Talon Equipment Listing:

Data Processing:


(15) Workstations, attached to a High Speed Ethernet Network
(8) 9-Track 1600/6250 Mag Tape Drives
(2) 3480/3480E Cartridge Tape Drives
(3) High Speed Impact Continous Printers - Each one prints 1200 lines per minute
(1) DSL Internet Access - lightning fast data transmissions enabling us to receive & send millions of records

Laser Imaging:

(6) Hewlett Packard 8100's, sheet fed, up to 11x17" (over 100,000 sheets per day capacity)
(1) OCE/Siemans Continuous 2140 - Enhanced 300 DPI (over 150,000 forms per day capacity)
(3) Bryce - Laser quality envelope printers (Capacity over 100,000 envelopes per day)
(2) Hewlett Packard Color Laser Printers (these machines print envelopes and up to 11x17" paper)


Bulk E-Mail Software - Full reporting & tracking capabilities.
Merge/Purge Dupe Elimination - With Full Comprehensive Reports
**** Includes Secure Internet Access for instant viewing of Merge/Purge Reports.
CASS Certified - Address Correction / Zip+4 / Delivery Point Appending (Group-1 & BCC)
CASS Certified - Postal Presort (Group-1 & BCC Software)
Canadian Address Validation & Correction Software (Group-1 Software)

Mailing Deparment:

Inserting Machines - We can insert over 500,000 letters per day.

(1) 8-Station Inserter
(4) 6-Station Inserters
(1) 4-Station Inserter
(1) 6-Station Jumbo 9x12" Inserter

Addressing Technology - Our ink-jets can address 500,000 pieces per day.

(2) Buskro HP 3-Inch High-Speed Ink-Jet - Microsoft Windows Fonts, Multiple colors
(1) Buskro 400 1-Inch High-Speed Ink-Jet
(2) Cheshire Labeling Machines

Additional Equipment:

(12) Hand Assembly Work Stations
(6) Hasler Postage Meter Machines
(2) Buskro Tabbing Machines - Affixes Tabs and Live Stamps
(2) High Speed Polybag Machines
(4) Automatic Strapping Systems
(3) Bursters and Folders including gate and barrel/roll folds
(2) UPS Maxi-ship Computer Manifest Shipping Systems
(1) Federal Express Computer Manifest Shipping System

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