Why use Talon for your Direct Marketing Needs?

Five Important Reasons:

1. Save Money: We can save you money in many different ways:AAA
  • Postage Consulting - We will determine the largest possible postal savings you can achieve.
  • AAA
  • We eliminate costly dupes and correct bad mailing addresses.
  • AAA
  • With our experience and knowledge we can suggest ideas to lower production costs.

2. Superior Service:
Everyone at Talon realizes how important your work is and will strive to give you the best service available in the industry.

3. Expert and Knowledgeable Staff:
You will be impressed with the staff's knowledge, their experience, and their ability to process your work correctly and on time.

4. Customer Satisfaction:
Once you give us that first job you are on your way to becoming a loyal customer. Virtually all of our first time customers have become satisfied accounts and continue to send their work to Talon.

5. State-of-the-art Equipment:
At Talon we're constantly acquiring the latest equipment. You will always get the best possible postal discounts since all of our software and imaging hardware are certified by the U.S. Post Office to meet automation and sorting discounts.

Talon offers excellent pricing. If you factor in our superior service, experience, and quick ability to perform, you will not find a better value.

Let us prove we're superior:

Don't take our word for it. Let us supply references. Also, request a sample kit - we'll send a wide range of samples that will demonstrate our capabilities.

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