare your next direct mail campaign.

Start With The Audience, Not The Data

Are you marketing to generate new leads or retain current customers? How you answer this question will help you identify the type of data you should be focusing on.

Marketscan reveals that twice as many campaigns are developed for lead generation as customer retention (84% vs. 43%). If you’re looking for new customers, you should target prospects you haven’t contacted recently. But if you’re promoting upgrades or add-ons, only current customers should receive your message. Make sure you start by considering the audience first, then the data.

Try a New Metric Every So Often

Do you market to prospects just because they’re in the same town as your business? After learning that only 1.27% of marketers actively seek advice on lists, Marketscan offers this pearl of wisdom: “Don’t confuse how close you can make a customer feel with how close they are geographically.” If you’ve used the same mailing criteria too often with diminishing results, change it up and go outside your comfort zone — maybe even out of town.

Engagement Matters More Than Size

How will you know success when you see it in direct mail? According to the study, “47% of marketers found measuring success the hardest campaign challenge… with one-third only attempting it once the campaign fully finishes.” Audience size is easier to quantify, but the level of engagement is more important to your long-term success.

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