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Eight Marketing Campaign Ideas for Your Small Business

By Margaret Francis, Semissourian.com

Many small business owners think that they need to spend a lot of money in order to have a successful marketing campaign. In this day and age, this couldnít be further from the truth.

Here are some great marketing campaign ideas that you can do on a small budget.

1. Direct Mail Marketing

You may think that direct mail marketing is dead, but it is actually still incredibly effective. Keep in mind that direct mail has a much higher response rate than email. ďDirect mail marketing works because it leaves a lasting impression,Ē notes Carlos de Santos, president of Catdi Printing. Nevertheless, itís very important to make sure that the promotional mail you send speaks directly to your target audience and encourages people to try the products or services you provide.

2. Email Marketing

When you think about it, nearly every person that uses the internet has an email address, which is exactly why this type of marketing can be very effective. Keep in mind that all of your potential customers will first visit your website and look what you have to offer before deciding on whether they want to pay for your products or services.

Because of this, itís a great idea to encourage the people that visit your website to leave their email address, so you can later persuade them to become customers.

3. Create an Online Giveaway

If youíre struggling to get new people to follow your social media pages, you should consider creating an online giveaway. This is one of the least expensive ways to attract more people and gain many new potential customers. However, remember that the number of people who will participate in the giveaway depends on the prize that youíre offering.

4. Publish Quality Content

Your company website shouldnít just contain a list of the products and/or services that you provide. Instead, it should also have quality content that is relevant to your industry. If you want to save money, you can always write the content yourself. However, if writing is not really your thing, then you should consider hiring someone to do it for you.

Itís also a good idea to share posts from other pages in your industry on your social media accounts. When people start seeing that they can find relevant information on your website, they will start visiting your pages more frequently.

5. Social Media Marketing

Most business owners are aware of just how important social media marketing is. Having a presence on social media will not only help increase traffic to your website, but it will help improve your search engine rankings as well. The social media platform you choose depends largely on your target audience, so make sure you spend your time on the right platforms.

6. Have a Presence on YouTube

If you make good videos and have a bit of luck, you can become a YouTube star. However, know that you donít even need to have a lot of subscribers or views to get more customers. You can simply make some instructional videos and explain your products or services to viewers. On top of that, you can also make videos containing news about the industry youíre in.

7. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be intimidating to you, but itís very important that you understand just how positive of an impact it can have on your business. Keep in mind that if you donít get how it works, you can always hire someone to improve your rankings.

8. Coupon Deal Websites

No matter the type of product or service youíre offering, you can always use coupon deal websites to promote your business. This is especially a good idea if youíve started your business just recently and are searching for new customers.

Five Things to do if Your Business is Struggling

By Eric Rosenberg, Due.com

Some or all of the causes below could be the problem. If so, here's how to turn around your struggling business:

Whether or not you like it, if you are an entrepreneur you are in sales. You have to sell your product or service somehow or you wonít make money. If you are scratching your head on why things are not working as planned, take a moment to review your marketing strategy and your overall business to find the source of the troubles. This valuable exercise can help turn around a struggling enterprise or help launch a growing business to the next level. Follow along and put on your thinking cap for ideas to turn around your business.

1. You are not Marketing Right

If your business is struggling, the first place to look is your marketing strategy. If you have a valuable product or service, you might just need to push forward with your sales efforts. This could mean tweaking existing marketing strategies or adding entirely new ones. For example, you might want to add online search advertising, in-person networking, or something else you are not doing today to jumpstart your sales engine.

Look at similar, successful businesses and examine how they advertise and handle promotion. Also look at the advertising methods that work best on you. What convinces you to make a purchase? If you cannot convince yourself, you certainly wonít be able to convince a customer.

2. Your Product or Service Doesnít Meet a Need

Maybe you have the idea for the best widget in history, but people donít really need widgets. It is very rare that a product or service creates a new need. iPhones turned the smartphone market into a need for many people, but we all know that story because of the iPhoneís massive success. If you are struggling to sell something incredibly new or innovative, it may be something people donít need or want.

If this may be whatís ailing your struggling business, you are not left without options. Conduct some market research to find out how your business is perceived and identify opportunities for improvement. A focus group or marketing survey might show you an easy problem to fix that you hadnít thought about. It may also take you down a rabbit hole of even more questions. But if no one seems to want what you have to offer, it is important to understand why.

3. You have Too Many Competitors

Restaurants are a tough business for many reasons. Between regulations, razor thin margins, and changing customer preferences, a huge number of restaurants fail. But there is another reason restaurants struggle more than many other businesses: they have too many competitors. People can cook at home, order take-out or delivery, or go to another nearby restaurant. Even if one restaurant serves Italian and one serves Chinese, they both sell prepared food as a service. That means big competition.

Some other industries are ripe for competitors as well. How many plumbers does one city need? Or how many guitar teachers? Or how many lamp stores? In some cases, nearby competition isnít so bad. But it may be whatís causing your businessís biggest struggles. If this is the case, consider the market, including online competition, and how you can better differentiate yourself to stand out from the competition.

4. Your Product or Service Costs Too Much

A friend used to sell high-end luxury menís razors on Amazon. His product allowed him to stand out from the competition, and for a period of time his biggest concern was pricing. He kept pushing the price up and up to test the limit of customer demand, and eventually, he hit a point where sales took a quick drop. Competition aside, he ran into a quandary in the razor business: people will only pay so much for a razor.

The market may set prices for your product or service, and if you are struggling to sell price may be another major factor. If you sell something with a low perceived value, people will never pay a high price. Or if you are selling a lot but not making much money, your price could be too low. Testing and researching the competition can help you best resolve this common business struggle.

5. You are in the Wrong Business

Last, but certainly not least, you might just be in the wrong business. I know someone who made millions in real estate but failed miserably in the restaurant business. Others might be focusing outside of their core competency. Or you may have the right team and the wrong idea. Popular photo sharing service Flickr started as a game before turning into the photo service that sold to Yahoo! for millions. Like Flickr, you may just be in the wrong business.

Shifting to the right business could turn everything around. Sometimes a pivot feels like starting over. Sometimes it is starting over. But without it, you may see business struggles last so long your business doesnít make it at all.

Seven Tips For Awesome Direct Mail Copy That Sells

By Scott De Buitleir, Huffingtonpost.com

Utilizing these 7 tips will help you increase conversions and get more from your marketing promotions.

Carefully crafted copy can be the key to many things, from product descriptions that are subject to seriously healthy conversion rates, through to websites that engage the reader and lead them seamlessly over onto a contact form or online purchase.

However, writing effective copy is somewhat of an underappreciated art form, particularly within the ever evolving and always changing realm of direct mail, with many novices attempting the feat only to find the ever growing copywriting industry to be understandably in-demand.

So, here's a look at the specific realm of writing great copy for Direct Mail, which is an area of marketing that is seeing a particularly impressive resurgence.

1. First and forest: Understand that customers are ready and willing to buy - Companies are seeing impressive results from direct mail, with 92% of receivers being driven online towards a digital activity, and 86% reportedly feeling 'connected' to the business sender. So first it is important to appreciate that there are indeed opportunities out there to boost your bottom line. You just have to get your strategy right, for which your copy is central.

2. Focus on simplicity - Keeping your language simple should be your starting point with any piece of copy. So opt for short paragraphs, bullet points and the use of sub headings to create a great structure to scan.

3. Use images wisely and choose wonderful works that really work - Images are great for bringing your words to life, however you should be careful not to overcrowd your flyer: opting for one powerful image is better than choosing numerous smaller images that all jostle for attention. The power of visual communication is extremely important and quality images establish credibility and are the most important factor in discerning the credibility of materials.

4. Opt for an angle... and really sell it - Always have a strong angle and a singular message for clarity. Whether this is "My course will teach you everything the experts know about marketing" or "Learn the industry insider tips to becoming a copywriter": make it punchy, make it powerful.

5. Create a story - Harnessing a story is great way of promoting a human element to your offering, and consumers love to have a realistic story line to buy into. Finding a newsworthy angle is so important and can be the determining factor in whether you succeed or fail. So consider a rags-to riches storyline, which has proven to be particularly effective within marketing, if it so fits in with your service or product.

6. Be intriguing, creative and useful - Offering the reader a reason to head on over online can be key to capturing what you need from them, be this a purchase or the entering of information, such as an email. So be intriguing, offer them something that will only be fully revealed or provided once a set task is undertaken. Of course this should also be something that is genuinely useful to your target market, such as a must-read guide to cutting outgoings, boosting marketing or harnessing online discounts.

7. And finally... consider hiring a professional - If all else fails, or if you simply fail to create the impactful words that you'd been aiming for, then you should consider turning to the professionals, particularly as the freelancing realm has never been so accessible.

Direct copy can be extremely powerful and still works extremely well in this day and age. Utilizing the aforementioned advice will help you increase conversions and get more from your investment.

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