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Direct Mail is About Data, Not Being Pretty

By Beth Negus Viveiros, Chief Marketer.com

Direct mail may not be the newest trick in B2B marketers’ arsenal, but when used properly, it can be one of the most effective.

"If you’re getting started in direct mail, the most important thing is to learn before you leap,” says Gordon Brott, senior director of marketing at OnDeck, an online lending company offering financing options to small businesses. “It’s so easy to spend $10,000 or $20,000, get poor results and just give up, when you could really have something worthwhile down the road.”

The first direct mail campaign OnDeck did back in 2012 had a whopping $18,000 cost per acquisition, he notes. “It would have been easy for us to give up and walk away but we continued to optimize our data, offer, message and creative, and direct mail turned out to be a growth engine for the company.”

Through testing, OnDeck discovered that official looking pieces, similar to credit card mailers, were more effective for the brand than things like promotional postcards. One point many marketers don’t understand about direct mail, he says, is that data and models can be more important than a package being attractive.

“One of the interesting things about the direct mail world is what works best may not always look best,” says Brott. “People are naturally attracted to the creative but many will argue that creative is the least piece of the puzzle. [Finding the right] list and choosing who to mail to may not be as sexy, but they’re as important.

Today, new tools are making direct mail more powerful for marketers, as it becomes easier to retarget website visitors with physical mail, and deploy variable data printing technologies to offer customized creative to segments of your list. Marketers can optimize their strategies for direct mail and other traditional direct marketing techniques like email if they go back to basics, he notes.

“People continue to focus on themselves and their own product—they think the prospect wants to learn about them, so they write too much and don’t have a clear call to action,” he says. “They’re too noncommittal. Business owners wear 20 different hats, so time is the main challenge to reaching them. You need to get them to notice your message—that’s true for everyone.”

Can Direct Mail Help You This Holiday Season?

By Milena Nikiforova-Marguenski, Business.com

In a digital world, integrated direct mail campaigns can help your business stand out this holiday season.

The holiday season is an exciting time of festivities, food, and friends for many. For marketers and small business owners, the approaching holiday season means it's crunch time. Before you take off for a well-deserved vacation, think about using direct mail marketing as part of a successful, comprehensive, omnichannel marketing campaign.

With many marketers focused on reaching their audience via email, paid online advertising, and social media, it's tempting to avoid the "hassle" of direct mail. After all, sending digital communication is much quicker (and often less costly) than direct mail.

However, digital isn't always the way to go. Particularly around the holidays, when customers pay more attention to their mail than they do all year, a direct mail marketing campaign can give your brand the edge it needs to motivate customers to take action.

The fact is direct mail can be powerful. According to the United States Postal Service, approximately 3 out of 4 direct mail customers receive and open their mail the same day it's delivered. Add to this statistic the anticipation associated with holiday greeting cards or gifts and your direct mail campaign reaches customers at a sweet spot of high open rates.

How do you simultaneously craft an eye-catching direct mail marketing campaign and rise above your customers' junk mail? The truth is there is no secret, but there are a few things you can do to increase engagement with your direct mail marketing campaign and avoid the waste bin this holiday season.

1. Use Direct Mail Postcards

Customers are bombarded with catalogs during the holiday season. Cut the fluff and focus on a single marketing message using direct mail postcards instead. Enlist the help of your creative team to make postcards personal and festive. Also, don't opt for pre-printed text if possible. A personalized note of gratitude goes a long way.

2. Add Texture to Direct Mail

Want to stand out from the rest of the mail? Give your customers a reason to pay attention by adding texture to your card or postcard. A simple raised design is enough to trigger curiosity when sorting through otherwise flat pieces of paper. Want to be extra fancy? Use contrasting colors and texture, like a velveteen snowflake on a blue background, to set your direct mail marketing materials apart from the crowd.

3. Use House Lists to Improve Direct Mail Marketing Results

If your brand specializes in services specific to a particular location or type of homeowner/renter, the use of house lists can greatly improve your response rate while keeping costs down. Using lists to build your direct mail campaign means you can drill down your options to include only the most likely to respond to your marketing materials.

4. Make It Memorable

Much more than visual stimuli, taste and smell are tied closely to memory. The holiday season is a great time to include a treat, such as a small candy, a pack of spices or scratch and sniff sticker in your direct mail materials. Be sure to consider potential allergies or dietary restrictions. Any food or spices should be entirely contained within a protective package and clearly labeled.

5. Don't Forget the New Year

Are the holidays not the best time for your brand's messaging? Don't forget the New Year when crafting your direct mail campaign. Most people take a vacation through the New Year and count on post-holiday sales to purchase home goods, late holiday gifts and New Year essentials.

6. Combine Direct Mail Marketing with a Social Media Campaign

Running a social media campaign for the holidays? Giving out some great prizes and want to reach your audience further? Make sure current and prospective customers know about it by using direct mail to increase reach. Statistics show that direct mail achieves higher open rates than any other digital channel.

7. Mesh Direct Mail and Email to Increase Response Rates

Direct mail campaigns targeting 5,000 people achieve 175 responses compared to email's 65 responses. When you use both direct mail and email to reach a target market during the holidays, a time when people are already paying more attention to their mail, you can expect to experience better response rates.

The Key to Successful Holiday Direct Mail Campaigns

When you have the right direct mail provider in your corner, launching a successful direct mail campaign during the holidays is simple, cost-effective and a powerful way to boost business. Partner with a direct mail marketing specialist who understands your mission, audience and desired outcomes to achieve positive results.

Direct mail marketing is a great way to improve brand awareness, nurture leads and encourage existing customers to re-engage with your brand. As the last quarter approaches and the holiday marketing season is upon us, what strategies will your brand implement to capture new leads and retain current customers via direct mail?

Ten Tips to Increase Repeat Business

By Rob Starr, Smallbiztrends.com

There’s good evidence pointing to the fact that existing customers are easier to sell to than new ones.

In fact, over half of a small enterprise’s business comes from clients you’ve already sold to before.

Here’s 10 expert tips to creating repeat business.

1. Stay in touch with the customers you already have:

Ivana S. Taylor is the CEO at DIYMarketers.com. She says getting repeat business is about being thorough.

“Getting repeat business is an exercise in staying top-of-mind with your customers. The best way to do that is to send emails to existing customers about any special offers that you have,” she says. “If you have the kind of business where your customers appreciate appointment reminders this is a great opportunity to use text messaging.”

Email newsletter platforms like MailChimp (or using Talon for help) are a great way to stay touch through email marketing and get repeat business.

2. Keep a database:

Taylor also suggests a good CRM tool is indispensable. She says these can help you to keep track of what customers have already bought and send them notifications when you’ve got new inventory.

3. Create memberships:

This is an outstanding way to increase the number of loyal customers. Creating an offer that brings in more business can be as simple as a free meal with a discount for a second person for membership in a restaurant.

“This will incent the current customer to come back and bring a new customer with them,” Taylor says.

4. Provide excellent service:

Having a good customer relationship team can mean the difference between a one off and repeat business. For many small businesses, how you talk to the customer is just as important as what you say. It’s important to stay away from jargon and use a friendly even tone.

Even a customer with some kind of issue who is dealt with properly can become a repeat client.

5. Ask for feedback:

Using surveys is one of the best ways to find out what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong so customers come back. There are a variety of other methods you can use.

6. Get customer contact info:

Robert Brady is the Founder of Righteous Marketing. He supplied some excellent tips.

“Getting customer information allows you to send tips for using the product as well as marketing messages around upcoming sales, new product launches, related products, etc,” he says.

7. Host customer-only events:

Inviting your customers that spend the most to attend will make them feel special. Try using a modern online platform like GoToWebinar.com.

8. Create a loyalty program:

“This could be as low tech as a punch card (i.e. buy 5, get the next one free) or as high-end as a branded app,” Brady says. “If you’re going to reward any customers, it should be your most loyal.”

9. Stay active in social media:

Keeping an active presence in social media will help to keep your brand in your customer’s thoughts. Video is one of the perfect formats to use and making a series of behind the scenes videos showing the inner workings of your firm is trending.

10. Offer a community incentive:

Texting your clients after they’ve used your services and offering to donate a small amount to charity for their feedback is another good idea. It helps people to feel connected and leaves them with a good impression of your small business at the same time.

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Direct Mail is About Data, Not Being Pretty

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