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10 Awesome Upselling Techniques to Grow Your Business

By Rob Starr, Smallbiztrends.com

Upselling is about getting the same customer to buy something else after an initial purchase.  Research says you’ve got a 60-70% better chance to make a second sale to an existing customer.

Here are 10 proven upselling techniques you can use right away.

1. Offer Discount Subscriptions

Nick Bennett, founder of Growmeo Marketing, points to subscriptions for ecommerce businesses.

“A common strategy is to offer a 10% discount if someone chooses to subscribe to a recurring purchase of a product,” he writes. “When someone choose this option, they’ll automatically get the product shipped to them every month for a 10% discount.”

2. Give Annual Subscriptions

This is a good option if your customers currently pay monthly. Bennett suggests offering a free month for anyone who chooses this route.

3. Suggest Items

This technique works well with front line staff. If customers buy a computer, get workers to ask them if they need appropriate software and/or a case.

4. Use Emails

Placement is important for this technique to succeed. Gina Woods is an e-commerce business mentor and coach. She suggests using the thank you page/order confirmation section.

“Order confirmation in email has a 95% open rate,” she writes.

5. Personalize the Offer

“When you upsell, always try to personalize the offers that you are showing the customer. Choosing the correct upsell can go a long way in ensuring the customer clicks the “buy” button,” writes Joe Flanagan, Lead App Developer at GetSongbpm.

That can be as simple as offering a hoodie to someone who just bought a t-shirt. Works well in ecommerce.

6. Compare Plans

If you’re selling a service, try comparing the free version to the paid one. Visuals are good here and the effective ones use bullet points with checkmarks.

7. Put A Time Limit on The Offer

Creating urgency helps people to make a decision. Create a time limit on an offer. Or you can limit the quantities for the same results.

8. Learn the Rule of 25

Jake Rheude is VP of marketing at Red Stag Fulfillment. He explains:

“One key tip to remember is the rule of 25,” he writes. “Keep your offers from increasing the overall order cost by more than 25%. It encourages people to take the offer without feeling overwhelmed or backing out of the whole purchase.”

Rheude supplies a few good examples:  “Think of the cost of adding fries to a Big Mac, or upgrading a Tesla Model 3 to the long range package. It’s about 25%. Is it worth it for your customers to pay that extra 25%? With the right value proposition, enough of them will be convinced — so the answer is yes.”

9. Use a Tier System

Another suggestion is to divide your goods or services up into different levels. You need to get more specialized with each category.

“It is very important to provide what the customer requires at exactly the right time. Build these levels with more specific and specialized products upon the original tried and tested one.” — Andrew James Syrett Head of Sales at YourParkingSpace.co.uk.

10. Offer A Bundle

Finally bundling up your goods and services works. And you can offer free shipping on the bundle as an extra incentive.

Direct Mail Boosts Multichannel Campaign Success

By Ameya Dusane, Martechadvisor.com

A recent study explored the role of direct mail in today’s multichannel campaigns. Here are the results:

With direct mail proving to be one of a marketer’s most strategic channels, a recent survey explored the role of direct mail in today’s multichannel campaigns and the ROI it drives, as well as best practices on how and when to include direct mail in multichannel campaigns.

PFL, a martech company that is pioneering the ‘tactile marketing automation’ category, recently released its 2019 Multichannel Marketing Research Report: Direct Mail in the Digital Age. The study, conducted by PFL and Demand Metric, found that adding direct mail to multichannel campaigns is a catalyst for better response rates and higher ROI, yet not all marketers are using direct mail as a primary channel. The study indicates there is a significant opportunity to leverage the power of physical mail to reach the right audiences with personalized, on-brand messages that resonate and drive ROI across channels.

“Our study illuminates the role and impact of direct mail across the multichannel marketing mix,” said Daniel Gaugler, CMO of PFL. “The data clearly shows that direct mail improves overall multichannel marketing performance - and results improve significantly when direct mail is fully integrated, personalized, and represents a company’s brand well. We’re excited to share this treasure trove of data with marketers so they can more effectively integrate direct mail into their multichannel campaigns and improve performance.”

The survey of nearly 600 respondents found that more than 8 in 10 (83%) marketers report good or very good ROI when direct mail is fully integrated into the multichannel campaign mix (versus only 51% without direct mail). The data also shows that most marketers leverage 3 or 4 channels in a multichannel campaign (29% and 21% respectively), but only a little more than half (56%) are typically using direct mail. Email is ranked as the most popular channel (91%) followed by social media (81%) and events (73%).

With direct mail proving to be one of a marketer’s most strategic channels, the survey explored the role of direct mail in today’s multichannel campaigns and the ROI it drives, as well as best practices on how and when to include direct mail in multichannel campaigns. Key findings include:

Direct Mail Boosts Other Channels

Marketers agree that adding direct mail to the multichannel marketing mix improves overall campaign performance, with half (52%) reporting it delivers a moderate to major improvement. That number jumps significantly when direct mail is personalized and tightly integrated into the channel mix, with 89% of respondents saying it delivers a moderate to major improvement to response rates.

Yet the data shows a majority of marketers are not fully integrating direct mail efforts into marketing campaign technology. Only 16% of respondents have complete integration (where direct mail sends and measurement are an inherent part of the marketing technology) and 17% have high integration (where direct mail is sent by a core marketing technology but measurement is separate or not available). When it comes to personalization, only 4 in 10 marketers are significantly personalizing direct mail (25% reporting ‘a lot’ of personalization; 12% ‘complete’ personalization).

Direct Mail Influences Decision Makers

Nearly 8 in 10 respondents (78%) ranked integrated, branded, personalized direct mail as the second most effective channel for reaching their target audience (events was the most effective channel at 83%).

For the C-suite, the audience that study participants most desire to reach, direct mail was the second most effective channel (29%) just after events (37%). For those who hold the purse strings (financial or purchasing decision makers), direct mail was the single most effective channel for reaching them (34%) followed by email (28%). In both cases, social media marketing was named the least effective channel (6% for C-suite and 12% for financial or purchasing).

Dimensional Mail Shines

When it comes to direct mail, the majority of marketers are sending postcards (55%) and letters (52%). However, most say that these fall short when it comes to demonstrating brand value. The study found that dimensional mail, the third most popular form of direct mail, did the best job of representing a company’s brand. Dimensional mail are pieces that are not flat and are often sent in boxes or tubes, such as a gift – and 4 in 10 marketers (42%) send this type of mail today, with 35% reporting it represents their brand “very well” (versus 17% for postcards and 19% for a letter).

Do You do "Something Extra" to Make Customers Love You?

By Shep Hyken - Business2community.com

Companies that manage to stand out from their competition, by doing something special or extra, end up being very successful.

In the realm of business—and especially customer service—we often talk about how to differentiate yourself from your competition.

It’s those companies that manage to stand out from the crowd that end up being successful. When I work with companies, I urge them to find what makes them unique and use it as a competitive advantage. It’s always a treat when I meet people who not only agree with my philosophies but take them a step further. That’s where Rodney Gaddis comes in.

I met Rodney at a conference where I was speaking about customer service. Rodney is in the very competitive field of lawn care as a Spring-Green franchisee, and he’s very successful. I asked him to share a little wisdom about his success and he immediately responded with the following:

I smiled when he shared that witty nugget of wisdom. I knew exactly what he meant. Anyone can do what we do, so what do we do to make it special or maybe a little different so we stand out?

Almost all business is competitive in that most of us, and the organizations we work for, sell something that our customers can most likely buy from someone else. In some cases, the business sells a commodity. There is little, if any, differentiation from one company to the next. Often, the customer chooses one company over another because of their relationship with the salespeople or employees. Or, it may be that one store is more convenient than the other. And of course, price often plays a role in this “natural selection” as well. Despite all promising more or less the same thing, there will be differences between companies.

For instance, Rodney competes with national companies, such as TruGreen, in addition to many local competitors. They all promise their customers a lush green lawn green devoid of weeds. But Rodney not only gets the business, he keeps the business, as evidenced by one of the lowest customer defection numbers in the industry.

Anyone can make a grilled cheese sandwich, but can they make it like your grandmother?

Rodney's competition may be able to do a comparable job, but as Rodney says, anyone can make a grilled cheese sandwich. When you add the extras, like butter, salt and pepper, and even a little love… well, that’s what makes you stand out. Rodney stands out because he puts those “extras” into what he does every day. It’s about more than just doing a great job. It’s about the passion and love he puts into his profession. His customers can feel that. That’s what makes Rodney stand out to them over the competition. That’s what makes the grilled cheese… as good as your grandmother’s.

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Do You do "Something Extra" to Make Customers Love You?

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