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Five Ways to Use Metaphors to Create Irresistible Copy

By Brian Clar, Copyblogger.com

Headlines whiz by in a blur of mundane language, until you hit a heading that stops you dead in your tracks and plants a visual in your brain that prompts you to investigate further.

That's the power of a metaphor in a headline.

Letís take a look at five examples of how you can use metaphorical expressions to spice up your writing.

Metaphors can turbo-charge just about any element of an article, from the title down to the close. You might even design an entire piece of content around an ongoing metaphorical theme.

1. Headlines

Imagine yourself blazing quickly through your news app or email inbox.

Article titles and subject lines whiz by in a blur of mundane language, until you hit a heading that stops you dead in your tracks and plants a visual in your brain that prompts you to investigate further.

Thatís the power of metaphor in a headline.

For examples of titles that employ both metaphor and descriptive beneficial copy, one only has to look at best-selling business books:

  • Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable
  • Duct Tape Marketing: The Worldís Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide
  • Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant

2. Openings

Perhaps you avoided a metaphor in your headline, but want to open strong by creating an engaging visual representation in the readerís mind. Use a metaphor to suck people into the body of your content.

Hereís an example from Anne Millerís book, Metaphorically Selling that begins an examination of the dot com bust and resulting economic downturn:

ďIn Arizona thereís an old graveyard known as Boot Hill where lots of slow-on-the-draw gunslingers are buried. One of the headstones reads ĎI knew this was going to happen, but not so soon.í

ďThe same could be said about the U.S. economy, which has gone through a wrenching contraction. I donít know anyone who thought the hyperbole of 2000 could last, but no one thought things would drop as fast as they did.Ē

3. Themes

One might even make an entire post metaphorically themed, from the headline through the close.

In Stefanieís post, How to Write 16 Knockout Articles When You Only Have One Wimpy Idea, she uses multiple metaphors to compare creating winning content over time to training to be a boxing champ.

You can see how a theme was created around a simile in Weak Email Marketing and Nickelback Have Less in Common than You Might Think.

4. Proof

You know that you should back up your beneficial promises and assertions with hard data and specific facts when attempting to persuade.

Nothing speaks louder than the numbers, and yet the full force and effect of those numbers is often lost on the reader. Metaphors make the numbers relevant, concrete, and memorable.

  • How much is a trillion dollars? Itís a stack of thousand dollar bills 67 miles high. (Ronald Reaganís early 1980s illustration of the national debt ó that stack is significantly higher today.)
  • We lose one acre of rainforest every second. Imagine a giant invader from space, clomping across the rainforests of the world with football-field-size feet ó going boom, boom, boom every second ó would we react? Thatís essentially whatís going on right now. (Al Goreís vivid characterization of rainforest loss.)

5. Closers

Metaphors make for great closers because, when well constructed, they provide powerful summaries and clear recommendations.

If applicable, you can follow up with a specific call to action that tells your reader what to do next.

How Talon Has Prepared and Planned For Disasters

By Michael Borkan

Did you ever wonder what would happen if your direct mail vendor was devastated by a fire, hurricane or loss of an important employee?

If Talon is your vendor, you can sleep better at night. We've prepared for minor and major disasters and challenges by identifying potential problems and implementing solutions.

Disasters such as our building burning to the ground, most probably will never happen, but some problems can and probably will occur. A computer virus, the loss of a key employee, even hardware damage will occur - it's just a matter of time. Rest assured - Talon is ready!

Listed below are potential problems and how we have prepared. They are laid out in the order of most probable to occur to least likely.





Internet Connection goes down

Off Site connection in place.


Virus / Malware Computer Attack

Multiple systems (some off-line, and off internet).

State of the art virus & firewall protection software.


Loss of Key Employee

All reoccurring work is documented and multiple employees are cross trained.


Loss of Electrical Power

Two power generators kept on site.


Computer Equipment Destroyed

Off site machinery, data files and programs in place & ready to run.  Equipment replacement insurance.


Client Inventory lost in fire or flood

Inventory Automatically Insured


Building Destroyed

Insurance covers setting up a new facility and covers subcontracting costs.


Bio Hazard Terror Attack

Special insurance coverage.

#1 Internet Connection Goes Down:

What happens if your internet connection is down and your service bureau has an important file that must be sent or an email blast that must go? Talon has solved this problem by putting a second high speed internet connection and a computer network at our second building. Our second connection and hardware system is completely independent from our main connection. Two months ago our internet service was spotty for several days. During this time our email blasts were run at our second location. Our clients' jobs were processed on time and without problems.

#2 Virus or Malware Attacks Computers:

It's amazing how many computers lack the latest anti-virus software. Our virus software will identify problems before they have a chance to inflict damage. We use the most current virus protection software possible and make sure we get updates as soon as they are ready.

With the help of our antivirus software, firewalls, and employee training, we have never had a machine affected or damaged by a virus. If we ever do get struck by a virus we have computer systems that are not connected to the internet or our network, and every file and program that we house are backed up. We would be able to retrieve uninfected data and programs and continue to run.

#3 Loss of Employees:

Ever have a job at a service bureau and the key person is on vacation, sick, or no longer employed there? At Talon all jobs are clearly documented and each service we offer can be done by a multiple number of employees. Not only is this good for our clients, but our employees benefit too since they can go on vacation without having to perform customer support or worry about projects getting done!

#4 Loss of Power:

Talon has installed two power generators. Should power go down we can run our computer center. We even can run our high-speed inkjet and inserting equipment.

#5 Computer Equipment Destroyed:

Talon has a special insurance policy that covers replacement costs for each machine. Additionally we keep equipment offsite. If both of our buildings were destroyed Talon has the resources of third party vendor, which keeps a disaster recovery data center located in nearby Farmingdale. All data is backed up three times and one set is kept off site in a secure location.

#6 Client Inventory Lost In Fire or Flood:

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen to your catalogs or other printed materials if your vendor's building was flooded or destroyed by fire? Our insurance policy covers all of our clients' inventory - automatically, from the moment it is delivered or picked up by our drivers.

#7 Building Destroyed:

Our insurance policy specifically covers all of the costs of getting jobs processed and mailed should our building be destroyed. If it took an extended period to rebuild our location, our insurance would pay for us to set up a temporary location and/or subcontract out our work.

#8 Biohazard Terrorist Attacks:

A few years ago our nation was terrified by Anthrax in the mail. Our insurance carrier has helped us create procedures to protect our buildings from unauthorized personnel entering our production areas. With the new procedures in place, we're insured against someone placing biohazard materials in our mailings.

We have worked hard to make sure we are ready for just about anything. In addition to these safeguards we also have insurance which allows us to be bonded and we have an errors and omissions policy.

For additional information or if you have questions you can call Michael Borkan at 631-667-5500 x 11 or by email at mb@talon-mailing.com.

Cut Through Email Clutter, Reach Prospects with Direct Mail

By Murtaza Jaffer, Lvb.com

Direct Mail is making a comeback because individuals are inundated with too much digital content.

Itís no surprise that in a digital age, email and social media are the most-used form of marketing. The world moves quickly and many times, things are expected to be done now, making digital marketing beneficial. However, direct mail is making a comeback in an effort to reach individuals who are inundated with digital content.

Check the last time you sent an email marketing campaign; how many people opened the email? There is a good possibility that emails are getting deleted before being read. On average, 121 business emails are sent and received per day, and that doesnít include emails on personal accounts.

Many employees are now working from home offices due to Covid-19, so itís the perfect time to re-invest in a direct mail strategy.

While it may sound daunting, direct mail advertising is fairly simple. Hereís how to get started:

1. Set a goal. First and foremost, determine the purpose of the campaign. Is the business trying to reach current customers or expand their reach to new ones? Setting this goal will help determine what type of item to mail. For example, if the businessís goal is to reach current customers, a thank you card with a special gift might be a nice gesture, but if the goal is to reach new customers, a coupon might get them in the door.

2. Create your mailing list. There are two options available to businesses sending direct mail:

  • Company provides the list: business owners have the option to provide their own list, which may include their current customer base or a small portion of it. As long as the company is keeping proper records, exporting the information into an excel spreadsheet is quick and easy. (This is the best option if trying to reach current customers.)

  • Utilize USPSí Every Door Direct Mail targeting. The postal service offers Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM, to target the right customers. You can use their online tool to map zip codes and neighborhoods, as well as filter the results by age, income and household size. Write down the areas you want to target and keep it handy for when you are ready to mail. (This is the best option if trying to expand the customer base.)
3. Decide what to send. Not sure what to mail? The skyís the limit! The most common items that are sent via direct mail include personal letters, holiday cards, postcards, and coupons.

There is also a shift to sending care packages and Trade Show Boxes, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With large conferences and events cancelled, many businesses are sending Trade Show Boxes directly to their target customers. The boxes may contain promotional items such as pens, notepads, folders, water bottles, etc. These are the items that would have been distributed at the event but are now being sent via snail mail. Be sure to include a call-to-action in your mailer and information on how to reach you (phone number, email, website, and contact person if applicable).

Remember, direct mail campaigns are not one size fits all. Direct Mail can and should be customized for the company to ensure the best results.

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Five Ways to use Metaphors to Create Irresistible Copy

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