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Use Direct Mail to Boost Multi-Channel Marketing Success

By Samantha Patterson, Martechseries.com

When direct mail is integrated into the channel mix, response rates are 41% higher and ROI jumps 62.7%.

In a world where Internet marvels are commonplace and “digital fatigue” is soaring, brands struggle to differentiate their marketing. To break through the noise, new research suggests that the technique with unique potential to boost ROI across channels isn’t the latest trending social network, but a tried-and-true workhorse: direct mail.

Sending postcards, letters, and even swag — branded promotional merchandise — to build deeper brand connections is nothing new. But now direct mail has new potential, thanks to modern capabilities for targeting and integration with multichannel campaigns.

Indeed, more than half of the 600 marketers surveyed recently by PFL and Demand Metric include direct mail in their multichannel campaigns, and 80% of them report that direct mail improves multichannel performance. But success isn’t merely a matter of sending mass postcard mailings; the degree of integration with other channels is a crucial factor.

When direct mail is tightly integrated into the channel mix and campaign technology, response rates are 41% higher than mailings sent without the benefit of integration — and ROI jumps 62.7%, the survey found. Overall, more than 8 in 10 marketers in the survey reported good or very good ROI from direct mail that’s highly integrated into multi-channel campaigns.

Direct mail has the potential to make such a dramatic impact because:

Tactile experiences resonate deeply

Buyers are inundated with online marketing, to the tune of around 10,000 advertising messages per day, according to the American Marketing Association. As a result, tactics for blocking or tuning out the noise are on the rise: B2B email click-through rates are an abysmal 3.2%, and one in four Internet users (70 million people) use ad blocking technology.

By contrast, objects that can be touched and held trigger emotional processing and leave a much deeper footprint in the brain than digital messages viewed on a screen, research from Millward Brown found. A physical item is more likely to be remembered, have a positive brand association and ultimately aid motivation.

This resonance helps explain why dimensional mail — pieces that are not flat and are often sent in boxes or tubes — scored high for effectiveness in the PFL/Demand Metric survey, with 89% of marketers saying such mailings represent brands very well.

Personalization stands out

Buyers now expect companies to offer content and products relevant to their needs, with 9 in 10 saying they’re more likely to patronize brands that recognize and remember them, according to Accenture. Aptly targeted direct mail is an opportunity to demonstrate relevance; when direct mail is personalized and tightly integrated into the channel mix, 89% of marketers in the PFL/Demand Metric survey reported a moderate to major improvement to response rates.

Invoca, a provider of AI-powered call tracking and analytics, seized on the differentiation potential of personalized, integrated direct mail to drive significant results. Using PFL, Invoca sent a branded package to top prospects with personalized marketing information and a gift card; each time a package was delivered, the Invoca sales rep assigned to the account would receive a notification and could follow up in a timely manner. Response rates jumped, resulting in a staggering 15x ROI from the campaign.

Mail is effective with decision makers

Thanks to its tactile nature and potential for personal relevance, direct mail is effective when it comes to influencing key stakeholders. Nearly 8 in 10 marketers in the survey ranked integrated, branded, personalized direct mail as the second most effective channel for reaching their target audiences, behind only face-to-face events. And for financial executives or purchasing agents, direct mail was named the top marketing channel bar none.

By contrast, social media placed last on the list of channels for effectiveness overall; just 6% of marketers said it influences C-suite decision makers, and 12% said it’s effective with finance and purchasing executives.

Direct mail can also spur conversation about companies within entire prospect teams. A SaaS-based sales application company sent footballs autographed by Steve Young to executives – and then sent smaller replica footballs to the broader purchasing team. The company was able to successfully secure meetings and obtain an overall 15x ROI after the campaign.


Modern direct mail is more than a postcard drop. With a targeted approach and thoughtful selection of mailing materials, integrated with other online and offline messaging, tactile marketing can help make brands memorable and produce significant results.

Marketers Should Use Direct Mail to Reach Millennials

By Jody Spusta, Aithority.com

Millennials are more inclined to engage with marketing that's delivered to their mailbox, not their inbox.

Millennials are on track to become the largest living generation in the US, with the annual buying power of $200 billion dollars. It is no wonder they are a top focus of marketers across any industry.

While most might characterize millennials as fast-paced and tech-savvy, their advertising preferences are more traditional than expected. Millennials are more inclined to engage with Marketing materials that are delivered to their mailbox, not their inbox.

Mailboxes used to be crowded with paper advertisements, bills and food menus. Today, that balance has shifted. Millennials now receive thousands of Marketing emails that are often automatically categorized into their promotion or junk folders, which typically goes unchecked. Some don’t even know those separate folders exist.

Direct mail, such as postcards, flyers and other paper copy is more likely to stand out and leave a lasting impression on millennials, who have been bombarded with mass amounts of digital advertisements since childhood.

The US Postal Service found that millennials enjoy receiving mail more than non-millennials, yet are receiving the least amount of mail. Over 85% of millennials pick up the mail at the first opportunity and spend over 9 minutes on average engaging with their physical mail. It’s time marketers re-evaluate digital-only campaigns, because not mailing to millennials is a missed opportunity.

Mailboxes Are Empty

Millennials rarely receive direct mail. The majority (90%) find direct mail reliable and 87% like receiving it, according to DM News. Letters and postcards are more tangible and allow millennials a welcomed break from their screens. Physical mail presents an opportunity for organizations to connect with this group in a different way and break through the noise of digital ads. And, 88% of millennials view print mail as more official than digital content.

Direct mail ensures millennials absorb the message being delivered, without the risk of being filtered into a spam folder. It’s easier to glance at a postcard and think about what is being offered, than sort through an email folder containing hundreds of advertisements, all with similar subject lines.

Mail Is Personal

Personalization is a big factor when trying to connect with this younger generation. It is often referred to as the “me generation” – and getting mail just for “me” goes a long way. With direct mail, each piece is personalized for that specific individual with first name and custom content based on their age, gender, offer, target action, etc. At Welltok (formerly Tea Leaves Health), we personalize direct mail at no additional cost to clients because we’ve seen firsthand how it significantly improves the outcome.

Direct mail allows for materials to reflect millennial characteristics and interests. One of our clients is currently running a “Turning 30” campaign geared toward both males and females, using gender versioning for image and copy. It is an acquisition strategy for Primary Care, with messaging centered around the age of 30 being the new healthy. It includes copy that reminds recipients to think about their long-term overall health and keep up with physical and well-women exams, cholesterol screenings and other important check-ups. The campaign is multi-channel with a direct mail, followed-up by an email. Early results show high engagement and that focusing on 30 as an upcoming milestone was highly personal and relevant to this audience.

Mail Delivers Results

Millennials associate direct mail with value and desirability and tend to remember physical promotions better. It’s proven that direct mail is easier to process, easier to remember and motivates people more than digital messages. Direct mail is more likely to encourage specific behavior, so organizations can achieve an even higher ROI when conducting these types of campaigns. It’s true that mailing costs more money than a digital campaign, but with a 13:1 ROI on average, organizations often find that it is worth the extra bucks. We have even seen as high as a 766:1 ROI on very targeted campaigns for patient services.

While it may feel like the pendulum keeps swinging between traditional and digital channels, the reality is they all have a place in a marketer’s toolkit. A millennial-focused Marketing campaign with a smart mix of print and digital is more effective than single sourcing one channel or another. This younger generation is hungry for meaningful and authentic interactions, don’t limit how you deliver on it.

Tips for List Hygiene to Ensure Clean, Accurate Data

From Marketingtango.com

In many ways, clean data is the key to marketing success, whether you are using direct mail or email outreach.

But according to ZoomInfo, 94% of businesses suspect that they have inaccuracies in their databases. How can you help your business avoid falling prey to the same dirty data dilemma that affects so many others?

First…The Importance of Data Cleaning

According to an article on Forbes.com, dirty data (e.g. duplicate records and inaccurate information) is the biggest threat to your company’s direct marketing efforts. These inaccuracies can cost companies more than 12% of their overall revenue. Insights into your customers and their actions are critical to how your sales and marketing teams make decisions.

Start with Quality Data

Know from the start what you want to get out of your data, how you will regularly maintain list hygiene, and how you will prevent/rectify list errors like typos and missed fields. Consider how to keep your data current, understanding that nobody’s information remains static (people move, change jobs or email addresses). Above all, make sure that everyone on your team is on the same page: using the same criteria, abbreviations, and database.

Vet Incoming Information

Don’t let unhealthy data enter your healthy database! Develop a Standard Operating Procedure for managing new records as they are created. If you use a form for capturing new visitor information, require standardized data formatting and fields. When acquiring a new lead—whether through a form or a sales contact—use a double opt-in method to verify their email or physical address. These efforts will help to minimize or eliminate duplicates or bounces by catching undeliverable or junk addresses.

Make Efforts to Check Data Accuracy

The bounces and undeliverable addresses outlined above cost you money. To get the most bang for your buck, take measures—like a double opt-in, mentioned above—to ensure that the information in your database is accurate and clean. Consider employing software tools that can help you verify data without requiring extensive manual work.

Find and Eliminate Duplicate Records

Duplicate information is a waste of time and outreach. You lose the cost of production and postage on every duplicate postcard or letter you send and waste time and effort with bounces or inaccurate data on duplicated email addresses or names. With duplicates, you may be inundating a single user who has multiple records, or you may only have partial insight into customers/prospects whose information is split across multiple records.

Continue Building Out Your Records

Marketers are wise to consider progressive record building. For instance, if the captured data started with just name and email, use software to add title, phone number, physical address, etc., on subsequent visits. The software may also help you build out records by searching the web for first-party data, cleaning it, and updating your customer records.

These good customer data practices will help you ensure that you have the critical customer information you need for effective outreach with minimal bounces or returned mailings; give you a single view into your customers and their interests/actions; reduce wasted postage or mailing costs; and help you maintain a solid reputation as a company that is careful with customer information.

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Use Direct Mail to Boost Multi-Channel Marketing Success

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